Thursday, October 6, 2011

Arm Pits and Sleeping Around

I left work early to go to the focus group.  On the surface that may seem dumb because I get paid more for working than for attending the focus group if you include the travel time to the focus group (and I do).

But.......I'm on salary so I get paid what I get paid anyway and the focus group money is a bonus. 

I got there 10 minutes early and fully prepared.  I'd read up a bit on different products as I do like to give them value for their money.  But something happened that had never happened to me before.

Some guy, looking like he stepped out of an aftershave commercial came up to me and wanted to ask me some questions.  Do I prefer organic products?  Which do I use?  Why do I use them?

Then they called the women into the focus group by name.  One by one.  Everyone except me and this unfortunate looking woman.


A woman came out and told us they didn't need everyone so we were free to go and would be paid immediately!

Of course my first thought was "Why don't they want my opinion?".  I was quite insulted until it sunk in that I was getting paid and didn't have to stay.  Woot!  Obviously, Mr. Aftershave Commercial doesn't have the best taste.  Hmfph  It's funny because I almost mentioned Wolfie's "rock" deodorant as something organic but thought better of it.

"My friend uses a rock, you know".  Had I said that, I'd understand not being wanted, but I didn't!  Out loud anyway.

Okay enough about armpits.

Let's talk about the places I'll be sleeping around, erm, playing poker.

You know I have a free night and dinner at Borgata.  When I got home last night I got mail from Harrah's!  I can stay any night I want in AC, Sun-Thurs now until March.  And I can stay at either Harrah's, Ceasar's or Showboat!  And they are throwing in two free buffets.  And slot play.  Blah! Mama no likey slots.


They're throwing in a free night in Vegas too!  At Harrah's or Bally's or Rio, along with dinner as well.

I guess playing for 3 days nonstop in their poker room has some perks huh?

The free night at Borgata includes weekends so maybe Saturday night at Borgata and then move to Harrah's for Sunday night.  With free dinner both nights!  Damn I should've negotiated a spa visit somehow.

And Foxwoods..............

They've been sending me emails saying "Come stay with us for only $39 per night."  That is a good deal but a better deal would be free!

And there's Oklahoma too.  Free and all except airfare. I just don't know about going to Oklahoma though.

Oh and my bedroom.....want to hear about it?  It's luscious.  Over the weekend I did a major overhaul.  No clutter at all.  Those books that were stacking up?  Gone.  All summer clothes put away and winter clothes in place.  Everything shining and clean with new sheets on the bed.  I even made my bed this morning.  And new Yankee candles to make the room smell great. I almost fell asleep with one lit.  That's a no no.

Mmmm can't wait to snuggle back in.  But for now there's work to do.

Play smart.



Cranky said...

Josie - back in the day when we went to LV twice a year, we stayed most often at the Rio. Except for the somewhat smoky casino, we loved it.

Sounds like you'll have a lot of fun in AC taking advantage of freebies. Enjoy!

Josie said...

Cranky Baby!

Thanks for coming back.

The first time I ever went to Vegas I stayed at The Rio - all suite hotel. Geez, I should do a post about THAT.

Anyway, the room was a beauty but it was too far off the beaten past.

That was a long time ago - back then I didn't even dare play poker in a casino - it was all black jack.

Cranky said...

Happy to be back.

You're right, it is off the beaten track. And, in honesty, I didn't play poker back then so only played BJ and craps so can't comment on the poker room.

I can remember our first visit to LV about 20 years ago. We stayed at the Mirage. It was a complete sensory overload. Would be fun to hear your story of your first trip.

Josie said...

I've played BJ from time to time but that's an entirely different story. I'm out of practice in fact. ;)

Josie said...

Oh were talking about BLACK JACK? :)

HighOnPoker said...

So, let's start ironing out our dates. When are we going to AC? I will only require one of your free buffets, thank you.

Josie said...

Jordan, I'm on it. I'm quite flexible with dates, as I'm not attending the WPBT, but I'd like it to be when a good poker tournament is going on.

I will look into it and get back to you.


Wolfshead said...

I'm in, and i already got a free buffet

Josie said...

Awesome Wolfie!