Monday, October 24, 2011

Sporty Spice

The new Mr. October?

Well sports fans, even though the Patriots had a bye week it was a good weekend for sports.  First and foremost I must mention Albert Pujols, who hit THREE homeruns in a single world series game for the Cards.  WTG Pujols!  This has only been done twice before, by The Bambino and Mr. October.  Unless you live under a rock, you know I'm referring to Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson.  That's some mighty fine company to be in.  Tonight is Game 5 and it's anyone's game!  Tonight do I watch Game 5 or Dancing With The Stars?  Ugh, that's a tough choice.  My guess is there will be a lot of clicking back and forth.

If Pujols read this blog, I'd use my mighty feminine wiles jedi mind tricks to get him to sign with the Red Sox.  And if that didn't work, don't forget we have fried chicken and beer in Boston!  But seriously, we could get him.  I'm already focused on next season and I'd like that bat in the starting rotation. 

Football.....I had an average week with my picks.  I'm in 5th place for the year which totally sucks.  I believe I'm tied with Waffles thus far this week, but we'll see what happens tonight.  Oh and Seb'sZebra is playing along too and he lost.  :)  by only 4 points though, yet he can't win tonight any point tonight so that's a done deal. 

As I mentioned to Seb, he can play but we have to play for SOMETHING.  Cash, grass or one rides for free.  And since he's in the UK the first two items would be hard to collect.  btw a guy from the UK thinks he can best me at American football? Sounds pretty ludicrous if you ask me, and yet he only lost by 4 points so who knows.

Anyway, back to the is what I propose:

When If Seb loses he will email me the story of how he lost his virginity (assuming he has) with full details and no lying or embellishing.  I think that will be a sufficient prize for me.

Should I lose, I will post in full detail, the story of my own personal deflowering....again ONLY IF Seb beats me for the season.  The story is a doozy and will not be printed otherwise.  That alone should be sufficient motivation for me to win.

Fair Seb?  Please confirm.

As far as the Lucki Duck Football contest goes, I'm still in it as my pick was New Orleans.  Wolfie however is out as he didn't submit his pick.  Boooo.  Crappy way to lose.  We are now down to 5.  Can't wait to be the last woman standing.  Technically I think that's what I am now, but you catch my drift!

Play smart.



SirFWALGMan said...

I dunno Seb, some story that goes "he was on me for 2 seconds, and I was like your done? Did I orgasm? Wtf?" does not sound so good to me..

Josie said...

Sweetheart, just because it took 2 seconds for YOU, doesn't mean it's that way with everyone else.

Wolfshead said...

Sorry about the Lucki Duck pool. Was wiped out Fri from trip and weather had me felled here on Sat so I didn't even think about it until about 11 Sun morn

Josie said...

Glad to see you are around!

Josie said...

imma win anyway!

Memphis MOJO said...

imma win anyway!

Freakin' NY Giants.

Josie said...

But mojo baby, the cards are on fire! now that's what really matters isn't it?

The Neophyte said...

Perhaps the Sox should hire a GM and manager before they spend more money on another first baseman. What do you propose they do with the current first baseman that they are paying a large chunk of money to? Of course one of them could DH but that seems kind of a waste of a Gold Glove fielder isn't it?

Josie said...

@Neo, the sox do have a new GM - Ben Cherington and he's been with the sox since 1999.

As far as DH's go, maybe you haven't heard but Big Papi is entertaining a move to the skankees. Perfect opening for Mr. Puhols!

Memphis MOJO said...

King Albert already has a nice home in St. Louis. He shouldn't move - it would be just wrong!

Josie said...

mojo - if he does, you should retire in boston, home of the ws winning red sox, and um ME. :)

sebszebra said...

We have different attitudes. I gamble with friends but winning and losing is more important. When I gamble on sporting outcomes, I take making an overall profit very seriously. I have played very little poker but read a couple of poker blogs (the other one is Grump's) and have thought about taking it up more seriously (it is ironic that my account with Betfair has a poker option I do not use when you guys have been made bereft of on-line action). I take that motor-racing game very seriously despite no prize whatsoever.

I am not keen on forfeits - it is a shame playing for a moderate financial wager is just more trouble than it is worth - but I do not actually mind relating the circumstances of how I lost my virginity (met someone who let me, we did it) so will do so if I lose. It meant the world-and-a-half to me at the time to get that monkey off my back, but be warned it's a mundane tale (what do you expect?) so will probably be, pun intended, an anticlimax. However, I am playing for fun and pride. Just do not ask me about the last time I had sex (way too much alcohol, agonising cramp in my foot every time I tried to assume the position, I have fonder memories of the hangover).

Just because I live in Britain, do not question my expert knowledge of American Football. Mark my words, the L.A. Raiders will beat the Baltimore Rabbits in the World Series in straight sets.

Josie said...


1.) the tale may be mundane, but I will collect. I'd prefer mundane to fabrication.

2.) LOL at your last paragraph!

3.) drop me an email @ so I can communicate with you if need be.

4.) don't forget to email your picks to me by late thursday or early friday (um that's boston time)

5.) So far you are down 4 points and I'm keeping track.

6.) I too take bets seriously regardless of the prize or lack thereof.

7.) British, huh?