Sunday, October 9, 2011

Foozeball Picks

Where's Waldo Waffles?

As you know, Waffles and I have a side bet over our picks, but where the heck are his picks?????  All I know is he was very sick mid week, and then he disappeared.  But the thing is, between moans and groans about how sick he was he mentioned that he'd already finished his picks for the week.  So it should be easy peasy to just post them, sick or not.

If his aren't posted by 1pm today I must assume that I've won.  Yay!!!

Going into this I'm behind by 18 points for the year.  Nothing I can't come back from. 

Mama's Picks:
NYGiants 13
New England 12 (Go Pats!)
New Orleans 11
Green Bay 10
Houston 9
Detroit 8
San Diego 7
Philly 6 (even though they suck ass and lost last week)
Minn 5
SF 4 (even though they suck ass and won last week)
Jacksonville 3
Pitts 2
Indy 1 (yeah lots of peeps would put indy higher up.  Fuckya, you're wrong)

Speaking of football, my pick for DUCKY'S NFL PICK CONTEST is The Patriots!  Woot!  Sure I could've gone with the pack and picked the Giants like everyone else but bah!  I trust Tom Terrific and if the giants should somehow lose (although I doubt it) the pack will be diminished severely.  Here's hoping!

Ahhh Sunday......

1.) Football.  Need I say more?
2.) Mom's cooking....just for me.  Guess the diet is on hold today.
3.) No work tomorrow!  Columbus Day!  Woot! 

Hmmmm Poker?  Gary?  Whatchoo doing tomorrow?  Please!  Let me get you out of the house instead of writing another one of those Discussions with God posts.  I'd consider it my civc duty!  :P  And um, there's the matter of a ride....

Play smart like Tom Brady!



Wolfshead said...

I'll be playing poker tomorrow, after I drop off the girls that is So far I've survived a weekend with a pair of teenage girls in the house.

Josie said...

Ha! I survived the weekend with teenage boys!

Im thinking I could use a little reprieve at the felt but Gary turned me down. Grrrr something about the freaking bruins game!

Gary said...

Trying to sell the tickets, can't promise anything...