Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Friday!

As you can imagine I'm extremely busy in work.  Spent 4 hours of yesterday in meetings, which did provide some resolution but that also means 4 hours of down time (not getting any work done).  What I'm leading  up to is I don't have time to write the post I'd like to write, so you're going to have to wait.

In the mean time below is a bit of poker as well as my football picks for this weekend.  Waffles and I tied last week, but this week I take the lead!!!  His head is full of au pairs, German Shepards and other intrusive thoughts so I doubt he can focus on football!

Well maybe it'll be more than a *bit* of poker.  Once I get started on that subject it's hard to stop.  :)

If you know me at all, you know that I love TOURNAMENT poker above and beyond cash games.  A tournament is so much more about strategy and playing on players weaknesses.  Some player's weakness may be they're too aggressive while most have fear as their weakness.  If you play to tightly I'll apply pressure and make you pay for your tightness with your blinds.  Repeatedly.  If you're aggressive you'll pay for that too.  Most likely with all your chips.  I understand an aggressive player very well because I'm one myself and I know how we think.  All that being said, I may have to rethink my position on tournaments and cash games as I won my most money in AC during the cash games.  And maybe I love tournaments but don't forget I love money too!

I played three damn small tourneys in A/C.  I came in 8th, 2nd and I dunno last.  During the last tourney I was out before the first break, making an ill timed bluff for all my chips. 

My 2nd place win was an afternoon game and although there were only 12 peeps (shoot me now!  I traveled all that way for a 12 friking peep game!) the game lasted for almost 4 hours!  As there were only 2 itm there was a big battle once we were down to 4.  But before that......I was owning the game.  Got my feel for the aggression junkies, the uber tight players (why bother playing people - just so I can torture you?) and the stupid ones.  There was a variety of each of these at my table.

One woman, omfg she was tight.  And by tight I mean stupid!  Tight isn't actually the right word for her.  Every hand she was in she played the same.  She'd check and then call.  Check and then call. And then fold to a big bet at the end.  At one point she had maybe 500 in chips left.  Check, call, check call all the way to the river just to fold.  When you're that shortstacked there's no calling!  You jam in or you fold!  You can't come back from a deficit like that!  Anyway, when she was down to 200 chips she FINALLY jammed all in and we were on her like white on rice.  I actually flopped a flush, but with so many peeps in I went along with checking it down.  On the river the guy to my right says "sorry I can't check this anymore and makes a larger than pot bet."  I raise!!!!  I doubled his bet and he called with 2 pair.  His own damn fault.

Prior to that there were two big stacks, me and another aggressive player.  I happened to have my fave hand (J-10) and called a 3xbb raise from Mr. Aggressive.  Flop was J-3-6.  I bet and he called.  Turn was an 8 I bet more than pot and he called. River was a lovely 10.

Cue the bad acting!

After shrugging I tap the table....knowing I'm acting weak and knowing how aggressive he is.  There's a ton of chips in the pot and I know he wants them.  I also know that he knows there's only one way for him to get them....bluff.

After I tap he instantly jams his big stack all in!  Oh baby!

I instacall and say "I call what do you have?"  I would've bet a million bucks I had him.  He had A-K and was out.

This made me chip leader extrordinare.  I had both big stacks and the 4 peeps left were major shorties compared to me.  I actually got up and took a walk, something I NEVER do during a tourney.  I had that many chips.

When we were down to 4 peeps it became quite a long battle.  The guy to my right kept telling me how awesome he was.  He was from Jupiter Florida and plays in big florida games.  I forget which games he was yammering about it but according to him they were big.  Blah blah blah.  I kept telling him he was going to bubble.  Heh.

When we were down to 3 handed play Wolfie came by.  I supposed he'd lost enough at 2-4 and was waiting for me to finish up as we were heading to dinner when I was done.  Now I'm sure you guys already know this but Wolfie's had a stroke, which definitely didn't effect his steel trap of a mind, but because of the stroke he needs a cane to walk and certainly can use a chair whenever one is available.  So while he was waiting he pulled up an empty chair from an empty table and was sitting behind me.

Mr. Jupiter and I were in a hand heads up when he starts texting or whatever on his phone.  The dealer tells him to put his phone down or he's out of the hand and he keeps on texting.  Dealer warns him again.  Personally I think the phone rule is a little extreme but in this case we were in a heads up hand!  Listen to the dealer and put the phone down for a minute.

Instead he gets really nasty and says that if can't use the phone he wants that guy (Wolfie) kicked out.


He says Wolfie can't be sitting there unless he's in a game.  I respond that Wolfie isn't at our table he's at the empty table behind us using a chair.

Mr. Jupiter says the rule is non players can watch behind this half wall but not be in the tourney area.  The dealer confirms this is true but does not ask Wolfie to leave.  Even the dealer was like come on dude just put your phone away.  You're in the hand.  That guy isn't doing anything but using a chair.

Nope!  Mr. Jupiter says he's calling the floor to kick out Wolfie since he can't use his phone.


Wolfie being a gentleman gets up to leave and says "I'll be waiting for you by the Shinobi slot machine".

Then it was down to me and the idiot heads up and I lost.

I raised it up with K-J and the flop was 6-6-K.  He immediately jams all in.  I put him on a king but thought I had him out kicked.  I thought a long time and decided to call.  He flipped over a 6 and gg Josie. 

I still won cash money but I don't remember wanting to take someone down so badly.  He'd offered me a split before that hand and I just laughed in his face.  Guess I should've taken the split.

But enough about poker, let's talk football.  Below are my picks.

San Diego 16
Pats 15
Pittsburgh 14
Philly 13
Tenn 12
NO 11
Cinncy 10
Baltimore 9
Carolina 8
Cleveland 7
Green Bay 6
Dallas 5
Minn 4
Jets 3
Seattle 2
Tampa Bay 1

Play smart.



SirFWALGMan said...

Should be cool contest. Our picks rely on like 3 games... interesting...

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice play on inducing the bluff from the big stack -- love it!

Wolfshead said...

That guy was a major douche, never wanted to see you win in such a bad way.

Josie said...

Wolfie, He really was. Karma will get him.

KenP said...

"Every player at the final table – even Chris – will take home something for their efforts. For the first player out, a $1000 payday awaits them. For the person who is able to wade through the ten player event, a $10,000 prize will be awarded, with second taking down a nice $5000 bankroll boost."

Ten seats to top pros at PA casino. If you can get them to believe your blog, you should get a seat.

Josie said...

tell me how ken! what's the url?

Wolfshead said...

Shame we plan on being in Vegas in early Dec, just noticed that WSOP Circuit hits Harrah's in AC that week. Could get to play your big tourney in a place you know will let you play

Wolfshead said...

That's out in Erie VJ, not my part of the state

Josie said...

I'm rethinking Vegas in Dec....It may make sense to go in Nov - during the Venetian deep stacks. I remember not being able to find a good tourney last dec.

And now that you're telling me about this in AC in Dec...

Wolfshead said...

Well you wwill have more circuit opportunities since both Caesar's in AC and Chester will also have events in the early parts of 2012