Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1-2 NL

I was reading Wolfie Baby's POST about our last night in Atlantic City and he mentioned something about walking by my table and seeing a castle wall made out of red chips.  Hee hee.  It made me realize that I never did a post about that particular session and there's no better time like the present!

I'd just bluffed my way out of the 8:15 tournament and was looking to get my money back via 1-2 NL.  The floor directed me to a table where the 5 seat was unoccupied.  As I was about to sit down the guy from the 7 seat popped up and said he wanted the 5 seat.  He was sick of the spot he was playing at.  What ev.  I was fine with that, sat in his seat and waited for the button.

This guy was the table captain (until I got there).  He'd amassed a lot of chips and it was easy to see he was a grinder.  He sat next to this other woman who also was a regular there.  She had on the most awesome baseball cap that had WPT in rhinestones!  OMG!  I need a hat like that!  As an aside, why is it that she can pull off a baseball hat looking ubercute but when I tried it I was told I looked homeless BY HIM.  I actually understood where Mojo was coming from when I re-looked at the photo so I took it down.  I won't even repeat what THIS GUY said about me.  Suffice it to say he hurt my feelings and never apologized.  Meh.  Not all men are gentlemen, even the old ones.  I think that was the saddest part.  Finding that out.

Where was I?


So I sat in the 7 seat on the button and was dealt 8-5.  A young thang in seat 8 called as did the guy in my seat 5 so we looked at the flop.

8-5-4.  First guy bets, second guy (the grinder) calls and so do I.  Top 2 pair baby! 

Turn is a 5. 


Young thang jams all in for like mebbe $60.  I was thrilled.  The grinder calls the all in.  I cannot believe my luck!!!  Instead of calling I jam all in over the top.  I brought $200 to the game and the grinder has more than I do.

He goes in the tank......

For a long time............

And then he calls!!!

Now normally in a cash game you are not required to turn your hole cards up until the river falls but in this case I happily turn them over asap and watch their faces fall with sadness.

Young thing had a smaller boat as he was holding pocket 4s and the grinder?

He had 6-7 and flopped a straight, which he obv slow played after the flop.  Can't say I blame him.  Had he raised the first guy I probably still would've called with my top 2 but if he put me to the test - my whole stack, I would've assumed trips and folded. 

Anyway young thang reloads another hundy and the grinder is very unhappy.  Now here is where I channel  my inner bitch.  I turn to the grinder and say "I don't why you didn't want this seat.  I like it just fine".  Mean, I know.  He had too many chips anyway!

That was the beginning of a beautiful and profitable session.  The young thang reloaded a few more times as did his very young buddy.  After the third reload I told him to go to bed! He started laughing but I was serious. I was the one who kept felting them and these boys had lost enough for one night IMHO.  One of them looked exactly like the son in 2 1/2 men, which I mentioned to him.  He'd heard it many times before.

The MO was to hurt the vacationers repeatedly while trying to stay out of the way of the two grinders and this worked very well for me.  At one point I was hovering just below the 1K mark (dont' forget $200 of that was my money tho) and gave a few hundy back and left with about $600.  I'd been drinking dirty martinis at that table for about 4 hours, and Wolfie and I planned on leaving bright and early in the morning so I called it a night while I was ahead.

The next day Wolfie took me to his usual stomping ground;  Harrah's in Chester.  Mama likey very very much.  Only thing better would be to put me in a room full of money and giving me 5 free minutes to fill my pockets.....Hmmm.  Nah...Harrah's Chester was even better than that!

Play smart.



lightning36 said...

Who the eff did you blow in a previous life to run so well!

Josie said...

What do you mean "previous" life?


Yes, that first hand was lucky and gave me about $300 but I more than doubled that the old fashioned way. Bit by bit.

R. Jacob said...

You looked very good in that picture and you walked a winner. A successful night all around.

Memphis MOJO said...

I see I need to watch my comments.