Tuesday, October 18, 2011

80's Week

It was 80's week on Dancing with the Stars!  OMG It was 80's music and 80's hairstyles/dress on one of my fave shows!  Does it get any better than that?


I was so excited to see last night's episode even though was two hours long.  that's just too long people.  They should totally cut half the BS from the show and just show us the dancing.  That could easily be done in one hour.  Come on people!

Unfortunately Sugar Bear is not a fan.  Not only that,but he wanted to watch a hockey game on Versus.  Blah!  Not even a Bruins hockey game!  WTF is up with that?  It wasn't a problem though as I happily took my leave to watch DWTS in my room.

All snug in my bed.


I was loving the 80s music and styles.  They had The Bangles playing live!  And then..........

Yup, I fell asleep which means I missed the last hour, including Chaz's dance.  Booo!!!!  I'll catch the recap tonight though, assuming I can stay awake for it.

I should've known.  Whenever I'm horizontal these days I seem to fall asleep.  I can remember back when being horizontal had an entirely different outcome!

In honor of 80s week, please enjoy the photo of me with my 80s garb below.  I went out for drinks a few months ago with some girls from work, all of whom were born in the 80s.  Anyway, they were laughing uncontrollably about this photo.  Kids!

It's 80s week!

At the time that photo was taken, I remember being disappointed that my hair wasn't big enough.  I shiat you not.

Here's another from the 80s, which really illustrates my 80s make up:

This is my version of Madonna like makeup. 
Too bad I have the hat on cuz you can't see the enormity of my hair.



SirFWALGMan said...

That second photo looks like a uni-brow... so, we all want to know.. do you have to shave your eyebrows in the middle?

Josie said...

Very astute of you!

Yes, it's a unibrow. That was pre-waxing. (I couldn't take much plucking even though my sister tried. it hurts too much!) And it's like more than a unibrow,because not only did it cover the middle, but my eyebrows go from like temple to temple.

Even now when I get them waxed, the girl literally takes off more than she leaves. Oh the pain!

Josie said...

In answer to your question though, NO, I'd never ever shave it! Wax or pluck.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Oh, God, Josie! I absolutely hated the 80's. Maybe because not in my wildest dreams could this fine, thin, limp crap on my head ever transform to "big hair." There's not enough product out there!