Thursday, September 22, 2011

Salt in the Wound

As you can imagine I was completely devastated to find out that I couldn't play in my first WPT event after flying down to AC.  Worse I found myself stuck there midweek with no big juicy tournaments to play.  I mean the largest ones were $100 buyins.

Worst still was being out of work for three days.  I usually don't take more than one day off at a time but I juggled meetings and committments to make it work. That coupled with the fact that I'd been away for the weekend prior to the AC trip so I spent like 6 days away from my Sugar Bear - which I totally would not have done for a $100 tourney obv.

The supreme waste of time was the most upsetting.

Till now.

I received this email that pretty much rubbed salt in my gaping wound.  Wanna see it? *never* even got to play at the borgata?????? you flew down to atlantic city to sit in crappy harrahs and play poker for a few days? that is unreal. please tell me that isnt true.

When I first read that my thought was....forgive me but it was....."I will cut his balls off and wear them for earrings".  Okay so I'm a little hot-headed.
He can't help it if he has no empathy....he's a lawyer!


SirFWALGMan said...

Hoyazo has no tact.

Josie said...

That's a nice way of putting it!

I was having some "intrusive thoughts" about him.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Btw your poor earlobes could not support those earrings you are talking about.

lightning36 said...

Which one of you three is Curly?

PokahDave said...

due to Steroid use his balls have shriveled to pea sized pearls like JC Romero (the hero of his Phillies World Series winning team who won 2 games in that series).

Josie said...


Dave you're awesome. Easily the best comment in recent memory.