Thursday, October 20, 2011


Thank you all for the kind thoughts and wishes I found in the comments of my last post.  After headhunting for half the night, it was a welcome sight.

Did I say half the night?


I got home at 4:00am (omfg) and got into work by 8:00am.  I'm esxhausted and not feeling great so there won't be any prolific post from me today about the tournament.  That is to come when I can do it properly.

In the mean time, I can sum it up in two words.  I lost.  :( And quickly too.  I started out great but by the third hour I was down to 80 BB, not terribly short, but definitely not where I like to be, so when one person raised to 3xbb and everyone else folded I jammed all in with 4-4.  Can you believe he called me with K-K?  LOL I supposed he's never read the blog called How to Fold KK.  Anyway, from there on in it was the cash game!  Lots and lots of  ups and downs......but that's for the later post.

Oh, but I did learn something at Foxwoods yesterday.  If I post where I'm going to be playing poker, people frigging show up!  2 people made guest appearances yesterday!

I was playing in the cash game and one of the guys looked familiar.  I'd played with him a few weeks ago at 1-2NL.  He turns to me and says "Hey remember that guy who wanted to take you to Jamaica?  He's here and he was talking about you?"


Yup, Teddy.  About 10 minutes later Teddy comes by and first thing out of his mouth was "Will you go to Jamaica with me?"

"No!!!!!  Hi Teddy!  What a coincidence that you're here too!"

"Not really.  I read on your blog that you would be here"

Funny enough that was all he said about the blog and the post about him.  He wasn't playing at my table, but lurking behind it for a long time.  He had a friend that was playing but he wasn't.  Very odd.

I was doing quite well at the cash game and decided to go back to the touney room upstairs to see how my boy was doing.  I was checking out the tournament, when some guy sneaks up behind me and says....I shiat you not.....he says.......

"Hey Oompa Loompa!"

OMFG I don't recognize him at all, and really, that's not the way to start a conversation with me if you want me to be pleasant.  Take notes gentlemen!

Obv he knew me but did I know him?"  Yup.  He said he was XKM, the guy I played Survive Donkey Island with!  He was playing a stud tournament and not doing well.

Of course, like I said starting with the Oompa Loompa did not endear him to me, so I suppose I wasn't as nice as I could be.  And really, it wasn't that.  It was all the Donkey Island crap that I went through.  I still had issues with him

Mr. XKM was not one of my favorite players/teammates during that game.  Not only did he try repeatedly to screw me over, but when it was all said and done and the players were to vote for one winner, boaty or me, XKM did not vote for me.  It's not like he had an alliance with Boat or anything and really he was supposed to vote for the person who played the game best and I DO NOT BELIEVE HE THOUGHT THAT PERSON WAS BOAT.  So yeah, I'm still a little bitter about not getting his vote.  Maybe it was because i kicked his ass in a heads up match to knock him from the game.  Maybe.

Anyway, XKM is as tall as I am short, so we were quite a pair.  We decided to play a little cash game together with XKM on my right.  He got to see the wonder that is Very Josie in motion.  Oh my God but I killed that table and felted Mr. I Didn't Vote for Josie to boot.  The words "luck sack" came up more than once.  I'm a firm believer that we make our own luck though.  It's not the first time I've been called luck sack and I'm sure it won't be the last.  As long as Mama gets the $$ it's all good.  Believe what you want and

Play smart.


PS The So Very Josie card I was holding in the photo of the last post was made by Mrs. Lightning36 (no, not me, the other one)  So if you want some cards yourself, contact Lightning or see the link in the comments.


Rakewell said...

You shoved 80 big blinds over a 3x raise, with 4-4 in the hole?


Please tell me the name of your psychiatrist. I need to send him a note about increasing the dose of your medications.

Seriously, Josie, that is beyond stupid.

Josie said...

Finally, a comment about it!

Yes, I know it's beyond stupid, but as I said yesterday, if I'm going to post about all my awesome moves, I should also post about the stupid ones.

Yes, 80! I was expecting to get a fold.

lightning36 said...

lol @ Rakewell's spot-on comment. I was going to comment, but seeing as how I only focus on good things ...

Josie said...

lol light! I was expecting about 20 of those type of comments!