Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Has anyone ever played poker at Riverwind Casino?  It's in freaking Oklahoma, of all places.  Other than it's location, it seems decent at least from its website.  I wonder if it's as nice as it's website.  It has a couple of special events called a "freeze out" and a "mega-splash".  Does anyone know what those terms mean?

Freeze out?  What is that? Megasplash?  The Freeze out is $500 entry and the Megasplash is $330



Maybe.  Assuming like Borgata, there's a free room and dinner.  And of course, perhaps an explanation as to what these games are.  How could they NOT explain them on their website.

Is it time to write them a letter?  I'm one for one with Borgata!

Play smart.  In Oklahoma!



Josie said...

Cranky has left a new comment on your post "Yin Yang:

Joseie - a freezeout tournament is the most common kind of tournament - you cannot rebuy or add-on, you only start with the chips you're given at the start.

A mega splash - not sure, you'd probably want to call the Oklahoma poker room. However, splash the pot promotions have the poker room adding $$$ to the table's pot, so that might provide a clue to what a mega splash is.

Love the blog, BTW.

Josie said...


I've never heard a tourney called freeze out before but that's the kind of tourney I like: no rebuys.

Thanks so much for commenting and loving my blogaroo! You don't seem very cranky to me!

WhisperingWriter said...

I've heard about that place but I've never been.

lightning36 said...

The term freeze out is rarely used anymore. But yeah -- no rebuys, no add ons.

I will be interested to hear about the mega splash if anyone knows what that is.

If you check on Harrah's (oops -- Caesar's) system sometimes you will find that you can get free or discount rooms at some of the sites. That is how I found out -- by chance -- that I could get a free room almost any Mon-Thurs at Harrah's Southern Indiana -- where I am right now.

Josie said...

Well I have the free room and free dinner....that isn't the prob. The issue is do I want to go to OK? And what is the splash thingy?

Damn, I should've sent you my harrah's card to swipe in indiana!

Josie said...


Memphis MOJO said...

Two of my friends played there and liked it. They said it was lucrative, but they also said that rich guys come there from Dallas (less than an hour away) and will definitely try and push you off a hand.

Josie said...

@mojo really? Rich guys? Well that's all you had to say. Thanks mojo!

JT88Keys said...

I've never played there, but sat next to a guy in a game at Planet Hollywood in Vegas who said he dealt there. He was an asshole who tried to be the table captain and berated the whole table when his poorly executed bluffs kept getting called by weak one pair hands. Him: "Did you even try to put me on a hand?!?!?" Me: "Nope." Him:

I guess what I'm saying is that he played like most dealers I know...badly.

That doesn't really help with your decision though, but oh well.

Josie said...

JT, I agree that dealers do not make the most pleasant players. They think they no more than the table, which is their demise.

I dunno about Oklahoma.....

BuzzRK said...

This is more than 2 hours from Dallas. Mostly locals play here. Games are okay 1/2 2/5 but few tables.
I prefer Winstar because it is closer to me and more tables but if Riverwind was closer I would play there too.

The folks there like their PLO and so if you can play PLO you will get some juicy games going.

Josie said...


YUCK AND YUCK. Thanks for the heads up though.

I have a feeling Mojo was thinking about Winstar when he made his comment. Winstar is the one with the dallas guys you reckon?