Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lady Luck

My friend Lynne, her wife, and a bunch of their friends originally were heading down to Foxwoods as a group to play in the Ladies Event.  I was waffling about whether or not to play and after I decided not to....I got an email from Lynne.  There was alot of stuff going on with the other female couples and her and she didn't want to go with them....her wife couldn't go with her....she didn't want to go alone....she really wanted to go, but only if I went with her.

If you put it that way......

She and I headed up for the Ladies Event, after she pulled an all nighter working for Fed Ex....loading planes!  I shiat you not.

I decided to put the poker uniform away for this tourney, as it certainly couldn't help me out here, and instead I thought I'd dress a little "butch".  lol  Boy was I wrong!  I was the least looking butch person in that tourney!  I mean I knew there'd be alot of gay women playing, but holy moly!  The truth is, a good half of the players there weren't *really* women anyways, if you catch my drift.  A few of those chicas are more manly than waffles, hands down.  Not that that is saying much, mind you. (lol a funny line, no?)

My "butch" outfit was a long sleeve thermal top, with a red sox tshirt on top, and my good ole red sox hat.  Below is a picture of it.  Turns out "butch" isn't something you can just put on.

Taken at a sox game, but this is exactly what I wore. 
Not a "poker uniform".

I ended up meeting a ton of people I knew....including the women that had been less than nice to Lynne.  I'd knocked them out many a time at the L&BM tourneys, so when one told me she was at table 11 I said "So am I!" and both of them exclaimed 'oh no!' heh.  Yeah, I lied.  Do not be mean to my friend Lynne!

I also met my good friend Poker Dave - not the one you know!  Another one.  He was there playing in the $1,500 nlhe event and thought I was too.  I wish!  His girlfriend and sister were also playing in the Ladies Event so there were lots of friendly faces around.

Dave and me (the lighing is bad! we are cuter in person!)

I cannot tell you how many times I've felted Dave in the past....and his sister too.  He had a private game at his home about 18 months ago.  Beforehand, he pulled up the Foxwoods website on his pc and showed me how he'd won about 40K in one tourney....which I'd known about anyway.  He's cashed over 10k lots and lots of times.  So he says something like 'that's an impressive cash, right?'


"Well you know what?  You're a better player than I am.  I know you are.  You could be making that kind of money or better".

He wanted me to start playing in the big buyin tournaments like him, but nahhhhh.  I was not willing to put out that kind of a buyin out of my own hard earned money.  And besides, I didn't like the idea of him buying a piece of me.  But anyway he's a great guy, that has a fancy sport car, beautiful apartment, beautiful blonde girlfriend, oh and he's vice president of a local bank.  It's not bad to be Dave!

So he's playing in the awesome $1,500 event and I'm in the crappy Ladies Event.  Easily some of the worst players I've ever played with.  70% of the chicks knew little more than the basic rules of holdem, 20% were older women who knew what they were doing, but were way too conservative, and 10% aggro biatches like me.  Believe it or not, it's not easy to play against a field like that, but I took my time.

Lynne was out very early.  Fuuuck.  I was doing adequately so I told her to go home and get some sleep as I'd be here a while, but she said she'd wait for a while.  Then she said we could always get a room if we needed to. (!)

Tourney started at 11am and dinner break was at 7pm I think....maybe later.  After dinner I had a bit of time so I visited Dave in his tourney.  He was shortstacked so I told him I was here to bring him luck and rubbed his shoulders to "rub it in".  Funny enough, he won the hand!  A nice guy a few hands over mock complained "That isn't fair.  I need luck too!"

Dave replied 'You just want your back rubbed".

Okay......I told him "One hand only.  You'll get your back rubbed and you'll get my awesome good karma that I exude."  You'd think I told him he was in the money.  LOL

So I'm rubbing/scratching his back, and he raises it up in early position.  Ut oh.  I hope I didn't make him do something foolish.  I wanted to see his cards but no luck.  Everyone folds around to him, even the blinds and he picks up the pot.

"See?"  I told him.

