Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yes, I'm talking about me.  Can you imagine?  :)  I've been called that, along with arrogant, big headed and egotistical more times than I can count.  As Popeye would say, I yam what I yam, and highly doubt I'll be changing any time soon.  I've been thinking on a particular hand of poker I played a while ago, and in that particular hand, I believe "cockiness' was my undoing.  Although as I said, I have no desire to change.

I was playing 1-2 NL and quickly amassed a wall of red chips.  I was in the zone.  My reads were spot on, my cards were good, I was connecting with flops and things were going great.  My stack was just slightly below $1,000.

Enter cockiness.

I had pocket 10s and raised it up big preflop.  A young man, named Tom* called me.  I knew he was a very good player and hadn't seem him lose many chips.

Flop was Q-4-3 with two diamonds.  I check and he makes a weak bet, and I raise it up.  He's hemming and hawing and finally calls.  I KNOW he is not on a flush draw.  He would've never called this nor my big preflop raise with that.  After he calls and I can tell he's stressed about the call, I also know he doesn't have a Q.

I decide he has a middle/big pair and I actually SAY "You're calling with J-J, little boy!".  That statement got me a warning from the dealer. (and yes, I am going to make a point of stopping this shit of calling out people's hands)

He reacts to my statement, as I thought he would.  Now I'm sure of it.....if not JJ then something similar - I doubt it's 10s because I have those.....hopefully 9s but I doubt it.

Turn is a Q.

I have to go with my read because I'm cocky awesome. I bet a hair over $100.

He calls.

River is a small diamond.  There are 3 diamonds on the board and 2 queens.  If I KNOW he doesn't have a queen or a flush, AND I DO, it's time to pull out the big guns.


I'm smiling and happy...thinking I have this won.  He can't call for all his chips with middle pair!

He calls though.

And I swear to all that is holy, he turns over J-J and says "I can't believe you knew what I had!"  I muck my 10-10 as he showed first and matched his stack.  He had a little over $300 left. 

I'm moaning about how I lost $300 and he corrects me and says "You put about $500 into the whole hand you know".

OMFG he's right.

Then I ask him his name and he says "George".

I say "You really need to fucking lie to me about your name?  I can tell it ain't George so what is it?"

He starts laughing and says it's Tom.....and that I can ask the dealer if I don't believe it this time.  Dealer confirmed it was Tom - not that I really gave a fuck.

I left with about $500, more than my buy in, but cockiness lost me $500.  I should've just let the hand go.  Just because I knew what he had and he seemed like a good player, didn't mean that he would fold.  Lesson learned....and an expensive lesson at that.

Play smart, and carefully.



SirFWALGMan said...

We all knew Joe C had a cock.

lightning36 said...

lol @ Waffles.

If you are short stacked or just have a buy-in in front of you you can afford to take some chances like you did if you so desire. Once you have that big stack in front of you playing smarter is essential. The move almost sounded more like the kind of move you would make in a tournament, which just does not work the same in cash games.

Josie said...

Waffles can suck my....

NumbBono said...

God... I wish I could play in a home game with you on a regular basis...

Josie said...

you live in vegas dude, right? not enough action there? lol i can't blame you though. everyone loves to play with me.

Oh and i wouldn't play with you in a home game or think i've forgotten who you DIDN'T vote for on Donkey Island? Um no, Alfa Wolf, I haven't. You disappointed me AND I'm Sicilian. The combo is not good for you.

NumbBono said...

Oh, there's action here...It's just that I can't seem to get enough of people who overvalue medium pairs like you.

People like you pay my rent.

Josie said...

Gotcha! Too bad we never played HU on full tilt. ah well.

Anonymous said...

Since when can't you talk to the other player about the hand when you are heads up with them in a cash game?

You should be able to talk to them, ask them questions, or even turn your hand over face up without violating any rules.

Josie said...

Don, you can talk to the other player, but you cannot state what a hand is...."you have pocket jacks". that's what i got the warning for.