Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hurricanes, Ducks and Wake

Hurricane! (Mikey)

HURRICANE MIKEY, Raconteur, Published Author, Ladies Man, Avid Reader, Hiker, Caribbean Soul, Cigar & Rum Aficionado, Enabler of Irresponsible Behavior, Amateur Helicopter Pilot and Second Most Interesting Man in the World is blogging again!  Welcome back Mikey!  I'm so glad you're Mikey again, and I don't have to call you Grant Silverstone, which btw, I seem to remember that was your stripper name, wasn't it?  Anyway, I'm glad he's back and I'm sure alot of you agree with me.  He's started off with a bang; football picks baby!  I love this season!  Speaking of this season, when I went to bed last night, it was kinda cool and I was thrilled.  As much as I love the summer, I love getting into bed when it's cool and I have to snuggle in my blankets to be warm.

Speaking of football......

Mr. Lucki Duck has issued a football challenge to me and YOU.  He's running a little  NFL Picks Contest.  it's free to play and the winner at the end of the season gets a "football t-shirt".  All the details are RIGHT HERE.  It's different from my football league where you have to pick all 16 winners.  In Lucki Duck's contest you need pick only ONE winner each week.  If you're team wins you move on.  If it doesn't you're out.  After week 7 you can only choose a team once so the key is to choose very carefully.

Mr. Lucki Duck himself (he wears this 24x7)

Lucki Duck, like countless other guys that I meet at the poker table, is anxious to beat me at something.  Obv, that something isn't going to be poker, so he's decided to try with this little game.  Poor thing, at least he's trying, right?  It's going to be like taking candy from a baby though, and um, with a little ridicule for said baby too. :P

And finally Wake...

Tim Wakefield, showing how a knuckleball is thrown.

Tim Wakfield, the Red Sox Knuckleball pitcher had another disappointing night last night.  He was going for his 200th career win with the red sox, which would mak him the most winningest sox pitcher ever, but still hasn't achieved it YET.  He's made about 6 attempts at his 200ths win to no avail.  Last night I thought it was really going to happen.  He left the game with a three run lead!  Bard came in and threw the game away.  Oh well, there's always next time, yet I think we're running out of games!  And I wonder if he'll be back next year.  Because of his age, I kind of doubt it.  At 45 he's also the oldest active red sox player.  hell, he's even older than ME!  I guess when you throw your best pitch at 65 miles per hour your arm has a little more longevity.

That's all for today.  Sign up with LuckiDuck for a chance to embarrass yourself beat Very Josie at football.

Play smart.


R. Jacob said...

I will pass on this and instead cheer you on.

Josie said...

Ahh, good to know there's ONE smart guy out there. Thanks Ray!

Lucki Duck said...

"Mr. Lucki Duck himself (he wears this 24x7)"

PUH-LEEZE child!

I'll have you know this is strictly my winter suit. In the summer I only wear the head, wings and feet, with a pair of bright yellow speedos.

And I make it look GOOD sista!

Josie said...


Ducky, I'm sure you do make it look good!

The Neophyte said...

Wakefield is still trying to win #200? I guess he took it to heart when they told him "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, try, keep trying, try some more, and try again.

Josie said...

Never, ever give up!