Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mangia Mangia Part Deux

The owner who just had major heart surgery came in again today for another surprise visit.  He stops by and says something like he wanted lunch but his secretary is out today and he thinks the receptionist is at lunch.  He stops just short of asking me to get his lunch for him.


LOL Because I don't get people's lunches!  In fact, a couple of years ago, a new employee interuppted my lunch to say "The owner wants you to get my lunch.  I'm going into a meeting."

Really?  The owner wants me to get you lunch?  To make a long story short I got an overly long apology from her and I still cannot stand her and her holier than thou self. (that's the Sicilian in me)

Not the point of the story though.

I offered to go get his lunch from Mangia Mangia and he gratefully accepted.  Could I have gotten a newbie straight from architecture school to go for me?  Sure, but sometimes it looks good to be magnamimous, especially when it's the owner.

Soooo I go down to visit Joey and Johnny to pick up Mr. F*****'s lunch and they're talking to....well a couple of guidos to give you the correct visual. 

They talking about how they couldn't play the other night even though they planned to.  Not enough guys...


Jo: Joey, what were you trying to play?  Cards?

Joey: Ya, Jo.  Poker.  You know how to play poker?

Jo: Yeah, I can play a little poker.  *evil grin*

Joey: Jo, you don't want to play with these guys.  You'll need alot of money.

Jo: Really? I can bring some money wtih me. You know how to play poker?

Joey:  Jo, we play all the time.  You want I should take your money?

Oh yes, please!!!!  This might get me a buy in for a nice big tournament at Foxwoods!  I told him I wanted to play next time and all the guidos started laughing.

Guido: Joey, come on.  She won't stand a chance.  We play all the time.

Jo:  I've played a couple times myself.

Guido:  Honey, any time you want me to take your money you let me know.

I think I'm going to crash this poker game!  I mean come on!  A bunch of old Italian men and me.  Who do you think comes out the winner?  I could probably do it without a poker uniform, but as Rachael Ray says "Use what you have!".

Play smart.



Littleacornman said...

Looking forward to reading about your hustling skills! Run goot!
Oh and don't forget to be upset on the first hand when you only get dealt two cards...

Josie said...

Heh. Good idea!

R. Jacob said...

evil grin

Josie said...

Hee hee

Wolfshead said...

yea, but are they playing HE? Good chance they are playing stud or draw or maybe even wild card games

sebszebra said...

Is playing the hustler a good strategy? This sounds like an opportunity to establish yourself in a local regular game and create a regular source of income from it. It might be a case of catching more flies with sugar than vinegar. Turn up playing the rube and you may alienate them very quickly when they realise you are an operator, and with it being a social game they may not ask you back. After all, you know how you winning can make some men angry, and if you upset a regular, which one of you will not be invited back? Let them know you have quite a bit of experience, regale them with some of your poker tales, they will probably be more good-humoured about letting you win off them longer term. Any advantage you get from the innocent act will only be short-term. If they like you, if you are straight up with them, then you could be making money out of them for years.

Josie said...

SZ - I like how you think. I hadn't considered long term. TY I will think about it.