Monday, November 14, 2011

For Paul...

Not this Paul!

"Paul" left a comment on my post about the Phillies aquiring Papelbon.  I believe I said something like "it could be worse, he could've gone to the Yankees."

Below is Paul's comment as well as mine.

Paul said...
Sorry Josie but the NYY would NEVER be interested in Pap.....he is a LOSER not a CLOSER.

Josie said...
@paul, if he is, he's a 50 million dollar loser, according to the phillies.
and I disagree with you. I think the yankees favorite past time is to collect ex red sox players that are past their prime. shall I make you a list of them? :)

Something tells me Paul is from New York.  It should be noted that I do not have an aversion to NY itself, it's the Yankees I dislike very very very very very very very much.  :)

Anywho, it got me thinking.....just how many Red Sox players have the Yankees aquired with their open purse strings.  Hmmmm......

Below is a list.  No, I'm sure it's not a complete list, but as I was working today, I'd think of one or another and add them.  This list certainly doesn't mean I'm old.  :)  Keep in mind I've been a sox fan since I was 10 years old.

In no particular order......

Wade Boggs (blah, you can have him.  I met the lush a couple of years ago.  Not impressed)
Roger Clemens (Rocket Man!  My first red sox sweatshirt had his name and number on it.  sigh.)
Jose Canseco (only thing postive about him....besides his steriods test that is, is the way he looked in his uniform)
Tom Gordon (A God in my book)
Jeff Reardon (I do like a man with a beard)
Paul Quantrill (helluve pitcher imho)
Johnny Demon (the fucker.  fuck him, and fuck his wife, who I think was the reason for the move)
Darren Bragg (extremely nice guy who I've had the pleasure to chat with many a time)
Mike Stanton
Alan Embree
Doug Mientkiewicz (do not leave me a comment saying I spelled his name wrong.  I don't care)
Tony Fossas (I suppose I'm dating myself now)
Butch Hobson (yes, he came back as a manager, but did spend time as a yankee)
John Flaherty (meh)
Mark Bellhorn (I must confess I wore a tshirt at spring training that said "So Bellhorny".  It did get me an autograph from him!)
Mike Myers (not the actor)

And I'm sure there are many many more.  Have I made my point Paul?  Am I right, as always?  A simple "yes" in your comment would be sufficient.

Thanks for commenting Paul.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed thinking about the Red Sox players of the past.  I am certainly not looking forward to the upcoming season.  Bard ain't so bad, but I don't love the idea of him as our closer.  I wonder what Tom Gordon is doing next year.  :)



DuggleBogey said...

You left one fairly important one out.

Josie said...

Shit! An important one? You're killing me! Tell me who I forgot!!!!

Josie said...

Fawk. Who could it be?????

Please tell me, Nice Mr. DuggleBogey. I promise not to swear at you...erm...starting now.

Josie said...

Hmmmm Are you referring to Don Zimmer? Blah, if so, he doesn't count.

Paul said...

Yay! A blog about me? Oh Lord!

What IS your point? The Red Sux couldn't win with any of those players, the Yankees won with Boggs and despite Roger Clemens........

The Yankees no longer like your old worn out junk and have stopped acquiring it!

Thanks for the blog mention though.

You are pretty cool for going back and forth with your readers....very interactive.

Seriously, I like you and your blog - keep up the good work!

Mikeg5162000 said...

You left out Babe Ruth and Sparky Lyle.

Josie said...

LOL Well it was more about the sox than you, and my point so I don't have a point.

Thanks mucho for the nice words, and thanks for reading.

Josie said...

ROFL! I suppose Babe Ruth would be considered the "important one". Thanks Mike. I was racking my obviously small brain, and couldn't come up with it.

Wolfshead said...

Just a FYI

The Phillies fans I was playing poker with Sat night aren't really impressed wit Papelbon and would have preferred them to resign Madson

Josie said...

@wolfie, yeah? Where did Madson get them last year? Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Josie said...

@wolfie....are we having a sleep over at your house Friday night? I could do your nails while we eat salt caramels and maybe have a pillow fight! :) Seriously, if you don't find us some rooms....