Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Football

Good morning.

Below are my football picks for the week.

Josie's Picks
San Diego 16 (Kendra's fave team, and could me mine too if they win tonight)
Philly 15 (omfg i'm putting 15 points on philly.  Shoot me now)
Green Bay 14
Baltimore 13
Dallas 12
Jacksonville 11
KC 10
Pittsburgh 9
Carolina 8
Houston 7
SF 6
Cleveland Rocks 5 (Drew Carey fans?)
Miami 4 (Miami Don rocks)
Chicago 3 (Lightning baby, they better win)
Atlanta 2 (coin toss)
New England 1 (shut up. what have they done for me lately?)

Seb's Picks
Green Bay Packers 16

Philadelphia Eagles 15
San Diego Chargers 14
Baltimore Ravens 13
Dallas Cowboys 12
Miami Dolphins 11
San Francisco 49ers 10
Carolina Panthers 9
Pittsburgh Steelers 8
Houston Texans 7
Kansas City Chiefs 6
Jacksonville Jaguars 5
Chicago Bears 4
Cleveland Browns 3
New York Jets 2
Atlanta Falcons 1

Play smart biatches.



Mikeg5162000 said...

Seems your faith in the Pats is wavering. Look at the bright side, no more NY teams after this Sunday, unless you count the Bills which I do not.

Josie said...

You're very astute Mike. I just don't like the way the pats have been playing and i really don't like the way the jets are playing.

My loyalty made me give the 1 to the pats, even though they killed me two weeks in a row.

Jon said...

Ouch! San Diego - 16 - out right away :(