Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm Missing Something

Patience.  That something would be patience.  I don't have any.  I know I don't have any so you'd think I could overcompensate with something I have an abundance of, like common sense, but no it just doesn't work that way. 

I try not to let my impatience show, but eventually it busts peeks through.  In work, when I've requested something and have to wait endlessly.....more than I should, I seethe quietly inside.  If you call me on the phone, I'll answer your question but I just don't quite get the "stay on the phone and chat about nothing" thing.  Instead, once information has passed through the phone lines and the mission is accomplished, "Bye!" I'm gone.  Gary isn't  the only one who complains about this.  He's standing in a long line and my mom is at the head.

For my mother, I'll stay on the phone for 45-60 minutes.  REALLY.  That's like saying a claustrophobic man willingly got into a suitcase for a week.  The only way I can do this though, is if I'm multitasking.  So long as I'm fully occupied I don't mind listening and responding with a "Yup"  or a "Oh no!" at the appropriate time.

What's getting to my (lack of ) patience today is.....Moneyball.  The Art of Winning an Unfair Game.
(Don'tcha just love that title, btw?  I do!)

Yes, it's the new movie that's out starring Brad Pitt, but it's not the movie I'm interested in, it's the book.  I think the book will be a fantastic read, and I've been eyeing it for over a year.....maybe more?  I was checking it out at Barnes and Noble a looooong time ago but didn't buy it because I thought I might get a kindle and I'd prefer to have such a book as part of my kindle library.

Since I saw ads for the movie I thought "Oh crap.  I really want to read the book before I see the movie."  We all know that movies that are based on books are based upon excellent books.  We also know the movies just never live up to the book they were based on.  They just don't.

Of the hundreds of disappointing movies I've seen, based upon excellent books, there are only two that come to mind that were done as well if not better than the original.

1.  Stand By Me, which was based on the short story "The Body" by Stephen King.
2.  Shawshank Redemption, based on "Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption", also by King.

Don't misunderstand though; Stephen King is not the common denominator for good movies.  He's had many other works that have been defiled in the process of making a movie.  Um, can you say, Running Man?  Excellent book but horrible movie.

Anyway, back to Moneyball.

I want it.  Now.

I just bought it on Amazon.  I'd think a normal person would be pleased as punch that the book she wants is on it's way but I'm not.  All I'm thinking is it's going to take forever to get here and I want it NOW.  Grrrrr

To get my mind off of my far away book, let's talk a little about poker, shall we? 

Remember Teddy, from my cash game at Foxwoods?  The man talked nonstop the entire time he was there, whether in a pot or not.  (I cannot express how little patience I have for that particular character flaw.  Yes I said flaw.)

At one point Teddy was in a hand, along with me and another gentleman.  The other guy pushed all in.  In my haste to fold and muck my cards, one flipped over, and a king was shown.  Action was on Teddy and he had two options; call or fold.  He chose another, talk, talk!

Finally he says "Since I saw that king, this is an easy call".

The guy assumed he called, looked happy about it, but then after about 20 seconds Teddy says "but I'm going to fold".

Personally, I think that's a call. 

The man got a little upset and then said 'fine' and took his small pot uncontested but there was alot of discussion at the table as to whether Teddy had committed to making a call.  So much so, the floor was called over.  Floor man said he wouldn't hold Teddy to the call, but he'd warn him and next time he did that it would be considered a call.


Then another man at the table said, "That floor guy is always wrong.  I'm telling you that's a call.  Let's ask another floor man".

Another floor guy gets involved and hears the story.  Second floor man says "That is definitely a call.  If I was asked you'd be putting all your chips in."

I tend to agree with the second floor man.  Don't you think that when the word 'call' is said in that context he's committed to it?

Play smart and stay away from me unless you happen to have a copy of Moneyball handy.



TJStier said...

I tend to agree with the second floorman. The first floorman is totally wrong. Either it is a call the first time says that or it is not regardless of how many times he says it. It being the first or second time is totally irrelevant.

Josie said...

I agree TJ. If its a call, it's a call the first time as well.

SirFWALGMan said...

I agree with the first floorman. he did not say "I call". He expressed an opinion. However that is a classic angle shot and Teddy is a scumbag cheater. He just wanted to get a reaction from the kid so he could make his move. If I was the floor I would tell him if he pulled that shit again he was getting banned from the casino.

Josie said...

Waffles, I dunno. If you're saying the word "call" when you're in a heads up hand, I think you called.

What's more upsetting to me is the inconsistency with the floor men. I understand that many times nothing is black and white but shades of grey, yet still, inconsistency within those enforcing the rules is shoddy.

Gary said...

I'm not so sure. One time I was sitting with second nuts and some guy in a Yankees cap shoved. I thought about it for a little bit, then said, "I have a monster, I'm probably gonna call but I'm just thinking a little bit; I don't want you thinking I'm slow rolling you." And I called, and got his money, and nobody complained that there was a phantom call or anything like that.

This guy Teddy has obviously watched too much TV poker and is trying to replace talent with trickery.

Josie said...

Entirely different. Musing aloud, saying 'i'm probably going to call,but have to think about it' isn't a call, yet I think Teddy's line was a call.

I dunno anymore.....

DuggleBogey said...

Second floor is correct, once he said the phrase "This is an easy call" he was in. What he should have said is "Since I saw the king this is an easy decision," or even "Since I saw the king this should be an easy call." Once he said "This is a call" or any form of it, the action is complete. If he wants to get information from his opponent he should do it by not making a statement, that's angle shooting.

Also, no mention of Theo?

Josie said...

Yes DB! This is an easy call is the same as this is a call. TY!

Theo, who's soon to be the head of the cubs. Yeah, I've been following that.....just waiting until it's official, as he still has a year left on his contract with the sox.

I won't be crying when he leaves. Originally I thought he was a wundkind, but lately I haven't been thrilled with who he's been aquiring. Buh-bye. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

lightning36 said...

We Chicago folks will accept Theo with open arms.

Cranky said...

Josie - Too bad no consequences for Teddy the garrulous.

Looking forward to your post on Theo. I have been anxious for him to leave since he came back after the first time he left (was that in 2003?). Did you write something about Francona that I missed? I thought he was a good manager, but I suspect part of the September swoon was a reflection of his diminished effectiveness.

Josie said...

Yes, I think the change will be good for all parties.

Josie said...

@cranky...I suppose I could do a theo post....I've met him at least three times and had a photo snapped with him. I hate the picture though, because i'm so short and he's soooooo tall (who knew?) I look like a midget next to him.

Littleacornman said...

Who loves you and who do you love?! If Teddy does that again I think it's time he started....RUNNING!!

Etickets said...

You don't think Godfather I&II lived up to the book?

Etickets said...

You don't think Godfather I&II lived up to the book?

Josie said...

Etickets, you're good! Yes, The Godfather series certainly lived up to Mario Puzo's books. My fave Puzo book btw is The Sicilian. Also btw many of my first cousins (also from Sicily) are named Puzo. small world.

Anyway Etickets, because of you I have to type a line I very rarely type: I stand corrected! Grrrr lol

Josie said...

LittleAcornman, why YOU of course!

Wolfshead said...

You only dislike talkers because it means they aren't listening to you and you have to keep quiet.

As for that statement, no call but definitely angle shooting for reaction.

Josie said...

Wolfie, I don't dislike ALL talkers....I mean, I like YOU! lol

Memphis MOJO said...

"Money Ball" -- terrific book, pretty good movie (for a baseball fan).