Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yous Guys

It's Tuesday! I have a very booked day ahead of me, so I shall try to be brief (but I am sure I will fail at that).  First of all, let's talk Football.  I fell asleep last night before the first quarter of the Pats game was complete, but I hear they won! Which means.......

I kicked Waffles ass!

I kicked Bayne's ass!

I kicked Waffles' son's ass!

I kicked Waffles' little girl's bum bum!

I kicked Waffles' wife's ass! (Not literally, but if he wants to pay for that service he should email me.)

I'll tell you whose ass I didn't kick; Zeb's.  He and I tied for the week.  Well done old chap, well done!  Co-Winners! I am ready for a repeat performance this week.

Has anyone been by Poker Grump's little blog lately?  His latest post, called Josie & The Dog is based on a dream he had about me. (not his first dream about Very Josie btw) When I saw the title of the post my first thought was "Thank God WAFFLES didn't write a post called Josie & The Dog.  Ugh.  I don't like dogs.  I think of them as flea bags that poop and drool.  Blah.  And to think Grump would put some dog before the needs of his wife (me!).  Grumpy we are fighting!  lol jk. It seems Poker Grump cannot go a week without writing and/or dreaming about me.  Don't you think that makes me Poker Grump's muse?  I do!

I must go but before I do....a bit of poker.

After I got knocked out of the black chip bounty tournament, I was hanging around railing, Hoy and Edgie, trying to decide what to do next.  I went up to the poker counter and asked if they had any daily tournaments.  The woman told me there was a $150 tourney starting at 3pm so I signed up for that.

I'm playing away at that tourney - it seemed to be about an 8 table game.  After an hour or so, the nice guy on my left starts talking about winning a seat to the million dollar guarantee event on Sunday. 

"Oh, you're going to try to win a seat?" I ask.

"Erm, yeah, that's what we're all doing Miss."

I was playing in a satellite event and I didn't even know it.  5 seats to the the Sun-Tues event were the prizes for this tourney.  Doh!  But I was leaving on Saturday! Hmmmmm  Million dollar guarantee though.....I start thinking that I COULD skip work on Monday, but if I last till Tuesday, I'd be in big trouble.

First I had to win the seat though.

I played that tourney for over 4 hours and went out with A-K when I was short stacked.  7-7 called me and the walking sticks held up.  Hmpf, I couldn't stay in AC till Tuesday anyway!

More to come.....in the mean time, I'd link you to Hoyazo, but did you see his write up?  Sounds like I wasn't even fucking there at all.  Not one mention of me! OMFG How is that even possible?

Play smart.



Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

You have been linked in my latest post. Right up the ass.

Josie said...

@Hoy, you know if you focused on my ass a little less at the tourney, you would've most likely made the final table.

edgie212 said...

Didn't I inform you of that fact?

Josie said...

@edgie...that hoy was focused on my ass? or that it was a satty tourney? :) I'm pretty sure it was the latter, but you informed me AFTER I was playing!