Friday, October 21, 2011

Borgata Makes Me Happy In My Pants

I love Borgata.  Yeah, maybe that makes me fickle, but a woman is entitled to change her mind.

Remember how Borgata kindly offered me a free room and dinner whenever I wanted?  Well I was preparing for my trip to AC in November and emailed Joanna at Borgata to use the free room.  Then I asked her if I could please have two free nights instead of one.  She said she'd be able to do that, but not dinner as well.  That's okay!  So I have two free nights at Borgata!  Mind you I've never given them a penny of business....yet, nor do I even have a players card with them.  lol

Below is the email I just received.


I will be happy to make the accommodations for November 16 and 17; and you are very welcome. Despite our best intentions, from time to time we understand that we fail to meet our customers’ expectations and we are always grateful for the opportunity to redeem ourselves in their eyes. We appreciate this chance to make it right in your instance, or at least take away some of the sting from your last encounter.

To make the accommodations, I will need information from you. Please provide me with the following:
First and last name as it appears on your state issued form of identification
Address as it appears on your state issued form of identification
Date of Birth

After receiving the above information, I will then provide your with your confirmation number. Thank you.

Joanna M******
Executive Office
1 Borgata Way, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

That's it!  I don't even have to call them.  She'll take care of the whole thing and give me a confirmation number, and deposit required.  Wow.  Two nights!  More than I could've hoped for, considering I've yet to be a customer of theirs. 

Play Borgata!



Memphis MOJO said...

Good for you, but also good business for them.

genomeboy said...

I'm sorry, but I can't believe after all the BS The Borg put you through with that tourney fiasco, that you are gushing over 2 free nights. I play there occasionally, and I can book 2 nights free a week. Plus I get free comedy club tickets, and sometimes a free buffet.

If I were you, I would demand the 2 free nights, plus the breakfast buffet, plus comedy show tickets. Also, I would ask nicely for the rooms to be at The Water CLub (the nicer tower at the Borg).

After all, this is basically the same that any occasional (I'm talking 2-3 trips a year) player gets, and they really screwed you big time.

Did you ever hear from Stan? he should have taken care of you. I'm not really impressed with just 2 nights. At the minimum you should get breakfast buffet ( on par with Bellagio buffet...)

Josie said...

genomeboy, NOW you tell me! I had no idea. Grrrrrr

lightning36 said...

He he -- good to see you are still around, genomeboy!

Hey Josie -- just ANOTHER one of your blog readers that I have met.

The Neophyte said...

Have to agree with the Mojo man, they are getting some good free adverts from your blog Josie. It would behoove them to make you happy. See what else you can get out of them. Either way, hope you have a good time there.

Josie said...

Light, you shouldn't be bragging that you've met Genome. You should be bragging that you've met ME.

Wolfshead said...

Hey, wtf? That's my dinner you gave away. And bad deal for you. Meal at Bobby Flay's probably cost more than a room does.