Friday, October 28, 2011

Epic Baseball +

What an incredible night for baseball.  One of the most exciting game endings I've ever seen.  Okay I only saw part of the game but I saw the good parts!!!!!

Amazing the St. Louis Cardinals were down to their last strike TWICE but came back to win Game 6 of the World Series.  Both teams played amazingly well each taking turns scoring run after run.  And this is in October, after playing hundreds of games.  David Freese led the Cards' amazing comeback with a well timed triple and  the game winning home run.  OMG What an exciting game.  While I was watching it unfold I was thinking of Mojo and how thrilled he must be.  GG!

As I said I only saw part of the game; the latter part.  I had a busynight.  I stopped at my mother's after work, while Evan was at band practice.  He got home a little before eight and reminded me Nick, the kid next door wanted to come over for homework help again.  Well that's good.  I'm happy to help.

Every week the math teacher gives the kids a take home quiz that's due on Friday, so Nick's been coming over on Thursday night for help.  Evan had to finish writing an essay on Christianity while Nick did his math quiz (yeah with me explaining each one).  We get through it, and at this point it's getting late and I'm tired....and he says his teacher is letting him turn in all the other quizzes he failed tomorrow.  "I'll get full credit for whatever I get right!"


I told him to pull them out and I'd go over them with him.  OMFG.  Four more quizzes.  These, we sped through.  They still took quite a while but we got them done.  As I'm putting them in his homework folder, I see an empty paper where his christianity essay was supposed to be written.  And it's blank.

"Nick, you need to write your essay"

"Oh, um....I did it on a different sheet of paper".

Bull shit!  Of course I didn't say that though.  I did say "I don't believe you.  DO IT!"  We went back and forth a couple times until I insisted and he smiled and said "But I don't want to!".

But he did. 

I can be very persuasive.  So finally.....FINALLY....he was done and I told him to get the hell out (but nicer) and he says "Want to see something funny?"


He shows me a crossword puzzle that was homework from a couple of nights ago.  It turns out the teacher doesn't actually check each word, but goes around the room to see if you've filled it in.  If you did, you get a check mark.  Below is his "completed" crossword puzzle.

Clicky to enlarge to see his answers

He starts laughing and tells me he got full credit for that.  If you look closely you'll see that there aren't even letters on the crossword.  It's all scribbles! And she checked it off as done.  OMFG.  I said 'I'm taking a picture of this!"

To which Evan added "I bet she's going to put it on her blog".  The kid is quick!

As far as the poker front goes......I may be playing both Friday and Saturday night, both being local games.  There's a game at the Saugus Sportsman's Club on Friday night and my league game at Lynne's house on Saturday night. Smallish games but fun.  SSC hasn't had a game in almost a year, so it'll be cool to see all the old guys (and their money) again. 

As far as Lynne on Saturday, she wants people to dress up in Halloween costumes but I don't think so....unless I can come up with something clever and easy.

Now for football......

Below are my picks.  I am using these in my pool, where I'm in 5th place, against Seb where I'm ahead by 4 points, and against Waffles, where I'm behind by....6 points I think.  I freaking LOVE my picks this week and think it's my chance to move up in the league.  Oh and Waffles kiddos are playing too.  His little girl had the best picks last week! (why?  because chicks rule, that's why!)  I'm guessing she'll be less motivated to win this week, because she asked "What do I win?"  Personally, I would've given the kid $5.  Never to early to win a little cash I say!  Alas, I don't think she got diddly.

Josie's Picks
New Orleans 13
Baltimore 12
NY Giants 11
Tennessee 10
Houston 9
San Fran 8
New England 7 (obviously the steelers worry me)
Carolina 6
Cinncy 5
Buffalo 4
Sand Diego 3
Dallas 2 (fuck philly!)
Denver 1

Seb's Picks
Baltimore 13

New Orleans 12
New York 11
San Francisco 10
Houston 9
Tennessee 8
Buffalo 7
San Diego 6
Philadelphia 5
Carolina 4
New England 3
Cincinnati 2
Detroit 1

Our picks are incredibly similar.....yet different enough for me to win.  I think it's funny that we both put our 1 point on the Detroit/Denver game, but on opposite teams.  I agree that Detroit is the slight favorite, but the games being played at Mile High Stadium, which I think is not an insignificant factor.  We'll could go either way.  I think Philly losing to Dallas will be Seb's  undoing.  Hopefully, anyway.  :) 
And of course there's Lucki Duck's pool, where you pick only one winner.  It's going to get interesting very fast because there are only five of us left, and starting this week, you can pick a team only once and then that's it.  So let's say I picked New England this week (I did not) I couldn't choose them again for the rest of the year.  This is where it gets tough and I think the twist will make my opponents drop like flies. *fingers crossed* 

In case you're wondering about the weather in Boston, it's effing freezing and it snowed last night.  Let the misery begin.  I like heat.  Hot heat.  It's never too hot for me.  95 degrees and sunny?  Bring it!  I won't be seeing that kind of weather for a looooooong time though.

Play smart and enjoy your weekend.



Memphis MOJO said...

Amazing ballgame. I admit that I'd given up.

Josie said...

Tonight is the night.

Mikeg5162000 said...

Actually Freese had a triple and a HR. The three-bagger tied the game by drinving in 2 runs with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th. That was one for the ages.

Josie said...

True! Now that you mention it, i remember the triple that drove in two runs.....thanks! I will update. it was late and i was tired!

Wolfshead said...

Fuck Philly? It's a damned long walk from PHL to the Borg

Josie said...

Wolfie, I didn't mean the city, I meant the team. Blah to the eagles.

SirFWALGMan said...

Lemme see ..

Waffles: Josie I implore you to take the Giants
Josie: No way Waffles! You suck! Lick my pussy!
Waffles: Ok. Fine. Stay with NO. I told you though.

You should have listened..

Josie said...

1. omfg you were so right. i should've gone with the giants, but went with what i thought was a sure thing, new orleans. not so. *sob* waffles knows!

2. i don't remember asking you to lick my pussy though....

SirFWALGMan said...

I sometimes hear things weird...

Josie said...

LOL You do have hearing issues. :P