Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh No He Din't

Waffles (no link!) left this comment pretty much calling me old:
gl Josie. Know what is really funny. I may be wrong here but I assume the reason the Borg needs a valid ID is so they can tell your old enough to play? Now, while all the old guys on the site will tell you that you do not look a day over 17... I think the Borg could figure out that you actually are slightly over 21.

It reminded me of a little encounter I had on Monday where another guy called me old.  Grrrrr 

I was on my way home from work and my sister called and said she was in the area of my house and was going to stop by.  She was going to hang with Sugar Bear and said she'd give me a ride home from the bus stop.


It's a short ride home from the bus stop but as we're almost there she stops and says she's practically out of gas.  Do I mind if we go get gas right now.  Not at all, let's go!

Then she says that she needs cash for gas....she needs at least $20 and she'd pay me later.


Except when I went to get the money I found that I only had like $10 other than some hundred dollar bills.  :)  I handed her a hundy to break.

So we get to the gas station (full service but cheap) and my sister starts giggling and batting her eyelashes at the gas station attendant and says "Can you break a hundred?"

I don't what he responded as I wasn't really paying attention but then she says...

"I'd never have that much money.  It's not my hundred it's my sister's.  She's letting me borrow some money for gas".

He pokes his head into the car, looks at me and says.....

"It's the job of the older ones to help the younger ones out".

"What? Did you just call me older THAN HER???"

"Well, you're her older sister, right?"

To which my sister starts laughing her ass off.  OMFG I am almost 6 years younger than she!!!!  She's 50!  And I look older than her?

Gary - you've met us both.  Do I really look older than Cricket?  Answer carefully.  Very carefully.

Now that I think about it there's one other blogger that met both my sister and me.  You can answer too but be nice.



Gary said...

How do I answer without incurring the wrath of Cricket? Last thing I want to do is alienate a C***** sister. But it's just the truth: Josie is the younger sister, and she (looking around for Marcella) does indeed look younger.

May god have mercy on my wicked soul.

Josie said...

LOL Did I put you on the spot?

Very eloquently put.

SirFWALGMan said...

I believe I did everything I could to NOT say you looked old... Just older than 21.

SirFWALGMan said...

*evil grin*

Josie said...

LOL Waffles, I guess you did. Just you wait till the old girl kicks ur ass at football this weekend!