Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Woe is me

It's Tuesday.  I will be doing nothing but living, breathing, thinking FOOTBALL between now and Friday.  Why?  Because Waffles' son beat me.  So did Bayne, Seb and Waffles too. omfg What is going on?  This shit ends now.  It will NOT happen again.  So between now and Friday all I'll be thinking and researching is FOOTBALL.  I will right this wrong.  Mark my words.

In fact, I will even set aside my aversion for Mr. Vick and his Eagles, just so I win this week.  I can no longer afford the luxury of putting points against them, even though they did stink up the place during the first few weeks.  See?  I can adjust.

Right now I'm pondering the Cinncy/Tennessee game.  I kinda like both these teams this year....tough choice between mediocrity!

Please leave me a football comment.  There's an old man in California that needs to get spanked.....not to mention Waffles and family!

Play football smart!


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