Sunday, November 27, 2011

Slogan Generator

This thingy cracks me up.   You put in a word, like "Josie" and this random slogan generator comes up with an advertising slogan for you.  How cool is that?  This blog can always use some PR so I thought, why not?

I put in Josie and they came up with this for MY SLOGAN. (A taste of Josie)

Ahem, maybe that's not the best slogan.  I realized my error and this time I put in "Very Josie" to get my NEW SLOGAN. (50% more Very I've gained weight!  No thank you!)

Ugh.  Not a big fan of that either.  Hmmmmm  I decided to re-do....even though I'm a firm believer that the first answer is usually the right answer.  This time not so much.  I am very happy with my REDO.  That's my new motto. (Behold the Power of Very Josie! has a nice ring to it!)

I think you guys may need a new slogan yourself and being the kind, generous person I am, I have decided to deliver.  The slogans below were made by the same slogan generator, NOT ME.

MOJO - Mojo Comes to Those Who Wait. (Imma waiting)
Lightning - Top Breeders Recommend Lightning (obv)
Waffles - Change Your Whole Waffles
Acorn man - Do You Eat The Acorn Man Last?
Crafty Southpaw - Feel The Crafty Southpaw Please.
Hoyazo - If Only Everything in Life Was as Reliable as a Hoyazo
Wolfshead - Don't Live a Little, Live a Wolfshead.
Edgie - The NonSticky, Sticky Edgie (ROFL)
The Wife - Lightening The Wife
Julius Goat - Only Julius Goat Has The Answer
KenP - It Must Be KenP.
Bayne - Give The Dog a Bayne. (ROFL)

Keep in mind, these were first time slogans - it's not like I searched and searched, yet I found them to be right on the money!  I mean Hoyazo should have that slogan tattooed on his ass! (LLB anyone?)  And if not him, then def Julius Goat....and the rest of you guys.  Since it was so right on the mark, I decided to see how it handled the following:

Sugar Bear - Get The Sugar Bear Out! (as if!  he's staying with mama till he's 40!)
Cricket - The Coolest Cricket On Ice. (okay this thingy is working again)
Jman - Behold The Power of Jman. (I will kick his butt! behold this!)

Speaking of Sugar Bear, he's sitting next to me watching American Pickers, and randomly asks me out of the blue if I've read Boobs Injuries and Dr. Pepper lately.  I tell him that no, I haven't, because she doesn't post anymore....she shut down her blog.

Sugar Bear was disappointed.  "That's the only blog that ever interested me".

"Hmmm, wonder why...."

"No, not because of that!  All the other blogs you read are like "Trips on the flop, double down, sailboats, jam to the fold.  Oh and I don't know you at all but let's meet in vegas.  we can pretend we know each other and then I'll jam you in my van.  That'll be safe right? Sure, let's meet in vegas.  I mean we both speak poker!"

LOL He had me cracking up.  I think that's because I was talking to Lightning the other day about Vegas, and just to gauge his reaction I asked Evan if he minded me hitting Vegas for a couple of days.....which I'd never do so soon after the AC trip.  The key to skedaddling for a couple of days is to make sure the peeps you leave behind are sick of you.  To accomplish this you cannot have trips too close together.  Soon enough he'll be dying for me to leave him alone for a day or two....and then....FOXWOODS!"

Biatches, each and every one of you mother fuckers better start thinking FOXWOODS.  Those New Yawkers think they showed me how to go deep in a tourney.  Bah!  It's time to show New Yawk where real tourney playas come from.  I'm talking Boston! Or erm....Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee (looking at you mr. retirement) or even, God help me, Rhode Island.  But really, it's Boston.

Play smart and start thinking about sneaking away for a tourney at Foxwoods.



SirFWALGMan said...

"3 in 1 protection for your Very Josie" or "Have You tasted Very Josie lately?"

Josie said...

Well NO ONE has tasted very josie lately...thank you for depressing me.

lightning36 said...

No link? Biatch!

Josie said...

no stinking link. it's sunday.

Gary said...

Feel the Crafty Southpaw please. *snicker* I might have actually used those words recently.

Gary said...

BTW I put in my name and it spit out "Nothing acts faster than Gary," a slogan which I might not have ever said but which I'm sure has been said about me.

Josie said...

That Tootsie is a lucky woman....mostly because she doesn't read my blog and hence these comments.

Gary said...

I don't think she'd be surprised at the fast-acting thing, and she's heard my plaintive begging plenty of times.

Lucki Duck said...

Wow! This thing really works :-)

Jon said...

So let me get this straight - you can't/won't say the word "bitch" but you CAN/WILL say the words "Mother fuckers"
What is MY new slogan - BVUGrad2003 - Please let me know, Very Josie!

Josie said...

Jon baby! Long time no hear. I've been making a concerted effort to swear less, but sometimes no other word can replace 'mother fucker'.

Josie said...

@jon, your slogan is....

Hungry? Grab a BVUGrad 2003!

Jon said...

That's a perfect slogan! (I wish my screen name on here was still bvugrad2003, but I changed email addresses, and I guess I forgot to stick in the bvugrad2003)
But I have been around - still lurking on your blog (and also waiting for Hurricane Mikey to resume posting)
Going to Vegas in January, and possibly again in February!

Josie said...

@jon, lurk away, my friend1 and gl in vegas. Feb huh? Hmmmmm i may be there'll have to let me know when so you can meet a much older woman and remember, what happens in vegas...

Memphis MOJO said...

Funny post!