He turned over A-K sooted.  vn

I went into the tourney after dinner break with about 65K.  Not great but not bad.  25 peeps were itm and we were down to about 58.After dinner break, I was kind of at par, but I just couldn't do anything significant and began bleeding chips mostly because of the blinds and antes....and at this point if I was playing a hand I was coming in raising, and sometimes I had to fold after the flop, so lost some chips there too. But in the end I lost alot of my chips when I got AKsooted. blinds were 4000/8000 and I raised to 22k and got one caller. Flop was A-10-5 with two fucking diamonds. The girl who called me bet out and I jammed all in. neither of us were shortstacked and I had a bit more than her. I thought that if Iwon this hand I'd have a comfort zone to the money. Anyway she thought for a loooooong time. I really thought she was going to fold but she finally sort of shrugged like she gave up and said I'm gonna call.

She had A-7 of diamonds and caught her nut flush on the turn. I am now short stacked. Blinds and antes are fucking huge and as the blinds are coming toward me I find myself with about 9k left and KQ of crubs. Easily it's time to jam all in. The lady to my left jams all in over the top but she was also short, as she had mebbe 25k. ANOTHER woman hems and haws and decides to call that all in. The woman to my left had 5-5, and the other chick had A-10. Flop was A with two crubs. Hit my king on the turn, but don't improve to beat A-10 and I was out. 30th Place! (25 itm!) blah. So anticlimatic after such a good long day.

I played for TWELVE HOURS and didn't cash.  I feel really good about how I played and how long I lasted considering every time someone could possibly suck out on me they did.

I swear to god TWICE. I had someone all in AND CRUSHED, yet the turn and river led to a split. TWICE. I shiat you not. first time I had Q-8 and flop was J-10-9. I made a big bet on the flop and got raised. nice. I smooth called. After the turn I jam all in knowing she's gonna call and she does. She has 8-7 and rivers a queen for a split. Second time I have 2-4, the grump! The flop is 3-5-6.....I swear same thing happens, except this time I have the fish all in with 6-3. Turn is a 4 and river is a 2. Now a split isnt as bad as losing but oh the chip potential that I lost.

I needed the edge that I have when I play against men.  That little edge is all the difference I think.

Play smart and wear a poker uniform.



lightning36 said...

Not to take away from your obvious poker skills, but remember how many times when you pulled a winner out of your butt and I or others got screwed and I told you that variance would come back to bite you in the butt someday? Looks like that day has arrived. Welcome to the REAL world of poker!

Josie said...

All you and waffles talk about is my butt! Btw did you call me at like 11pm last night???? Drunk dialling? lol

PokahDave said...

This PokahDave doesn't have Poker Dave money!

Josie said...

Neither does Very Josie!

Cranky said...

VJ - based on the high lesbian content in the tourney, you might have been well-served to wear the poker uniform. I doubt the women would assume you were stupid just because you're a woman, like the male players would, but they could still be distracted by cleavage. :-)

I agree, butch is more than clothes deep.

Bummer on the suckouts, but as you know, they're all part of the game.

Hope things get better for Lynne and her wife.

Memphis MOJO said...

I'm shocked you lost (or split the pot) with the mighty deuce-four. Unbelievable.

Josie said...

No, I wasn't fearing they'd think i was stupid because I was a woman or hetero, but I just don't think THEY are dumb enough to be distracted by a little cleavage, like 90% of the men I play with are. Perhaps I was wrong though!

Lynne and wife are okay I think. There are two other couples that are like excluding lynne, after she's been sooo helpful to them. alot of drama and it pisses me off. They are users! And lynne is like one of the nicest people ive ever met.

Oh and they are all supposed to be at lynne's on sat night for the next lesbian and black men game. I'll be there for sure too. Hey how bout you cranky? $25 buyin! Revere ma!

Josie said...

@mojo - me too! lol I suppose it would've been worse if a 3 or 6 fell.

Cranky said...

Josie - I'd love to go to your game! Unfortunately, the wife and I are going to a Halloween party on Saturday. I'd happily go another time, though. Revere is only about 45 minutes from me (Sudbury).

Josie said...

LOL I knew you were from Mass! Enjoy the halloween party! lynne has games like once a month, so there will be others.