Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Really Bad

I prefer this to reality.

I'd rather just look at the image of that painting instead of facing reality.  Reality is baaaaad.  You don't even know how bad *gasp* yet.

I know you're thinking 'It' can't be that bad dear Josie" but it is.

Where shall we start?

I did horribly in my pick the pros football league and I meant terrible.  Worst I remember doing in years.  I did so badly I went down to 6th place in my standing for the year.  That sucks!  I decided to get tricky and instead of picking all favorites I went with a couple of underdogs that I thought could pull things off for me and separate the women from the boys.  I went with Minnesota over Detroit and Cinncy over SF.  The heart breaker of it was the fact that my underdogs both had the lead for most of the game!  I went from thinking I was going to win the whole shebang to stinking up the place. (not literally)

And I don't know how many points Waffles has but I know it's more than me.  Waffles kicked my butt this week.  I mean come on!  Do things get worse than that?

Well yes they do!

In case you're from another planet and haven't heard, The Patriots lost and lost big.  The blew a 21-0 lead for goodness sake!  The only silver lining here is that I didn't pick The Pats for Lucki Duck's league.  I fully intended to and then changed to SD at the last minute.  Loyalty be damned; this is survival!  And survive I did.  *whew* barely.

Okay, not you're probably thinking "Is that all you've got dear Josie?"

Well it's not.  I'm just getting started.

Poker - My, how the mighty have fallen.  I went to Seabrook yesterday to play the 4pm $70 tourney and *gasp* I lost.  By first break I had a little less than the starting stack of 10K.  Not good.

I had a guy at my table who didn't have a clue how to play but kept getting lucky.  I saw him check and then call the river with Ace high, with a full boat and with quads. 

Anyway first orbit after the break I raise big with K-J knowing the lack of tightness at this table.  I know I'll be getting plenty of action which is what I want in case I hit the flop.

Flop is K-8-3.

Bing!  I jam all in with my remaining 4K and get two callers.  Ut Oh!

My K-J is up against K-9 and 7-7.  This was better than I dared hope!

Except the K-9 were sooted hearts.  The guy hit his flush and I was out.  Boooo.  That's not how a tournament is supposed to end for Very Josie!  Obv this guy didn't get the memo.  He's supposed to call with his inferior holdings but then lose.  It was that end part that he messed up.


All that wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for this piece de resistance.


Yeah it's that bad.

I'm hoping.....*gasp* I'm really and truly hoping

and wishing

That The Yankees win tonight.

GO YANKEES!!!  You can do it!!!!!

Yes, that's what I've been reduced to.  I'd feel a little more clean if I'd just blown the entire team instead of rooting for them but root I will.

The Yankees are up against TB tonight and the Sox and Tampa Bay are in a wild card race.  So just this once, I hope The Yankees win.  The sox have been doing so badly they need all the help they can get so let's everyone send positive vibrations to the skankees yankees.  :) (old habits die hard)

I'm not really the woman rooting for the yankees, I'm the woman in the painting.  Sitting on the shoreline as the water cools off my toes and I take in the picturesque view.  Not a care in the world; Ahhhh....

Play smart and Go Yankees!


PS....I've been having these thoughts - that are not going to be very popular but I think I'm onto something.....I'll want your opinion on them.  Stay tuned....


lightning36 said...

Welcome to the world of Run Bad. I do not think you have ever been on this planet. It will change your perception of things.

DuggleBogey said...

I would rather miss the playoffs than root for the Red Skanks.

Seriously. Look at yourself. Look what you've become.

Josie said...

This sucks Light!

Josie said...

Well that's your opinion Mr. Holy Than Thou Dugle Bogey!

Some of us aren't afraid to get a little dirty for the good of the whole! I'm a dirty girl.

Paul said...

Cmon Josie, dont be using my Yankees to get your pathetic Red Sox to limp and gimp into the guys have Beckett, Lester, Lackey and Wakefield and YOU CANT WIN A FRIGGIN GAME??


Seriously though, love your blog and Go Rays!


Josie said...

ROFLLLL Big words from a SAFE disance Paul!

Beckett's pitching tonight so I believe, but I'll still root for the yanks just in case. the way the sox have been playing we can use the insurance.

soon enough I'll be back to wishing bad things upon those overpaid skankees.

Wolfshead said...

PS....I've been having these thoughts - that are not going to be very popular but I think I'm onto something.....

Do they involve Waffles and German Shepherds?

Josie said...

No German Shepards at least!

The Neophyte said...

And you call yourself a Sox fan? Rooting for the Yank mes?? My how the have mighty fallen.

SirFWALGMan said...

Pats broke my heart this weekend. :(. Sox are in sooo much trouble too. OMG!

Josie said...

I know!