Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Game Face

They say that they don't know me
Never saw my face
And if they've never been there
Can they be sure there's such a place?
They think if they don't call me
The world will pass them by
But there's a fire in their kitchen
And the water's three feet high and rising

Someone's shouting at me
You're all going to hell!
Must not be too far away
Sometimes I can never tell
My shoes are still as empty
A mile they've never walked
They'll send me their donation
And they never have to talk again

I just want to show them who I am
I just want to show them what I can do
There's not much use to curse the damned
And there's power in nothing to lose

Someone's spitting blood
Facedown in the dirt
Someone's thinking about a gun
To try to stop the hurt
Someone drew conclusions
On the wall of destiny
Someone's getting louder
And that someone would be ME.

You think if you don't call me

The world will pass you by
But there's a fire in your kitchen
And the water's three feet high and rising

Yes, I have my game face on.  Getting ready to do battle tomorrow and I can promise you this, I will be coming out with guns blazing.  Not saying I won't get felted, but if I do, it'll be of the runner, runner variety.  I plan on being very aggressive, yet very careful.

A few other constants that I will try very hard to keep in mind:
1. Spend the first hour or two developing reads
2. Remember it's a marathon, not a sprint
3. Have patience (most likely the toughest item on this list)
4. Play pocket pairs aggressively
5. Focus on stacks smaller than mine
6. Keep on par or better with the "average stack"
7. Make and meet small goals
8. Once antes come into play, steal, steal, steal
9.  Only bluff ONCE but make it worth it

The one thing I'm unsure about is how to play in the beginning of the tournament.  You know.....limping in alot of pots early on the cheap to see a flop, with less than stellar cards or waiting for a good hand and only come in raising.  The latter is what I do in the latter half of a tourney, but in order to get there, I have to play that first part.  I may try to see alot of flops early and see what I can hit.

Oh....and about that ladies game.....

Remember when I mentioned that Mike, my sister's friend and awesome poker player, said that I should play the Ladies Event?  Well another mike, said it wasn't even a real event!  I'm now leaning toward my first inclination, which was to give it a skip and invest my money elsewhere.

Play smart, with guns blazing.



SirFWALGMan said...

According to Hoyazo's you should play super tight early on.. and loosen up later when Ante's kick in...

I have always enjoyed limping early myself... so take it how you will..

Josie said...

Hoyazo, Schmoyazo!

KenP said...

I do, it'll be of the runner, runner variety.

We know.

Believe us.

We know.

As to Waffles remark about changing things up, Best advice there is. Predictability is worse than card dead.

Tentative and overconfident can be two sides of the same coin.

Josie said...

Thanks Ken.