Friday, October 21, 2011

Shabat Shalom

I went home last night thinking about going to bed as soon as I got in the door, as the night before I'd gotten about 3 hours sleep at the most.  I am not one of those type of people who can function on so little sleep, so I was dragging.  Yet it was not to be.  Sugar Bear had band rehearsal with the high school and as he was leaving he said "I need your help with something.  I need to write a 5 paragraph story for honors english".

Okay sure, when is it due?



Oh and um, Nick was wondering if he could come over after band.  He needs help with his math quiz.

Now, I'd turn down Sugar Bear before I'd turn down Nick (and you know I wouldn't really do that). Nick spent all of last summer in summer school so he wouldn't stay back again.  I'd helped him with math last week and he got a 90%, so I think he was hoping for more of the same. 

Only problem was I was so damned tired.  So much so that when I asked Evan what he wanted for dinner, he said "triscuits and cheese" and I replied "Okay!"  (not a good mommy, I know)  Later on, at almost 9pm he said "Hey I'm hungry!"  and was thrilled when I gave him a lunchables from the fridge.  His actual reply was "You are the best mom in the world!"  Wow.  I suppose only the best mom's don't cook dinner and feed their kids crap instead.

Evan wrote his mystery story and Nick did his math and social studies.  Actually, he got his math done and was putting everything away when I asked him if he'd done his social studies.  "Um, no, not yet."

Well it was maybe you should DO IT.  Yes, I made him do it and no, he didn't want to.  Then I checked it and we fixed it.  He kept saying that it didn't matter if he got stuff  wrong because it was just homework, and you can surely bet I disagreed.

The two bastards kept making fun of my talking though.  When we were working on math I suppose I said "formularrrrr" instead of formula.  I never heard the end of it.

Anyway, they are the reason there is no poker recap today.  After that we watched a little bit of the Bruins, who won for a change and then it was off to bed to sleep like the dead.  But there's a poker recap coming and it's a doozy.  I even took notes!

It's Friday that means Football Picks!  Waffles, his son and daughter will all be playing this week.  Time to take the family down!!!!!  Who knows who he'll recruit for next week!  My guess is Bayne.  Now that might be challenging.........nahhhhh.  :)

NO 13
Dallas 12
GB 11
Balt 10
Oak 9
Pitts 8
Cleve 7
Tenn 6
Detroit 5
Carolina 4
Jets 3
TB 2
Denver 1

BTW I got a few texts from Wolfie who is Atlantic City at the moment.  He was down quite a bit from a cash game but made some of that up in the "pink game" whatever the hell that is.  Obv he doesn't run so well when his lucky charm ain't around.  (moi)  It's funny because I was railing a bit in that foxwoods tourney after I'd been knocked out.  I was watching a table that I hadn't been playing at because one guy was all in, with 5-5.  lol  He was up against A-K and I just happened to be standing right next to him but didn't know him from adam.  I just got this feeling that he was good and I said so.  Then the flop came down A-2-K.  He started getting up and I said.  "Don't!  I'm telling you, you've got this one".  Turn was a 3, and hope started to glimmer in his eyes.  "4 or 5!" he said.  Yep, he got his 4 on the river for a straight.  As I started walking away he said "You don't have to go you know!"  LOL

Play smart and stay tuned for my poker post over the weekend.



sebszebra said...

Can we all play?

New Orleans 13
Dallas 12
Green Bay 11
Baltimore 10
Oakland 9
Pittsburgh 8
Tennessee 7
Detroit 6
Cleveland 5
Carolina 4
San Diego 3
Chicago 2
Miami 1

Clip clop.

Josie said...

absolutely! However you got to see my picks....but I'll give you a pass because....yo put points on San Diego. Ahhhh a novice. you're not waffles' son, are you? :P

clippety clop!

KenP said...


Must be all those lost consonants leaking out from all the times you've said HAVAD YAD.

Josie said...

Ken, you're right. I think I try to overcompensate in an attempt to not have a boston accent.

sebszebra said...

I did my picks on Thursday night and waited for the post. The big-point choices are pretty obvious but for the exact order of the top-six to match was unlikely. I am not going to beat you by copying you!

I take part in a blog-based motor-racing prediction game which in dynamics is not so different. It is about picking one top-ten of drivers (who get points for their results), although not in any order, from a selection of events pertaining to that weekend. It is a modest field, ten regulars this year, but I won in 2010 and I am leading (just) this season, so I have some form in this sort of thing.


Apart from the end of the season when the points-leader might want to cover off a challenger's picks, or the challenger would want to make their selection significantly different to give themselves a chance, is there any advantage in seeing someone else's selection first? In the motor-racing game, I pick what I think are the ten best, and even if someone did decide to mostly copy (not that they would), then I would expect to beat them anyway.

San Diego will walk it! (Mind you, if either of us had any confidence in the result we would have put it higher.)

Josie said...

LOL Our tops picks are like a carbon copy, but I shall trust you. I suppose great minds think alike.

Don't forget that we must play for SOMETHING. I'll tell you what I want when you lose. :)

Josie said...

Hey Zebra, Are you Rubber Goat in the racing thingy?

sebszebra said...

I am Sebastian X. RubberGoat won the week; I lead the overall competition as listed below that.

To comment on your blog I have to sign into Google and that decided I was "sebszebra" based on the e-mail address I created the account with.

I will e-mail my picks next time which I am happy for you to see first.

sebszebra said...

"when you lose"

When I win, I shall be gentleman enough to ask no forfeit.

I presume this refers to the period covering the weeks remaining in the regular season, i.e. not including the post-season. As in the racing game, I pick for the season, not the week, and winning a week is more about luck whereas winning the season is more about skill.

Josie said...


I agree that winning for the week is more luck than winning for the season. The season it is! Poor guy....but I'll let you find that out for yourself.

You can email the picks to and I PROMISE not to look before I post mine. Besides, I play against 30 other guys in my league, and I'd never change my picks because of one guy (you). So you can trust me. :)

sebszebra said...

If I e-mail on Thursday, will that be early enough?

Josie said...

Zeb, you can email me up to Friday morning at 9am, Eastern time. But Sweetie, don't get your hopes're going to lose you know.

sebszebra said...

If my arithmetic is sound, then it looks like you beat me by four points whatever the remaining results. Well done. Seems I would have done better on HT scores but that doesn't butter any onions.

Josie said...

Yes I agree! I've lost 22 points so far and you've lost 26. If it's any consolation Waffles kicked my ass, losing only 11 points so far.

btw - was I not correct about San Diego? :)

Josie said...

Hey Zeb! About that comment "that doesn't butter any onions"....I'd call that a tell that you are from the UK. Am I right?

sebszebra said...

Most people in the UK would I think not be familiar with that expression. I do not think I have ever used it myself before. Yes, I live in the UK.