Thursday, September 29, 2011

One More Try

I just sent the email below to Mr. Stan Strickland who is The Borgata's Director of Poker Operations.

Mr. Strickland,

I am a poker player. I've played and had success at Foxwoods and various casinos in Las Vegas and was looking forward to my debut at Borgata during your WPT events that took place a couple of weeks ago. It's over now, but I need someone from The Borgata to understand the frustrations that I had.

I took time off of work and flew into AC for the event only to find out that I could not get a Borgata players card therefore I could not play any poker PERIOD exept for some small action at Harrah's.

I got the run around from the my borgata staff and even got hung up on by a manager at my borgata when I attempted again to figure out a way for me to play in this event that I was so looking forward to.

The issue? My Commonwealth of Massachusetts non-driver's license. It was the older kind that did not have an expiration date. As there was NO expiration date I had no idea that the borgata was no longer accepting it as a valid ID. It is accepted everywhere else including THE AIRPORT and the TSA. What I wanted was for someone to work with me and accept a varied form of IDs even multiple ones, but no one had time for me and I was treated very rudely. Quite unacceptable might I add.

I write an online poker blog and wrote about the incident here:

Note the title: I am a Borg-hatah!!!

Sir, I would like someone at your establishment to respond to me. I couldn't get any customer service in person, nor via the telephone so I'm hoping perhaps an email will give me some satisfying results.

I've played in a lot of casinos and have never received such shabby customer service.

I've since got a new Massachuseets nondrivers license and wonder how Borgata can right their wrong. My first thought was that I'd never step foot in your establishment but as I live on the East Coast I would like a chance to play in the best poker room on said coast. Would you like the chance to make me a happy customer?

What can you do to right the wrong?

I anxiously await your response.


Josie C*****


SirFWALGMan said...

gl Josie. Know what is really funny. I may be wrong here but I assume the reason the Borg needs a valid ID is so they can tell your old enough to play? Now, while all the old guys on the site will tell you that you do not look a day over 17... I think the Borg could figure out that you actually are slightly over 21.

lightning36 said...

Nice e-mail. I like it . I look forward to hearing the response.

Wildcat Fan said...

I expect this will be a waste of time. An E-mail to Caesars has never worked for me. But I hope you prove me wrong.

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice letter.

Josie said...

Well guys, The I'm a Borg-hata post got a hit from borgata nj like a half hr after I sent that email so I know it was received and read. However, I have not received a response yet.

Waffles how dare you call me old! :P Reminds me of being called old the other day....perhaps I should tell about THAT bit of fun.