Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Late, I'm Late!

Hello my pets,

Excuse the late posting.  I was up late last night, attempting a bit of writing which meant I didn't get to the office as early as I would've liked, this morning.  Ah well.  We have loads to cover my friends, so strap on (hee hee, i said strap-on!)  your seat belt; it's going to be a longish ride.

Football - Yes, I know posting about football picks is boring if you aren't playing, yet I must do it.  Feel free to skip down to the good stuff, if you'd like.

The Patriots 16
San Fran 15
New Orleans 14
Green Bay 13
Baltimore 12
Chicago 11
Dallas 10
Tampa Bay 9
Jets 8
Pittsburgh 7
Miami 6
Atlanta 5
Minnesota 4
Buffalo 3
Seattle 2 (i hope you guys went with the philly eagles.  lol suckers!)
Jacksonville 1 (i bet you went with San Diego chargers, didn't ya?  sucker!)

Speaking of football - SOMEONE was whining about how I don't listen to him.  As it happens, what he says is true.  I was doing great in Lucky Duck's Football Contest and Waffles told me to pick some lame ass pick and instead I went with what I thought was a sure thing.  His lame ass pick won and my 'sure thing' knocked me out of the contest.  GG Very Josie!  So this week I decided to let Waffles choose my pick for LuckiDuck's contest.  Thankfully, he picked an awesome team - The New England Patriots.  They better frigging win or else Waffles will be looking more retarded* than usual when I'm done with him.

I went to see my mom after work last night and I'm going again tonight.  Blah. Today would've been my brother's birthday.  It's a day that usually gets me very down, but I think this is the first birthday since he's passed away where I'm feeling okay.  Thankfully.  And um, it's been 14 years.  So I'll spend time with Mom tonight and get home far too late....blah.  She is making me some turkey vegetable soup so that'll be good.  Of course she'll insist I bring a few gallons home with me but that's okay.  Last night she was saying some stuff that had me thinking "I'm so gonna post this shit" but I can't remember what it was!  I am sooo getting old.

Poker - no actual poker games to speak of at the moment, but I may be posting a kind of bland, vanilla post about poker that you might find interesting (or not).

Work is work.  What's new is I am in a bit of a frenzy trying to plan our holiday party, which is on December 16th.  Somehow the whole thing is my responsibility even though this is in no way part of my job.  See what happens when you help someone out and take personal satisfaction in a job well done?  You get it thrown on you.  Anyway, I just finished picking the menu with the caterer, who's been kissing my butt to get me to pick them.  Damn but I like getting my ass spanked kissed. I went with the butt kissers who are giving me free delivery and free rentals, as well as a tote bag and christmas cookies for moi.  Cookies?!?  Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out, but I can usually shut her up with cookies.  :)  Actually I'm doing pretty well diet wise other than the massive pig out on Thanksgiving, so there's that.

Want to hear the menu?  Get a drool cup ready!

Jumbo mushrooms stuffed with wilted baby spinach and garlic herb cheese
Grilled salmon with a lemon buerre blanc sauce
Lolliop lambchops with a brown mustard glaze
Steak au poivre
Roasted root vegetables
Green beans
herbed rice pilaf (they suggested mashed potatoes but blah)
garden salad
rolls, butter
carrot cake cream cheese frosting and chocolate torte with a silky chocolate ganache

Mmmmmm now I just need to order the champagne.

Every year we have a game at the party.  This year I chose to do a baby contest.  Why?  Because I love babies, kiddos and people in work support my habit by sending me pics of their kids.  So everyone must submit a baby photo of themselves or their child, grandchild, niece/nephew etc.  We'll post the photos at the party and everyone votes for the cutest baby.  The winner gets a $100 gift card to.....somewhere.  I have to pick up the gift card too.  omfg

Wanna see a sample of one of the cutie pies?  This little boy is about 6 months old.

Little angel, right?  It's going to be war around here because all these men and women think they're kid is the cutest.  But I (as usual) have the ace up my sleeve - baby photos of Sugar Bear.  These kids can't hold a candle to him!  He was the world's cutest baby.  *sigh* I love babies....and um, poker. and booze and the patriots, and the red sox, and money, and challenges and COOKIES.

Play smart.



SirFWALGMan said...

That kid looks like some punk rocker who got a lobotomy. Shit how did that huge head even squeeze out? My god!

Littleacornman said...

Reading the post title I thought you were pregnant...Was hoping Waffles was the daddy,you were both getting married and my invite ( including flight tickets obv) was on it's way.Ahhh well maybe another day :-)

Oh and I've just finished my dinner and I'm still drooling at that food list!

lightning36 said...

Quite a spread for the office Christmas party. Mine is on the same day. The menu will consist of barbeque beef or turkey and potluck salads. Quite a difference. : o )

Josie said...

LOL Waffles - she still walks with a limp.

acornman - i can see how the title could be confusing but last I heard you had to have sex in order to get pregnant.

@lightning - mmmmm bbq!

Wolfshead said...

Champagne? Ohh, I love bubbles. Stick with Bollinger Brut, can't go wrong. Should have said something when you were down, I have a pretty varied selection you could have tasted tho I don't know if you could get some of the vintages any more

TJStier said...

"Minnesota 4"

You went against Tebow and with the 2-9 Vikings??? I grew up a Vikings fan, this is a terrible pick. Change it if you still have time and thank me later.

Josie said...

Hmm TJ - I do have time to change it in my big league pool. You really think so????

I won't change it here against these dweebs, but I will change it where it counts. YOU BETTER BE RIGHT.

Gary said...

So sorry about the sad anniversary, angel. Thinking of you and Cricket and Hanna.

Requiem in Pace, Benny.

Josie said...

Thanks Gary.