Friday, September 16, 2011

OMFG It's Friday Already

Shabat Shalom my brothers!

It's Friday and I'm leaving work early to get my party on.  Weekend with the girls starts at 4pm today!  If you'd like to read about last year's goddesses weekend, you can check out THIS POST.  All the girls will be going again, except Kathy, whose sweet sweet mother is in the last stages of cancer.  :( 

What we usually do both nights after dinner is play board games and watch ME get drunk.  Kathy and I are the only ones who will drink more than one drink and since she's not going I will have to have a drink or three for her.  The other girls will have ONE creamsicle *gag* and that's it.  Last year Kathy snuck a little extra vodka into the creamsicles just to get the party started but she was busted!!!!

Because of my big win at Foxwoods, the girls have demanded ice cream on me Saturday night.  I'll take pics!

Anyway, the real story here is my big tourney at the Borgata on Tuesday.  Can't frigging wait.  I'm still feeling nervous though.  I'll be posting once more (most likely asking for your prayers) on Sunday night and then I'm off.  CAN. NOT. WAIT. 

1. I'm still alive in Lucki Duck's contest.  Yay me!
2. I'm in 2nd place in my league and just finished my 16 picks for the week, and they're gold!  Pure gold.
3. SOMEONE STUPID wants to put his picks up against mine for week 2.  Winner take all.  I don't know what "winner take all" means exactly but if THIS GUY wants to embarrass himself, who am I to say no?  I suggested that if he wants to beat me at a game, not to choose football or poker for that matter.

Oh my god, I have sooo much work to do before I leave early today.  I have officially overextended myself.

Final thoughts - I'm going to win that tournament.  I am. All I need is to chip up early so I have some money to play with.  If that should happen there will be NO stopping me.  I won't have my laptop with me but Wolfie will.  I'll see if I can convince him to be my roving reporter and update my status on his site.  Hopefully there will be something interesting to update about.

Play smart, like me.



SirFWALGMan said...

GL VJ! I am going to post my picks so don't cheat and peek. LOL.

Josie said...

Awesome! I won't peek and I'll post my picks too!

Lucki Duck said...

Be sure to e-mail your pick brfore you leave VJ. You don't want to get "toe tagged" because you didn't get it in.

Have fun this weekend and GOOD LUCK! at the Borgata!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

There's nothing like a girls' weekend--have a great time! Sending prayers to Kathy's mother.

Shabat shalom to you, too! (You know I'm a Jew lover.) XOXO