Wednesday, September 14, 2011


"What are you doing tonight?"

My boss came up to me when I was working yesterday and asked me that. 

"What are you doing tonight?" 


That's a loaded question!  Truly, I spend enough time with this guy five days per week, but I like to know what I'm turning down before I decline.  I said "Nothing.....why?"

Why?  Because he had one extra ticket to Tuesday night's Red Sox game.  He knows I'm a huge Wakefield fan and Wake was pitching. It was another attempt to get his 200th career win. 

A very tempting offer because....

A.  Wake was pitching, and I'd love to be there for his milestone.
B.  All tickets from work are free!
C.  It was a single seat a few rows over from where the boss would be sitting.  I wouldn't even have to sit with  him.  (big bonus)

Yet I declined because I'm going on my girls weekend Friday-Sunday and then Atlantic City Monday-Wednesday.  I'm going to be away for long enough so I thought I'd get my ass home at my normal time tonight.  Besides, what are the odds that Wake would do it tonight?

Pretty frigging good!

The sox got a much needed win, an 18-6 win might I add, and Wake hit his milestone!  :)  Even though I missed the chance to witness it live, it still makes me happy in my pants.  I woke up early and flicked to ESPN to see if there was any mention of the milestone.  Well there was mention of a milestone alright, but not Wake's.  It seems that Mariano Rivera also reached a milestone on Tuesday.  He got his 600th career save.  Yeah, that's right....600.  Holy crap!

I can't fucking stand the Yankees.  The players, the organization, the owner;  the whole shebang sucks.  THEY SUCK.  I'm saying this to emphasize a point.  Even though I am biased in a baaaad way about the yankees I have alot of respect and admiration for Rivera.  He's a class act through and through.  He doesn't even seem like a yankee.  He seems like a guy who loves what he does, and he happens to do it for New York (those lucky bastards).

Both Rivera and Joe Torre are two guys that you'll never hear me speak ill of.  The rest can kiss my Italian ass.  Yankees Suck and Jeter Swallows! 

Did I ever tell you about the time I wore my "Yankees suck" t-shirt to a rival game at Fenway?  It was a hot sunny summer day and I was anxiously waiting in line to get into Yawkey Way.  I handed my ticket to the guy at the turnstyle who told me no, I couldn't get in wearing that t-shirt.

"This is Friendly Fenway.  Those tshirts aren't allowed in anymore."

I couldn't believe it!  What was I supposed to do?  He told me to buy one of the overpriced tshirts that were for sale all around us.


Then he told me if I wore the tshirt inside out he'd let me in.  OMFG.  I stepped aside, and did the world's quickest change!  Took it off, turned it inside out and it was back on in less than a minute.  Apparently stripping is okay at Friendly Fenway.   When I got into the park I saw plenty of YANKEES SUCK shirts all around, so I went to the ladies room and rectified the situation.

~~~~~~~~~~IMPORTANT NEWS BULLETIN~~~~~~~~~~
My IPod works!!!

Apparently all it needed was some male hands stroking it and it came to life.  I guess this means Goldie is gay.  I can't tell you how happy that makes me! I have a new gay friend and I can hear all the music I want.  The sound is great and it's so sleek and light.  On the way in I had it clipped to my blouse with no problems.  It's that light.  This may not seem like news to all you techy people but it seems amazing to me.

5 days to Atlantic City!

Play smart.



lightning36 said...

Somebody needs some obviously ...

Josie said...

LOL Hmmmm I wonder who?

Paul said...

Glad your Ipod is working now!
I am so pissed that you are Italian and a Red Sox

I am also Italian but I am a New Yorker so yes you probably hate me because I am a Yankee fan. I hope not though....

I am not a loud mouth Yankee fan but I love my team.

Also, no I never met you but I found your blog through Poker Grump and have never met him either!

Good Luck in A/C Josie!

Josie said...

Thank you Paul! I can understand standing by your team, even if it is the yankees. I bet I can convert you to a sox fan tho.

Still thinking I should have gotten the nano btw. maybe when I win in A/C! *fingers crossed*

I've met Poker Grump - sweet man who steam rolled me in the WPBT tourney last year, and as you know I'm Italian - I'll be getting my revenge. *evil grin*

Thanks for reading!