Thursday, September 29, 2011

Football and biatches

Waffles Feinstein (I swear that's his new moniker!) and I are posting our Week 4 football picks.  If you're following along, you know that he kicked my ass in last week's matchups and is ahead of my by 8 points.  My own damn fault to be sure but I can assure you he will not be ahead after Week 4.  I mean even a broken clock is right twice a day, right?  I suppose the same holds true for broken men.

Without further ado.....Gold, pure gold.  I'm talking about my picks below.

Dallas/Detroit - Dallas 2
NO/Jacksonville - NO 12
Philly/San Fran - Philly 13
Washington/St L - Wash 5
Cleveland/Tenn - Cleve 3
Buffalo/Cinncy - Buffalo 7
Minnesota/KC - Minn 4
Chicago/Carolina - Chic 6 Lightning baby! This one's for you
Houston/Pitts - Houston 8
Atlanta/Seattle - Atlanta 10
NYG/Ari - NYG 1
SD/Miami - SD 14 Miami Don!  This one ain't for you! lol
GB/Denver -  GB16
NE/Oak - NE 11 Tom Terrific!
Balt/Jets - Balt 9
Tampa Bay/Indy - TB 15

Obv. Waffles will be my biatch this week because of his weak picks but he doesn't compare with this Biatch Extrordinare!  Now I've tried to be nice as I can get.  But THIS GUY brings out the meanness in me. I don't know if it's him or me, but I want to....among other things (like cutting off his balls and wearing them for earrings) biatch slap the mo' fo'.  OMG but he's asking for it.  And it's the way he does it. He starts out making me laugh but leaves me furious!  He must be stopped.  I'm sure society won't blame me for doing what must be done!

Hammer Player's not too distant future

Play smart or watch out.



WhisperingWriter said...

That picture made me giggle.

Josie said...

Heh. I love having a female reader!

Trust me Amber, he deserved it. He's been torturing me in a very polite way about the red sox.

KenP said...

Now I've tried to be nice as I can get.

Oh, we know. Believe us! We know!

Josie said...

Kne, I have been nice...some of the time. he brought the rest upon himself, which I'm sure you can understand.