Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goodbye Old Friend

I'm going to miss you!
(actress portraying Very Josie)

You've been my buddy for years.  You were there to entertain me whenever I rode the bus during rush hour as well as those rare times when I exercised.  And let's not forget all those poker games we played together.  You were wonderful.  Even after you got on in years, I never once thought about turning you in for a new model.  So what if those newer models had fancy buttons and pictures and bigger memory.  They weren't you!


I'm talking about my Creative Zen mp3 player which has been with me through thick and thin (mostly thick) for over a decade.  A decade people!

My Buddy

When I got this bad boy as a gift 11-12 years ago he was the hottest thing evar!  Unfortunately, everything gets old.  At first the case broke.  Then when I was in Vegas I stupidly decided to charge it next to my hair straightener.  I woke up to find the screen half melted....yet it still worked!  So what if I couldn't read the title of the songs!  And then, the clip broke, which is not too surprising after a decade of use.  Did I really need to clip it to my person?  Nah....I just kept using it anyway.  I never once thought about replacing it.

Till this weekend.

It just wouldn't start working after being charged for two straight days.  I saw a half melted message that said "rebuilding library" but it never recovered.  I had to break down and get "something".

This frightened me.

I have my big tourney next week and with no music buddy, I'd be toast.  Keep in mind two big factors:

1.  I don't know crap about ipods or anything electronic.

2. I'm cheap.

Soooo the simplest and least expensive thingy I could find was an Ipod shuffle and they come in GOLD!  It would match my jewelry!  Maybe this wouldn't be as bad as I thought.

See how cute?  This is my new baby!

It's a newer and much more petite model than I'm used to.  I took my time....put on my reading glasses and read all the instructions.  I signed up for Itunes. (very impressive, eh?) Then I figured out how to download all my cds onto it!  I even bought myself an itunes giftcard so I could get new songs!  And then, *gasp* I bought two new songs and synched them to the Ipod!  Me!!!

I did that!

And I brought Goldie out for his inaugural bus ride this morning.

I excitedly plugged the airbuds into his shiny golden self.  btw he's about the size of a dove chocolate, yet he holds 500 songs!

I got on the bus, and pushed the little button and..............


Fucking nothing.

I dunno what happened!  I know all the songs are in his belly but he ain't singing.  WTF  This means I need Evan's friend Shane to come over and help me.  He has one of these shuffle thingys.  God I hate electronics.

*sigh* Worst case scenario I can return it, chock full of my songs, but I don't want to!  I want it to do what it's supposed to do!




lightning36 said...

I have still never had an mp3 player. It always seemed to me that it would take so long just to put everything I wanted on it.

In the car I am addicted to sports radio shows and oldies stations. I guess I don't seem obsessed with constantly listening to music, especially at the poker table.

Josie said...

I'm telling you, you should try it and you'll love it. I feel music drives out the boredom of tossing hands away. And besides, you can get am/fm on mp3 players too!

KenP said...

If you ever need to look for Josie's house, it is easy.

It is the one with the gas lights.

Josie said...

LOL I bet you remember those days with gas lighting! :)

Paul said...

Josie I know this isnt what you want to hear but you should have bought the Ipod Nano.....

I know it is more expensive but you play poker dont ya?

Save a tourney buy-in and buy a Nano.....it holds way more than the shuffle and displays the songs, album covers, pictures, etc...

It is also the same exact size as the shuffle.

Josie said...

Paul, forgive me because I don't know you but OMFG, I almost bought a nano!

I couldn't decide between the two....I saw that the nano held more songs PLUS the nano had a pedometer in it! I'd totally use that.

But in the end it was $50 vs $150....see #2 of my post - I am cheap. I didn't know if the nano was worth 3 times the price of the shuffle....so i got the shuffle.

And even as I did that I kept in mind....it's returnable - if I win in AC I should return the shuffle and get the nano.

Anyway, yes paul, you're right. Sheesh I don't get to type that sentence too often on this blog. :)

Wolfshead said...

Never bought an Ipod in my life and never would. used Rios early on but switched to using my cell phone with my last phone. Why carry an extra piece of equipment around when there is a music player built in to something I'm already carrying. Also the phone streams bluetooth which means no cord between it and my head piece, something that even the Iphone didn't have and still may not for all I know. No cord was great in the gym where it always seemed to get tangled on the weight machine handles or bars.

Josie said...

Wolfie, my cell phone doesn't have all that crapola on it! I'm lucky it doesn't have a rotary dial!

KenP said...

Age is an accomplishment. Being a Luddite is sloth.

Josie said...

That would make me an accomplished sloth?

KenP said...

Possibly. But that doesn't mitigate the odor. On the good side, you've only three toes to paint.

Josie said...


KenP said...

LOL, you don't know how to edit so you deleted your post and my reply to your post is ahead. Luddite!

R. Jacob said...

I have one and it works fine. Mine is silver so we don't mix them up by mistake! lol

Josie said...

Darn, mine won't work. Can we trade? :) Mine's new!

Stacy said...

I have a Greenie and my son set it all up for me, but do you think I can figure out how to get the music from the computer to it?

Josie said...

I almost got the green! A lovely shade of chartreuse.

It still not working btw. I have it charging AGAIN.

Maybe your son isn't too far from Boston? :)

R. Jacob said...

I did forget to mention this is my second one, The first one did not always sync and recharge. The earbuds you get don't last long, but my new one works well. love it.

Josie said...

i think i love mine too!