Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pay Back!

Ahhhh remember my football bet with Waffles?  We are playing for the entire year, and at the moment I am down by 18 points, but I won last week by ONE POINT.  It was the most critical week to win because it was the one week we had a side bet.  The side bet was the other person had to do something baaaaaaad if he (and I do mean he) lost.  Waffles (no link biatch!) has a warped and twisted mind.  After I picked the bad thing for him to do, he picked a much more evil task for me.

Luckily I always perform better with incentive on the line so I won and more importantly Waffles lost.  I IMed him to see if he made good on his bet.  Honor system!  And he did.  LOL 

You may know that Waffles has a son who plays football and is quite the fan.  Waffles had to have a little conversation with his son if he lost, which I'm sure lowered Waffles' status in his son's eyes. 

Wanna see what Waffles said to his son?  Please enjoy!

Waffles: I paid at halftime last night lol

Waffles: it's 18 points actually
Waffles: I was up 19
veryjosie: ok fine
Waffles: lol
Waffles: halftime I knew I was doomed
veryjosie: tell me exactly what you said
Waffles: lol
Waffles: so I turn to the kid
Waffles: and I am like
Waffles: guess what
Waffles: I lost a football picking game to a girl can you believe that?
veryjosie: ROFL
veryjosie: awesome!
Waffles: and he is like "How the fuck you lose to a girl? You suck!"
Waffles: lol
veryjosie: lol sorry!
Waffles: i tried to explain how I won the last two weeks
Waffles: but he was having none of it

The boy had to grow up sometime, right?  Daddy Waffles lost to a girl.  :)

Speaking of pay back.....remember when the Red Sox choked and ended their season much earlier than it should've been?  Hoyazo  sent me a few emails that got my goat.....granted that's fairly easy to do.  They were like.....

....hey josie. i saw the sox were up with pappelbon coming in so i know they won, but i fell asleep during extra innings in the rays game. did they lose finally? is there a play-in game tonight?

Mean! obviously when he wrote that he knew they'd lost. This morning I took the opportunity to rub a little salt in his wound.  Wanna see the exchange?  Ahhh there's nothing like blogger banter, as PokahDave would say.  I must say he won this verbal sparring though.  :(

Josie:  Soooooooooo The Phillies are playing golf with the Yankees. Mwahahahahaha

Hoyasshole: nothing like a little schadenfreude in the morning, huh? (look it up you doofus)

Josie: lol. fuckya, i did have to look it up.

Hoyasshole: not a surprise.

omfg!  Of course I'd never print anything anyone ever wrote to me without asking permission first.  Waffles was like yeah sure, post whatever you want.

Hoy however, said....wait...how does the person who emailed me out of nowhere this morning just to point out that the phillies are playing golf today ask if she can post "my meanness" from this morning?

Um, he called me a doofus! I've been a lot of names, but I don't ever remember being called THAT.

Doofus?  Grrrrrrrr  Must get over this!!!!  Must not kill little lawyer boy!!!!  Although I am sure I could dispose of the body easily enough.



Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Wait...did the Red Sox win that play-in game this year or what?

Josie said...

Whorazo! You are too mean! you need to be more sweet, like me.

Josie said...

Besides....I obv. knew where the red sox season was going, but you! After waiting so long at a chance at the world series.....that must've been devastating, considering everyone thought they were the best team this year. SUCH A SHAME.

DuggleBogey said...

Jeez, I honestly felt bad for you.

That is until you said that stuff about the Yankees. Now I take my sorry back.

lightning36 said...


Would you prefer:

a) doofus
b) Joe C
c) goombah
d) princess

Josie said...

Duggle Bogey - I don't believe you.

Lightning, when you put it that way.....

Princess is worst of all - jeeez those are bad options. I guess I'd pick Doofus. Grrrrr