Sunday, October 9, 2011

Foxwoods Revisited

Foxwoods World Poker Finals starts tomorrow and runs through November 1st.  Coincidentally, I have tomorrow off. (thank you Christoforo Columbus!) 


There are issues.

The event going on tomorrow is a deep stack event (Mama's fave) but it just isn't going to work for me.  For starters, it's a $600 buyin which is a bit higher than I wanted to spend. 


Anyway, the other issue is the timing.  With 20K in starting chips and 50 minute blinds this tournament is going to take a looooong time, unless one donks out early LIKE THIS GUY.  I have commitments on Tuesday that I cannot get around so this just won't work.  I think it's a bad idea to have any other pressure (like having to haul ass to work) than the tournament itself on my mind. Booo!!!

Yet I do have the day off and I think there will be alot of guys in town ready to donk off some money.  Cash game!  I'm heading down to play 1-2NL.  My plan is to win a net of about $500 to add to my roll to use on these other events.  So I will MIA tomorrow.

More importantly........

There's a bigger series of events going on at Borgata in November, The Borgata Fall Poker Open, and Mama's going!  Boys, check your calendars.  I'll be posting more specifics about this later but here's what you need to know for now.

Atlantic City/Borgata in mid November.  Jordan, Wolfie and Lightning should be there too.  I'll be sending them an email in an attempt to coordinate everyone's schedule so we all can make it. Especially Wolfie Baby.  Wolfie Sweetie, I need you to pick me up at Philly Airport again.  I can fly into there for only $39 each way.

At the risk of stating the obvious, three men just aren't enough for Very Josie!  Drop me an email if you want to meet me and the boys in AC for some poker and fun and um, POKER.  It's going to be awesome! The more the merrier!  I betcha we can find those Ukranian guys again! lol jk.

The series runs from November 9th thru the 23rd and here's THE SCHEDULE.  I'm thinking maybe the black chip bounty on Nov 17th, but I'm quite flexible about the dates.  I know Lightning prefers mid week but really, all that matters is if Wolfie's around because he's the bestest, and because he could pick me up at the airport.  Wolfie, I'll bring you a present! 

Football.....I'm not doing too great again. Ducky's football pick contest I'm doing great!  The majority of the players left picked NY Giants!  Heh.  Mama didn't.  So a bunch of peeps got knocked out.  Sorry Mojo!  I'm still in it, as is Lightning and Wolfie.  We frigging rock.  Smart (lightning), Smarter (wolfie) and Smartest (me obv).  Like in football, we will be a force to be reckoned with in AC.

Wish me luck tomorrow! I will take notes and... smart.



Wolfshead said...

If you are talking weekend just give me enough notice to book my room as I'm not sure how busy weekends are. Probably screw up my pink game again tho. Mid week is usually no problem. Light going? Believe that when I see it but if he is try to coordinate flights and I'll pick you both up cause Philly is probably cheaper than AC anyway. Couple hours either way no problem, there is always Chester for waiting

lightning36 said...

Reverse the order and you are probably correct.

Josie said...

I think we're talking midweek, which is better for Lightning.

I think Lightning might REALLY go! Woot!

Josie said...

Order, schmorder! I'll reverse the order if you really go!

lightning36 said...

"Light going? Believe that when I see it ..."

Don't know why this would be a question in your mind, Wolfshead, except that I have not been to the northeast since ... uh ... Joe C was cheering on his/her high school football team.

Josie said...

Biatch!!! I am ALL WOMAN!

edgie212 said...

I'll be going.

edgie212 said...

I'll be going.

Josie said...

Ooooo!!! Edgie! Long time no hear! Awesome that you're going. We'll see you there!

edgie212 said...

I plan on doing a midweek tournament...what days are you planning?