Friday, October 14, 2011

Current Events

I meant to post yesterday but I didn't because there is too much going on in work and I was feeling pretty yucky as well.  That means there's alot to talk about today.  You might want to get yourself a cup of coffee (I did!) and settle in.

First of all the casino bill passed in Massachusetts!  Woot!  That means there are going to be three casinos in separate locations in Mass.  I have a feeling they won't be anywhere near Boston, but hopefully they'll be a bit closer to me than Seabrook New Hampshire.

Second....has anyone been watching Survivor this season?  I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Survivor and have been watching it for like a decade.  No wonder, I won Survive Donkey Island!  Heh.  Anyway, of all the hundreds of episodes I've watched, this week's was the grossest.  And that's saying something!  There were two teams and each had a whole roasted pig on a spit.  The teams had their hands tied behind their backs and the challenge was to rip the meat off with their teeth, run it over to a basket 20 yards away, and spit it into said basket.  After ten minutes the team who's basket weighed the most won.

It was so fucking disgusting, you have no idea.  They had meat covering their faces and hair and they'd spit the meat out into the community basket, with lots of liquid and saliva joining the meat. I think all the gross spit was an attempt to make the basket weigh more.  Like halfway into it they all started getting HUGE gobs of meat stuck in their front teeth and the meat would just be dangling there so another teammate would have to like bite it off.  Picture both faces close enough to soul kiss but slathered in meat and bbq sauce.  So effing gross.  Aren't you glad I shared? :)

Hmmm what else?  How bout Theo Epstein?  It's still not official but it looks like Theo is going to Chicago to become their GM.  The sox and the cubs are still ironing out the final deal which will surely involve money and minor league players.  I hope it works out for both parties.  As I was telling Duggle Bogey (yesterday?) I always thought Epstein to be a wunderkind, but lately his choices have been less than genius.  That doesn't mean he won't do well for the Cubs.  I think it would be freaking amazing if he led them to a World Series victory too.  It kills me that Papi says he'd consider playing for the Yankees though.  I guess at the end of the day it's all about bidness.  To him, anyway.

Speaking of the World Series, my pick to win the whole shebang is the Rangers.  No, Little Acornman, not your Rangers, The Texas Rangers! Acornman is a fan of the Rangers but I think it's a football soccer team.  He even named his beast doggie Nacho, after one of their players.  I think it comes down to the Cards and the Rangers and the Rangers win.  I kinda hope I'm wrong though, just for Mojo.

Atlantic City:
It's not set in stone yet, but the boys and I are thinking about going Wed 11/16 and flying out Sat morning 11/19.  By not set in stone I mean not booked.  I'm thinking of staying in Harrah's for 2 nights and Borgata for one (my free night) although never emailed me the code for my free room and dinner.  I will email the lovely woman today.  The main reason for going is The Borgata Poker Open event on Thusrday 11/17.  It's a Black Chip Bounty Event.  That means whenever you knock someone out you get a black chip ($100!!!)  I assure you I will be posting a photo of a stack of black chips.  No less than 5 to be sure. (Edgie, if you'r reading this email me at so I can reply to you with further info)

Football Picks:
Suck.  I won against Waffles last week but he's still ahead of me by 18 points for the year.  What's worse is I've been knocked down to 6th place in my league.  Not good.  I'm 30 points behind first place so I have to kick it in gear this week.

Oh and there's a NEW twist in my football contest with Waffles.  LOLLLLLLLL Quite the new twist!  It seems that someone else wants to play!  This someone else thinks he can beat Very Josie, just because his daddy lost last week.  Yep, that someone else is Waffles' son!  Is it bad for me to ruin the hopes and dreams of one so young? Yeah probably, but I'm going to do it anyway. 

Mini-Waffles will be sending in his picks along with Big Waffles so we'll see who wins. (me obv.)  I'll post my picks later this afternoon, just so Waffles doesn't get a sneak peek.

Play smart.



lightning36 said...

Where to begin ...

1) "No wonder, I won Survive Donkey Island! Heh."

Yeah -- we know -- by the banner you have in your blog, the thousand times you have mentioned this, ... Too bad the REAL players among the bloggers (myself included) chose to sit that one out or your ass would have been grass long before the field got whittled down to a few people.

2) You thought the Survivor contest was gross? Did you miss the part where the winning team took home the pulled meat, washed it, then ate it? Not THAT is gross!

3) Thank goodness for the Red Sox. They are probably the only team in pro baseball that has embarrassed themselves more than the Cubs and White Sox at the end of the season. We welcome Theo into Chicago -- although we know that there is still a way for this deal to fall through. We are, after all, talking about Chicago baseball.

4) You are now corrupting two guys in Waffles's family. Move along people -- nothing to see here ...

Josie said...

LOL Lightning had you played you would've been eating out of the palm of my hand as usual.

OMFG how could I forget the grossest part? The winners got to keep their bowl of spit out meat to feast on. DISGUSTING. That was the cherry on top!

LOL Yes, Waffles AND his son. Poor boys. They'll have each other for consolation though!

Littleacornman said...

There's not a team like the Glasgow Rangers,no not one and there never shall be the song goes!

Still, I see the Texas Rangers play in blue too so they'll do for me!

Lucki Duck said...

"I think it comes down to the Cards and the Rangers and the Rangers win. I kinda hope I'm wrong though, just for Mojo.",

For Mojo? What about Lucki Duck?
The Rangers are #2 on my list, behind the awesome Houston Disastros (56-106 this season)!

Hmmmph. . .

Go Rangers!

Josie said...

Duck, why'd you go with houston? You should've consulted with of charge for my bud.