Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Update

Dude in a Very Josie Costume...and, um...Waffles
(I crack myself up)

Happy Halloween.......but sad football.  :(  Booooo!!!  Where shall we start?  How bout the worst part of the weekend?  Worst part is I'm out of Ducky's football pool.  Even though Waffles kept telling me I should pick the Giants for the Ducky pool, I disagreed and went with New Orleans.  OMFG.  As you can only use a team once, his very valid argument was that the Giants were playing sucky Miami so they're an easy pick and I could save NO for when I really needed them.  In the end, I wanted to go with the sure thing, and not mess around.  Of course that bit me in the ass because the "sure thing" lost.  OMFG.

In other football news, I think I sucked up the place everywhere.  But wait a minute.....can you fucking believe the Rams beat the Saints?  What is up with that?  And it wasn't even close.  OMFG.

Okay, NOW in other football news.....

I think....
*Bayne kicked all of our asses. well done mister.
*I lost my 13, 7, 6, 1, 2
*I don't have exact scores but Waffles will have them soon enough.  Check HERE!!!!
*I know I lost to Bayne and Seb.  I think I lost to Waffles.
*I may have only beaten the wife, the son and the daughter......btw Waffles, they should know that we DO NOT PLAY FOR FREE.  Just ask Seb!  I have an idea what I want from the kids, and what the Wife has to do to Waffles, should she lose. (sure thing people!)  Heh.
*Back down to 6th in my league.  :(

Poker Baby!
Played at the lesbian and black men tournament Saturday night and kicked mo fo ass.  18 runners and I cam in first.  (obv.)  It was actually a long haul.  Started at 7pm and ended a little before midnight.  One the women showed up as an Oompa Loompa.  ROFL  She looked sooooo good.  I am kicking myself for not snapping a picture!

As you know, my fiercest competitor in this league is Marvin.  We drew seats and found ourselves at different tables....him being at the easier of the two imho.  Shit!  That meant when we met at the final table he'd have a huge stack.  blah....I decided to take matters into my own hands and during the first orbit, ran downstairs and put a $5 bounty on his head.  Coincidentally, he was out FIRST.  heh.

I know how these people play and bluffing doesn't work here.  I had to wait for a good hand, and get paid off with it.  That worked for me very well.  I actually had to fold A-K once preflop.  Seat 3 had jammed all in and I was thinking about calling him when Leon, in seat 6 jumped up and yelled "I call!".  Hmmm methinks not good.

I put Leon on a big pair, so why do I want to be in what is best a coin flip?  I folded and seat 3 showed A-K and Leon had A-A.  I showed them my cards for the laugh.  Leon kept saying "How could you fold that???"

"I had a feeling you had a big pair Leon". (understatement of the century)

"I called to fast didn't I?" (again, understament of century)

Leon's a cool dude though.  He just came back from Vegas and brought me a coin/card protector.

Thank you!

Do you like it?'s a naked lady embossed it.

She's not naked, she's topless.  See?  That's actually a g-string.

Lynne was pissed that she didn't get the coin with a naked lady on it.  LOL

Leon and I ended up heads up later on, with me the chip leader.  Heads up last two hands.  Just as I was about to propose a split (with me getting 1st place's points for the league) he raised it up.  Blinds were 5k/10k.  I called with K-10 for a look see.

Flop was K-10-2.

I check!

He jammed all-in and I instacalled.  He had was his only bluff of the game.  Doh!  Timing is everything!  GG Leon!

Oh and instead of the $5 scratch ticket bounty, Lynne did something different.   She gave everyone an envelope with a card in it and that was the bounty. One envelope had a joker in it.  Winner take all to whoever got the joker.  $5 ea = $80.  I knocked 6 peeps out.  First knockout was Lynne.  Sorry baby!  Second knockout was Lynne's wife June.....and she gave me the joker!  Woot!  Very profitable evening.  $25 buyin. $260 total winnings vn.

Other items of note:
1.) Marving promised to put a $20 scratch ticket bounty on me for the next game.  I get it if I win again, and I've won 1st place the last two times I play.  (I have missed a few games though)

2.) Pocket Aces hand......Blinds were 300/600 and I raised it up to 2K and got one caller....Glenn.  Flop was A-K-3 all spades.  He was first to act and bet.  I jammed all in with my trips and he calls and turns over 10-8 spades.  Fucck. I have lots of outs though and hit my full house on the river.  BOOM.

Glenn is one of those loud nasty losers though.  I had to hear about my dumb move for the next 3 hours.  omfg. "I had you! I had you Josie!"  I tried to explain how many outs I had but meh....whatev.

Football sucks.

Play smart.



Cranky said...

VJ - sounds like a fun group. Didn't you have snow in Revere? We had some at our house, heavy and wet. Lost power Saturday and still don't have it restored.

Josie said...

Hey cranky! it was a good time. And yes, wet heavy rain/snow, which is pretty much gone now. bummer that you lost power....we did not.