Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oops, He Did It Again!

Guess who!

I just got this email from someone who recently added me to their blog list.  And you KNOW how much I love being on new blog lists!

I have to reconsider about listing you. nothing against you and I will still visit, but the comments are not funny and guys can be such assholes.  sorry about that.*

I think I was on this guy's blog list for about 1 day.  Yes, that email came from a guy!

So of course I went through the recent comments from my Ugh post to see which he was referring to and the only thing I can come up with is Waffles!

It reminded me of The DB Cooper incident a while ago.  Remember that?  To make a long story short, a comment from Waffles caused DB Cooper to not only stop reading me, but it caused DB Cooper to stop blogging ENTIRELY.  Talk about overkill.  At least the dude that sent me the email above is still blogging.  Just not with any association to me. :(

I can't say that doesn't bother me, but people do have free will, I guess.  If wants me off his blog what can I do?  Surely, if I wanted to I could certainly persuade him.  Don't forget that I got on Hoy's  blog list, which was a tough nut to crack.

The funny thing is I didn't even demand ask to be on his list.  Lord knows I've pushed my way onto the majority of them, but not this one.  Yesterday I got an email saying he was adding me out of the blue.  And today I got the shit above. (the stuff in bold and italics)

Anyway, back to the guy's free will.  I'm on the fence here on whether the comment really warranted such extreme action, but even if it didn't the guy has a right to kick me off if he wants to.  I guess he's right.  Guys can be such assholes.

Comment smart.


*This is just a theory of mine - when an apology starts with "sorry...." instead of "I'm sorry..." the person isn't really all that sorry, but saying what he thinks he should be saying.  I'm talking in general, not just here.


SirFWALGMan said...

Cha Ching baby! Cha ching! I love the hatah's.

Honestly he should take that stupid piece of shit swain he made just to try and get into some other female bloggers undies and stick it up his ass.

Josie said...

Hmmm, I take it you haven't learned from my post, have you?

SirFWALGMan said...

I was supposed to learn something?

lightning36 said...

Very strange, sort of like the whole D.B. Cooper episode. Anyone dealing with the internet knows that you should expect all kinds of comments.

To offer you an "honor" like listing your blog then revoking the next day because of a comment SOMEONE ELSE made? Sounds like either someone with a strict moral code or someone with an overly lofty opinion of himself and his blog.

Perhaps you need to make your blog a Waffles-free Zone?

Josie said...

Light, thanks for the impartial opinion. I just don't get it - except maybe he doesn't want the women who read his blog exposed to that kind of comment.

I know getting kicked off was because of the comment and not my posts, but this is a wake up call for me. I'm going to swear alot less on this real life i never swear at all!

No Waffles is staying. I don't dig the whole Kicking people out thing.

Josie said...

And for the record, I still miss DB Cooper! :(

Anonymous said...

DB Cooper, this new guy, and anybody else who takes you off the blog list because of comments is a fucking asshole.

Tell them if the don't read this to go fuck themselves and if I ever meet them in person I'm gonna bitch slap them.

Anything else?

Josie said...

Yes something else. I love you Don!

BTW Survivor is back! I saw it last night too!

The Neophyte said...

WTF?? I'm removing your blog because of someone's comment on it? That's like someone trying to break in your home and you get arrested for shooting them. Where does that happen (outside of Revere anyway). If he thinks he can censor your blog by doing something like that he doesn't know you.