Thursday, September 1, 2011

Full Dark, No Stars (and no poker)

I just finished a gruesome collection of short stories by Stephen King called Full Dark, No Stars.  It was excellent! I am not a horror movie kind of girl, but Stephen King has a way of taking every day people in every day lives and adds the twist of creepiness that makes the story enthralling.

In the book there are five short stories which are not all that short.  The first one is 130 pages.  Below is a short blurb about each one.

This is about a farmer named Wilf.  An honest hardworking man but things go awry when his wife inherits 100 acres of land next to his.  She wants to sell them for a good price to a hog butchery but if she does the butchery will poison the water Wilf's farm relies on.  So he decides to kill her with the help of his 14 yr old son.  He talks the son into it, slashes her with a machete and dumps her in a well.  Here comes the creepy Stephen King twist! The rats that eat her become her servants and follow Wilf everywhere, eventually eating him to death.  Oh and the son, for whom he was saving his farm?  The son gets his gf preggers, becomes a bank robber and eventually commits suicide.  Not the happiest of endings.

This guy BIG DRIVER, sets traps by throwing pieces of nail laden wood in road until a woman gets a flat tire, like our hero.  Then he came along to help change her tire and instead raped her, thought he killed her and dumps her body in a drain.  She gets revenge when she noodles out that it was his mother that told her to take this particular road.  So she kills the mother, BIG DRIVER and the brother to boot.  (he was also in on it)  This story is UBEER creepy.

Classic Stephen King!  Our hero has cancer and there's this guy (with pointy teeth) on the side of the road offering extensions for whatever you want.  "If you were a young woman with a love of shopping, I'd offer you a credit extension.  If you were a man with a small penis -genetics can be so cruel- I'd offer you a dick extension."  As the guy has cancer, he gets a life extension.  15 years of a life extension.  For this he must pay 15% of his salary every year that he lives.  Oh and he has to "give the badness to someone else."  (of course he does, right?)  He picks his childhood friend who is living the life of Riley.  Misery ensues.

This woman finds out that her awesome hubby of twenty years is a serial killer.  A frigging creepy, kookoo for cocoa puffs serial killer.  So she kills the bastard. 

Update:  The book I purchased was a good ole book with pages that you have to turn.  When I recently had a big win I was thinking of purchasing *gasp* a kindle, that which I've been coveting for the past year or so.  I look at them in other commuters hands on the way to work, the way a man gazes longingly at Angelina Jolie. seems like such an extravagance.....maybe after my big win at Atlantic City!

Oh and Duggle Bogey....RED SOX ROCK!  They kicked Yankee ass last night 9-5.  3 homers baby!  Ortiz, Ellsbury and Varitek.  Wheeeeee


SirFWALGMan said...

Dude, you just blew 500 bucks at Foxwoods.. Buy yourself a kindle for christ sakes. Need to have some fun with that 4K.

Josie said...

I know. :( If I didn't lose that money, I could do it....

PokahDave said...

You lost all 4k at foxwoods? what happened?

Josie said...

No! I lost $500 on a return trip to Foxwoods. I played two tourneys and lost them bouth and I also lost $200 at the cash game - which was really stupid.

Anonymous said...


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The Neophyte said...

Steven King writes great short stories/novellas and they become some of the best movies out there. Check out Skeleton Crew if you've never read it - the first story in there is The Mist and it's killer. Also if you haven't read Four Seasons you need to pick it up. 4 novellas, 3 of which became big movies (Stand By Me, Apt Pupil, and The Shawshank Redemption). I generally like his shorter stuff more than his books but no matter, the man can write. Get an ereader of some kind, I love mine.

Josie said...

Of course I've read Skeleton Crew and Four Seasons. Apt Pupil - very disturbing but fascinnating, huh?

I've also read his collection called The Bachman Books - frigging awesome...and........

The Gungslinger Series - Have you read that? Roland and his Quest for the Dark Tower! He reaches the Dark Tower in the last book of the series - unbelievable ending!

HighOnPoker said...

The title of that book sounds like the current status of online poker.
Full (Tilt is) Dark, No (Poker) Stars.

Josie said...

Ha! You're right. I never thought of that!