Friday, September 2, 2011

Mama Mia!

Very Josie's Very Mama

Today is my mother's birthday.

The big 7-0.

Ma is sitting in blue in the picture above, taken 11 years ago at Sugar Bear's 2nd birthday.  Isn't he the cutest thing EVAR btw? 

Anyway, today is her big birthday and seeing as I just won a bit of moolah at Foxwoods I wanted to get her something extra special. 

"Ma, what can I get you for your birthday?  What do you need?"

"Nothing!  Don't go spenda your money!  You love to spend it.  I should hold if for you.  I'll keep the money nice and flat in my wallet".

"Come on, you know I'm going to buy you a present anyway, it may as well be something you want!"



"I really want....if it's not too much trouble....."


"A tablecloth.  A vinyl one.  Don't you get me a cloth one.  Vinyl's a better."

"Okay........what else?  I'm not getting you a plastic tablecloth for your birthday.  I'm not that cheap!"  (btw I did.  and it cost $5.49 but don't tell her)

"No, that's it!  And um, I guess I could use a new nightgown in case I have to go to the hospital.  Good to have."

'Ma, you're not sick.  Why would you go to the hospital?"

"You never know!  Just in case....I like to get things ready."

Yes she does!  If she's going out, she's usually ready a couple of hours before it's time to go.  She just doesn't understand why my sister and I are chronically late.  But I won't be late today.  Not on Ma's birthday! 

And I'm bringing her favorite stinky food.  Sicilian anchovies/sarde...

They are sooooo gross, you have no idea.  They' packed in salty fishy crud and smell to high heaven.  And they cost about $20 per lb.  The only place around here that you can get them is the North End of Boston....coincidentally right near my office!

I'll be bringing them home on the bus today and no matter how many times they wrap them, the stink still seeps through.  Should be a fun bus ride.  :(



SirFWALGMan said...

Happay birthday maahhmaaa from da Waffles!

Josie said...

LOL I'll pass that onto her! Let's she if she remembers "da Waffle".

lightning36 said...

Ohhh ... we need to share an anchovy pizza!

Compleanno felice, Mama!

Josie said...

Ewww! Talk about ruining a pizza, and yes that's my mother's favorite.

I'll pass on your wishes!

PokahDave said...

I used to hate anchovies on pizza...until I tried's awesome....

PokahDave said...

oh happy birthday to big mama too!

Memphis MOJO said...

70 isn't that old, take it from me! (lol) Happy birthday to mama.

Wolfshead said...

Hate to say it but for once I agree with VJ, no worse way to ruin a pizza except for maybe broccoli. Actually anchovy worse because you put just one on anywhere they are so oily the taste spreads thru the whole thing.

BTW, the one in blue? Looks awful young to be your ma and when did the make blond Sicilians?

Tell her happy birthday.

Josie said...


Yes, anchovy IS the worst because of what you said. even if you take the fishie off the pizza (and I have) the whole fucking thing still tastes like crud...salty crud.

Mom is the one sitting down btw. maybe she looks young because that was 11 years ago when she was 59-60 yrs old. And yes she has light hair and blue eyes - my sister looks exactly like her and I look nothing like either of them.

Alot of sicilians have blonde hair btw - and alot of others have a middle eastern look to them. I think I got the latter.

lightning36 said...

I wanna know if they all have one big eye like you.

Josie said...

I'll give you one big eye; one big BLACK EYE. :)

R. Jacob said...

At least in that picture, your mom is quite the babe!

Happy Birthday!

R. Jacob said...

Did that come out right?

Josie said...

lol yes it did!