Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sox and Poker Baby! It's really all about poker.

Stayin' Alive!


The Red Sox won last night, 8-7.  We are still in it to win it.  Cbip and a chair I always say.

Tampa Bay won too though, so that means they are still tied with the sox.  Tonight is the last game of regular season so the Red Sox must win tonight to stay in it.  If the Red Sox win and TB loses the sox have secured the wild card spot, and the reverse is true if TB wins and the sox lose.  If they both win they'll play one play off game in FL on Thursday afternoon for all the beans.  The Boston beans that is.

The hero of last night's game was......crap, I forget his name.  He's our new rookie catcher who just got called up because both Varitek and Saltalamacchia (I'm sure I've spelled his name wrong - no need to comment about it!) are on the DL.

The rookie hit his first (and second) major league homerun last night. As it was a one run win, we certainly needed both.  Mr. Rookie has very good timing indeed.  I suppose I really should look up our unlikely hero's name.  BRB.

Ryan Lavarnway!  Thank you young man for keeping the faith alive!

Thank you to all of you that provided input about giving my blog a new look.  I agree that the examples weren't on the money and I've decided to take Whispering Writer's advice.  If I'm going to make a change I will do it right and pay someone to do it for me.   Some things are worth paying for....especially if I can get it made to my specifications.  I've decided to leave the blog as is for the rest of the year and make getting a new blog my New Year's resolution.

Speaking of New Year's resolutions......

As a sort of resolution, my goal for 2011 was to get $50,000 in poker winnings for the year.  No, I'm not even close but there is still one quarter of 2011 left!  And to that end, I have some news to announce that may be disappointing to some. 

It's about Vegas and December and the WPBT.  :(  I've been thinkin'.....

Nothing's set in stone yet and I know I've been telling people who ask that I'm going, but!

I went last year and had an absolute blast meeting everyone.  It was awesome - like coming home to family that I just hadn't happened to meet before.  It was that great.  But here's the thing....

....even last year.....everyone was there to party and have a good time as they should, but I......I was in Vegas and wanted to play a big high stakes tournament.  The problem was the timing.  At that particular time there were no big tourneys going on IN LAS VEGAS.  I did play a tourney (where I ended up the bubble fml) at the Venetian but it wasn't anything significant.

My point is if I'm going to Las Freakin' Vegas, I think I'd rather go when I could play in an event I've only dreamed about.  (yes I said 'dreamed about'. I am a nerd.)   I have only three months to meet my goal for 2011!

The problem is there is almost nothing more I'd like than to hang out with Lightning in person (once again, yes I am a nerd) so I am torn.  Torn between a weekend of seeing friendsI'd only get to see once a year while partying like a rock star and....

This event is running at the Venetian in Las Vegas from October 10th to November 1st.  My gut is telling me that if I'm travelling all the way across the USofA I should do it when I have the opportunity to play in a tournament I've never played in before.

Truly I'm on the horns of a dilemma.  I wouldn't be able to affort both trips.....unless the first one was extremely lucrative of course.  Plus if I was available the first week of December I could play in a WSP event in Atlantic City - at least that's what Wolfie told me.  Obv Wolfie is now sick of me and looking for reasons to keep me out of Vegas.  Hmfph.

But before all of that, I'm going to play in one of the World Poker Tour Finals at Foxwoods.  SEE SCHEDULE.

I guess I'll take it week by week for now until a decision has to be made but my rough outline for achieving my 2011 goal is.

Foxwoods WPT Finals in Oct.
Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza in latter half of Oct.
WSP Event in AC (Harrah's I think) 1st week of Dec.

I have to.

I believe I can do it so I must try.  This is the first year I've ever SERIOUSLY made an attempt at a big tourney.  So why now you ask?

Funny, I asked myself the same question.  Is it because I'm getting old - now or never?  Heck no!  I truly believe this is the year because of......

.....lack of online poker.

I think online poker made me a placated sheep, satisfied with staying up too late and clicking my mouse.  When that was taken away I found my way back to my first love.  Live action baby!  That's where I've always had the best results anyway.  With the instant gratifcation of Full Tilt taken out of the equation we are back to basics and I like it.

I still haven't played a big tourney since my win at Foxwoods and I'm ready.  More than ready.  But do I sacrifice a once a year opportunity to see dear dear friends?  I dunno.

Poker Grump better be available at the end of October.  I owe him a knuckle sandwich for what he did to me last year!

Play smart.



lightning36 said...

What -- no link?

I am sure you'll do what you think is best for you.

Maybe I am just jaded to some degree about Las Vegas because of all my trips there, but I played in the V's Deep Stack series once. It was okay -- but no different than playing in any other good tournament, imo.

I will be venturing into tournament mode one week from today -- WSOP Circuit Event.

Josie said...

Link this!

Gl GL GL I always thought you should play more seriously and more tourneys for that matter.

I will think on the whole shebang.

KenP said...

Cbip and a chair I always say.

That is evidently easy for you to always say. You must be the only expert on CBIB around.

Josie said...

Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the nursing home bed, eh ken? :)

Memphis MOJO said...

The Red Sox won last night, 8-7. We are still in it to win it.

The Sox are sure making it exciting!

I like your plan to play one (or more) big tourneys. Go for it!

Josie said...

Mojo TY. Go for it, I will.

suitedaces said...

Do any airlines fly there?

Josie said...

To A/C?

Yes and no. Plenty fly into Philly and charters fly to AC.

astrobel said...

I thought the Venetian DSS was in November ...

Josie said...

OMFG Astrobel! TY! You are correct sir!

astrobel said...

Your welcome Josie :-)
I'll be there from the 4th to the 19th so Big muffin + half a pound of butter + bacon could be on me LOL

Josie said...

You know I THOUGHT that was the case, but I'd been reading so many schedules....

....and you'll be there....very cool.

I hope by "muffin and bacon" you really mean booze! ;)