Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mornings Stink

I'm in mourning today.

I thought about...

Leaving but I couldn’t even get outta bed
I’m hangin’ cause I couldn’t get a ride outta town
Now anyone who really wanted me to be down
Come ’round!

Thought about...

Singin’ but I couldn’t remember all of the words
Breakin’ but I couldn’t get the pieces apart
Laughin’ never knowing what the joke was about
Now I’m down!

That joke would be the Boston Red Sox.  :(

All week long I've had the worst starts to my day.  Lemme 'splain.

Tuesday Morning:  Normally, I get off my bus in the morning directly across the street from my building but Tuesday I decided to ride all the way to the T Station.  There's a Dunkin Donuts at the T Station and um, I run on Dunkin'.  I don't do it too often because it eats up about 20 minutes of my morning what with the extended commute and all but Tuesday I did!  I got my coveted "Medium iced coffee with milk no sugar please!".  The way to a woman's heart is with that particular drink, not flowers. 

I have my ipod in place and I'm hoofing it to work, then waiting for the light to turn so I could cross the street to my building, when I drop the whole damn thing.  In an instant it was lying at my feet with coffee and ice cubes hemorhaging from it.  Noooooo!!! I hadn't even had a sip yet!  And I paid for it.  I went into my office defeated and resigned to drinking office coffee for the morning.

Wednesday morning:  I got the very very early bus as I had a lot of items on my to do list.  I always like to be well prepared even though others in this office do not have the same work ethic.  Whatev.  The office actually opens at 8:30am but I got there at 7:10am.  Only.....I couldn't find my office keys to get in!  WTF!  Right behind the office is Mangia Mangia, a little whole in the wall I've given business to for the past decade, but never in the morning.  I'm always busy in the morning!  Today I decide I'll go in there and have a cuppa coffee while I wait for someone else to get to work early.  So I go in and the brothers "Joey and Johnny" are shocked to see me.

Johnny:  Whaddaya doin here Jo?

VJ:  Can I get a cuppa coffee?  I forgot my office keys so I'm going to wait till someone else gets in.

Johnny: Jo, have some breakfast.  You gotta have some eggs and my hash.

VJ: No thanks Johnny, just the coffee.

Johnny:  Jo!  Come on!  You don't want breakfast???

VJ:  Okay how bout a blueberry muffin with the coffee?  Thanks Johnny.

Johnny:  Just let me grill that up.....

VJ: No! Just as is Johnny!  (it has enough calorice without being grilled)

Five minutes later it arrives, not only grilled, but with about a half lb of butter melting on top for good measure.  Oh and with a side of bacon.  Obv.

Johnny: Hope you like that Jo!  Have a good breakfast for once!

VJ: Um thanks.....

Johnny:  Where'd you leave your keys?

VJ:  Either at home or on my desk - your guess is as good as mine.

I start eating the bacon.  It actually looks healthier than the muffin!

Johnny:  You left them on your desk.  Isn't Santos or Pedro already there?  Why don't you ask them to unlock your office?

VJ:  Johnny you're a genius!

I grab my half cup of coffee and start to head for the door.

Johnny:  You want a lid for that coffee Jo? No?  I'm gonna top off that coffee and so yeah, get over here and get a lid.

I was in a rush to get to Pedro and Santos the two guys that maintain the bldg.  Of course they have a key!

Except they weren't there when I got there.  Pedro's wife said they were at the other building.  "Big problems".  I told her that was fine.  I'd left my office keys at home and could she open the door and let me in?

"Oh, I get big trouble for that".

"Alejandra, it's just me.  You know me!"

"Oh, I call Pedro.  I can no do this for you".

In the end I snuck in and she never had to open the door for me.  Snuck in barely in time to get my work done.

Thursday morning:  This morning was the real killer.  I woke up from a dead sleep at 3:30am because of a major pain in my knee and noticed I"d left the TV on.  On NESN.  The pain in my knee was really bad which means I had to get up to walk it off, but my foggy mind was on the TV.  There was an informercial playing on seems I'd fallen asleep before the end of the sox game.  Last thing I remembered the rain delay was finally over and the game was starting back.....sox winning 3-2......I slept through the rest.

Instead of getting up and dealing with the knee pain, I fumbled for the remote to change the channel.  The sox score had to be somewhere!

I came upon the Rays celebrating: jumping up and down in a pile on the field.  My first thought was that they were celebrating overly much for a tie.  My second thought was..........."OMFG, what if they aren't celebrating a tie?!?"

How could that be?  The Yankees where winning 7-0 for goodness sake!

I still don't understand how so many things could go so wrong.  How the sox pitching would tank; all of it.  The starting pitcher, Lester!  Middle relief and eveb Paps!  The base running sucked, the fielding sucked.  Carl baby, wtf was going on?  How bout the Yankees blowing that lead because they were saving there starting players as well as their pitching for a game that meant something to them.


As the song above says: Now anyone who really wanted me to be down Come ’round!

I am down.  And in shock. Not even the joy of this being a jewish holiday (all the bosses are out today!) is helping.

No more sox till April 2012.



Memphis MOJO said...

I'm sorry about the Sox - I was watching the game and rooting for them. They are my 2nd fav team after the SL Cardinals, speaking of which they squeaked in after Atlanta choked.

I have a ticket to next Tuesday's game in SL!! Go MOJO!

Josie said...

Wow nice ticket mojo! Go Mojo indeed!