Thursday, September 15, 2011


I'm getting worried panic stricken nervous about this tournament at the Borgata.  As I was thinking about how difficult this tournament is going to be, the following song starting singing in my ear (courtesy of Goldie)

The rope that's wrapped around me
Is cutting through my skin
And the doubts that have surrounded me
Are finding their way in
I keep it close to me
Like a holy man prays
In my desperate hour
It's better, better that way
I've crept into your temple (casino)
I have slept upon your pew
I've dreamed of the divinity
Inside and out of you
I want it more than truth
I can taste it on my breath
I would give my life just for a little death

I'm sure Ms. Melissa Etheridge was talking about some hot woman, but the song speaks volumes to me about my feelings of this tournament.  I do want it more than truth and yes, I can taste it, but the doubts...

Is my competition a better class of player because it's a WPT event?  Am I in over my head?

I think these peeps will be a bit better than I'm used to but I'm NOT over my head dammit! And maybe, just maybe, they aren't used to the likes of me.

I plan on changing up my play: tight, aggressive, tight.  And since they don't know me I also plan on appearing weak and helpless, which is the perfect trap.  In the beginning anyway.  The weak image never seems to last long.

The other thing bothering me.....the back to back trips.  When I booked the second trip, it looked like a fine idea on the calendar, but in reality it was dumb.  I have to pack tonight because tomorrow I leave for my goddesses weekend.  I get home late Sunday afternoon and then leave for AC Monday morning.  This means last minute packing Sunday night.

I have so much stuff to get done before I go too!  Want to see my to do list, which is sitting on my desk?

To Do
1. Get hair done. (that's tonight)
2. Get nails done.  (I may have to do this Sunday afternoon when I get home)
3. Eyebrows waxed.  (ouch!)
4. Buy new book for flight. (worst case, I can get one at the airport)
5. Buy juice, booze and food for girls weekend.
6. Submit football picks for my league.
7. Submit football pick for Lucki Duck's contest.
8. Buy something for each Goddess. (I thought it would be nice if I got everyone matching bracelets or something but I'm running out of time! Anyone have any other ideas?)
9. Download some new songs from Itunes, including "I'm a Bitch" by Meredith Brooks.
10. Write note for Evan. (Done!)
11. Laundry
12. Pack
13. Pack again for second trip.

Once I get everything done I expect to feel less anxious and more like my old know a legend in my own mind...which is the perfect attitude with which to win a tournament.  Besides, I have to do it for Wolfie.  Believe me, you wouldn't want to be Wolfie, giving me an hour long ride to the airport, if I lose. 

Hell, I was no cup of tea on the ride home from Foxwoods, the day after I won.  Just ask my sister!

I will.....

Play smart.  That's really all I can do....besides win.



PokahDave said...

Good Luck JoC!!!!

Josie said...

Thanks baby! xoxo

lightning36 said...

While your upbeat attitude is generally admirable, sometimes I think you sound a little optimistic in your expectations. Although you clearly know what to do in tournaments, there are so many things beyond your control that can go wrong and derail your efforts, thus the idea of not being results oriented.

Personally, I would be most concerned about your not being properly prepared physically and mentally because of your goddesses weekend.

Have fun and gl with both! Give Wolfie a ... uh ... handshake for me. : o )

R. Jacob said...

you forgot
number 14
kiss and hug for good luck!

Josie said...

@ray, thanks sweetie! xoxo

@lightning, your comment scares me. In fact I'm pouting as I type this.

re: attitude - I go in believing I will crush everyone, that's just the way I am....USUALLY. And yeah, I know there are factors I can't control, but maybe I can avoid them!

You have a good point about the goddeses weekend. I'm going to try to get alot of rest during the prolly not likely.

SirFWALGMan said...

You are way the fuck above your head... WAYYY ABOVE! Here is the thing though. Once upon a time someone threw you in the fucking water and you learned to swim. Least if they were good people. So this is the same thing. You get thrown in a little over your head. Pop up. Grasp some breaths. Learn a little. Figure it out. In a few weeks/days/months/years you are swimming right next to all these hot shots and laughing all the way to the bank..

The other fact here is that while poker is about skill and knowing how to play... it also has a nice luck component so on any day any fucktard like Jerry Yang can win. So you have a shot to take it all down EVEN IF you are in over your head.

So go fuck some dickhead semi-pro wannabe up the ass with your strap-on and have a good time. Enjoy yourself. Watch. Talk. Chat. Learn. Have fun. Do the best you can.

Keep a good attitude. That is one of your best strengths in Tourneys. Good vibes do attract good things. Best of luck to you!

Josie said...

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I think there's some good advice in there.

Memphis MOJO said...

Relax - you'll do fine.

Josie said...

Thank you Mojo - I owe you a kiss for that. Why can't everyone else be as nice as you?

The Neophyte said...

Play your game, don't worry about the other guy, and be tough. You'll do fine.