Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stylin' at Borgata

Need I say more?

My hump, my hump, My Poker Grump, my lovely little Poker Grump is responsible for this.  Thank you Grumpy.

Poker Grump, the most awesome guy in Vegas, did a post about my frustrating experience at Borgata where he asked his readers who to get in touch with at Borgata.  Grump and his readers came through for me in a big way and provided the name and email address of the director of poker operations at Borgata.  Who says men are just good for hooking up computers?  Oh me.  Whatever.

I wrote to the man and provided him with my "I'm a Borg-hatah" post. 

I received the email I posted yesterday from the executive office asking me to call them, which I did and left a voice mail.

Today the receptionist buzzes me and asks "Do you have any dealings with Roargata from New York?  This might be a sales call."  Isn't she precious? 

Joanna from the executive office apologized profusely and sincerely.  She said the matter was looked into in depth with their security team.  They found that the ID I provided WAS acceptable and should have been accepted.  Aha! 

Lesson to be learned here:  Mama is always right.

As a gesture Borgata is giving me a free night of my choosing whenever I want.  In a suite.  With dinner provided.

I couldn't ask for more, could I?

If you know me at all you know the answer is yes, sure I could!

I told her that when I go to AC I usually stay for two nights not one but she couldn't give me a second night.  Booo!

So I will play at Borgata!  Someday. You know what else I'll do?

I will thank Poker Grump in person when I see him in Las Vegas.  And by thank him I mean......well never you mind but here's a visual....

If you see Poker Grump looking like this, Josie was there.

Play smart and have smart friends like Poker Grump.



HighOnPoker said...

Suite? Can I crash on the couch?

Seriously, though, lemme know in advance when you are going to AC, and maybe we can meet up down there.


Josie said...

Hell yeah! but no monkey bidness!

That would be awesome - I'll let you know when....must coincide with a nice poker event.

PokahDave said...

It pays to complain when you're not treated well at any place...especially the casinos. That is awesome...

Josie said...

Thanks Dave! btw you can always share the couch with jordan!

I wonder how many guys I can fit in that suite....

VegasDWP said...

Poker Grump is way cool.

Josie said...

I agree!

Wildcat Fan said...

Congrats, Josie. I really did not expect that you would even hear back from the Borgata. You definately hit a nerve somewhere's.
For this day I become:

I AM 4 JOSIE!!!!

Rakewell said...

So few people in this world recognize my true awesomeness. Nice that you've joined the small club who do.

Josie said...

LOL Thanks Wildcat Fan a/k/a 4 Josie...that rocks. I didn't really expect much either.

Grump, thanks again.

Wolfshead said...

Sure, you get a suite and me, the guy who hade to drive your ass around and put up eith you for 2 days gets squatah. Such is the world. Jordan can have the couch, I got dibs on the dinner

Josie said...

Ahem Wolfie,

Did you not get a kiss goodbye? Is that worth nothing? Hmfph

Memphis MOJO said...

Well, I'm surprised. Nice. I'm impressed with your perseverance, with the Grumper's resourcefulness and with the Borgata's doing the right thing.

genomeboy said...

again, not really impressed by the Borgata's response. As an infrequent player there, I can get 2 rooms comped a WEEK Sun-Thursday, plus other stuff. Considering you flew down there expressly to play there, they should easily give you 2 free nights, and a Buffet pass at least for Breakfast, if not all 3 meals.