Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bus Ride Home

The bus ride home really pissed me off, but before we get to that, it's 3am and I just woke up.  WTF?  There were 3 teenage boys in my house when I got home from work and after dinner Evan said to me "Mom, go  upstairs!  We want to have a war!"

Their "war" involves shooting each other with the many nerf guns around the house as well as popping each other with hand grenades (ping pong balls).  Of course war isn't war unless all the lights are turned off and it's pitch black, so I was more than happy to head upstairs to watch a little TV, but I didn't see much of that.  I must've fallen asleep almost immediately and now it's 3am.  Wow.  Where did the night go?

The bus ride......

I was seated in my usual seat at the very back of the bus in the corner, reading my book.  I never chat or socialize on the bus although the faces are always the same.  I just like to read my book in peace and quiet.  So we are like halfway home and the bus stops to pick up a couple of boys;  two black boys in catholic school uniforms who seem to be about 11 & 13 years old.  I'm reading my book, when all of a sudden I hear the bus driver screaming at the top of his lungs, at them.  Then I hear the older boy say "You can't talk to me like that" very quietly.

The bus driver says that yes he can talk to him that way.  Then he yells "I'm sick of you kids.  Tell your parents to put more money on your charlie card."  "You" he says pointing to the older boy, "Get off the bus until you get more money".


I missed the beginning of this, but he's kicked the 13yr old off the bus?  And leaving the younger kid on the bus all by himself?  It's like 5:30pm and these boys are just trying to get home from school.

Mama Josie exploded.

I was on the very last seat of the bus and the older boy was standing on the curb at the point.

I yell.  "Wait!!!!!" And get my ass to the front of the bus, clutching a bunch of ones.  It's an express bus that goes directly to/from Boston so it's pricier than a usual bus and I have no idea how much they owe, but I am not going to let this happen.

I get to the front and tell the boy on the curb to get back on.  Then I ask the bus driver how much the boy owes.


"That's it?" I ask incredulously.

"Yeah, he had enough money on his charlie card for the other kid, but he's short a buck for himself".

So this guy was going to leave the kid on the curb with no way to get home, even though the kid already paid for more than half his fare (and now has no money).  WTF is wrong with people?

Then the bus driver tells me it's his parents problem to refill his charlie card, not mine.

Yeah, I say, but that could've been my son trying to get home. (not that sugar bear has ever taken a bus alone but whatev)  I mean, his mom prolly had no idea there wasn't enough money on his charlie card.  It's so hard to keep track of. (I have a different kind of card, where it costs $89 per month for unlimited rides, that work pays for)

So in the end, the boys rode the bus ride home together.  It really upsets me that all those other people on the bus, who were sitting right up close and personal to all the action never bothered to help the kids out.

When I get nervous, upset, stressed, I get these red big red itchy hives, usually on my chest.  By the time I got off the bus, I could feel them burning up my chest and arms.  Ugh.  As I write this I can feel them creeping back.  I hate them!!!!!

Now it's 3:30am and I'm wide awake, with itching hives (from retelling this story) and a pain in the neck, which I've had all week.  :( 

TV or reading?  Hmmmmmm



KenP said...

pain in the neck, which I've had all week

Not trying to one up you but my pain in the neck has lasted longer.

Not exactly sure how long though.

How long have you had this blog, anyway?

Littleacornman said...

Did you get changed into your Wonder Woman outfit first?

Seriously though,well done on helping out!

Cranky said...

Nice job helping out the kids. I suspect I'd have been outraged but wouldn't have taken action the way you did.

lightning36 said...

Wow. Lots of wows. This kind of incident is exactly the kind of thing that can get picked up and go national. The driver owes you big time 'cause you know the parents would have been screaming bloddy murder. Surely there is somewhere you can report him?

And none of the other adults on the bus said or did a thing? Is that par for the course in that area?

Josie said...

@Ken LOL i agree that I can be a pain in the neck but this is literal and it's driving me crazy!

@littleacornman, there was no where to change!

Thanks cranky! Surely that nickname isn't accurate!

Light, I've been thinking about whether or not to report him. It's easy to report someone online, I just need to get his badge number, which I can easily get next week. And no, not one person helped out. Like I said, they all had ringside seats. I was engrossed in my book so missed the beginning.

So bad though. I dunno that it's par for the course. Maybe, as bostonians are the friendliest. But these were two young boys...being friendly or not ain't an issue.

KenP said...

As to reporting him...

The kids may pull this often and he just got fed up.

Or, he might be having a bad day and acting atypically.

Good deed number two for the day is give him a pass. If there is a next time...

Josie said...

ken, yes I agree. not sure it's right to mess with someone's job. plus i see him most every evening.

bastinptc said...

Proud of you.

Josie said...

Aw, thanks Bastin!

lightning36 said...

Ken P -- a pass? And Josie -- not sure it's right to mess with someone's job?

NO WAY! The driver is a public employee and has a responsibility to ensure the safety of his passengers. Kicking a 13 year-old off the bus and leaving an 11 year-old on it by himself then? For a buck?

Josie -- imagine the kid kicked off the bus was Sugar Bear. What do you think now? How many people would have to hold you back?

Man, these are little kids. I would be up his ass so far he'd think I was Waffles!

Josie said...

Light, I I said I don't know if I should or not. btw you just called me Josie for the first time! Woot!

lightning36 said...

lol -- After calling you for your expert advice this morning I spoke with someone and referred to you as my "second wife."

Sheesh -- maybe Wolfshead is right ... : o )

Josie said...

Heh. Did I not have a great idea for a gift? I have another great idea you know. AC!

Littleacornman said...

Don't worry I hear Wonder Woman changes into a Very Josie outfit these days :-)

lightning36 said...

A new problem with AC is that I might be going to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl -- arriving Feb 5 and departing Feb 8.

Josie said...

<3 acornman....lightning not so much.

SirFWALGMan said...

The bus driver was doing his job. Leave him alone. He could have been a lot more supportive and/or nice.. which would make the world a much better place... having people like you in the world makes it much better too.. However the bus driver was doing his job.

Josie said...

Awww thanks Waffles.

lightning36 said...

"<3 acornman....lightning not so much."

Sorry that in your world being highly thought of by you depends on how much someone kisses your azz. Count me out.

Josie said...

I <3 lightning, IF he goes to AC!

lightning36 said...

Not going to AC. Pretty sure. I will wait to hear final details before I say no for sure.

Josie said...

I can change your mind! *evil grin*

Toofuss said...

Way to go Josie!!! I've read your blog for a long time, but never commented on anything till now. Thank you for taking action to help those boys. AND YES you should report the driver! What if it was YOUR sugar bear?

That is one cold and callous driver to be forcing a 13 year old off the bus,mid ride, for the difference of a buck!! He should be reported. In this day and age, that is just too dangerous. What if something would've happened to the kid while hitchhiking home (how else would a broke kid get home?)

Way to go for taking action!

Josie said...

Yeah Toofuss, it was upsetting to witness.

Thanks for commenting and reading. Come back! (and don't call me Joe C. or Doofus, although it rhymes with Toofuss.)

R. Jacob said...

a very good move. The right thing to do.