Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Okay, I've been inspired, but let me give you fair warning; no poker content and no little humor.  It's going to be quite a post!

I was getting dressed for work this morning and as I was choosing a bra to wear, I found an old favorite at the bottom of the pile.  My pink bra!  I'd forgotten about it!  I don't know why I haven't worn it for ages, but put it on, along with a brown top, leopard print cardigan, and I was good to go.

I get into work, am working away, and suddenly I feel a giant pinch on the side of my boob.  Ouch!  WTF! Repeatedly!  I get to the ladies room only to realize the underwire from my bra had poked through, which means a sharp edge of metal has been pinching me for the last 4 hours.  It's killing me and hurts more and more as each hour ticks by.  Removing the bra is NOT an option.  I'm considering trying to remove the underwire itself, but that sounds easier than it actually is.  My question is why must this thing be metal and why must it be almost as sharp as a knife?  Sheesh.

And since I'm posting about work, I'll continue.  It's been pretty sucky around here lately.

1.  There's a Polish woman (hottie) who works here, who is married with a 5 yr old son.  Out of the blue, last week her husband told her he wants a divorce and left them high and dry.  Fucker.  And EVERY day, when I go into the kitchen to get coffee, she's in there crying.  Every morning.  I try to console, offer advice, but she's very sad and devastated.  Blah.  She's made the prelimiary decision to stay in the US, though she has no family here, so her son will have lots of time with the father.  She just found out yesterday that the father is moving to Canada (6 hours away) to be with whoever.

2. A buddy of mine who works here is also divorcing after twenty years of marriage and will most likely have to support his wife for the rest of time.  Wife has a bad problem with addiction.

(told you this wasn't a humorous post)

3. The owner.  He just isn't the same since his big surgery.  We were in a meeting last week where I put on some reading glasses because the numbers on my reports seem smaller than they used to be.  :)  Anyway, I've used them on and off for small numbers for the past I dunno, few months.  After the meeting he says to me "Young lady, why do you look different?"

"Um, it's probably the reading glasses".

Yep that was it.  But the thing is, he and I have had this 'reading glasses' conversation at least 3 times, but it's always new to him.  That worries me.

4. Then there's the regular work crap.  We are designing a project in Cambridge for the Cambridge Housing Authority.  We are renovating the police station and changing into offices for the Housing Authority as well as tenant offices.  I put an escalation in the contract, where if the construction cost goes over 10 million we get a percentage of the overage, the exact escalation stated that anything over 10 million to 12.6 million would mean extra $$.  Final construction cost is going to be 14 million, so I drafted a memo showing how I extended the percentage to 14 mill, and what I wanted for the new fee.  It was shot down.  They think they're only obligated to 12.6 mill and I most certainly disagree.  The problem is The City is paying for the construction but the housing authority is paying for us.  If the City wants more work than originally requested SOMEONE is going to have to pay.

Have I depressed you enough?


You know my upcoming Atlantic City tournament?  I didn't realize that my annual christmas shopping trip with my girlfriends is at the same time, so I had to tell them yesterday I couldn't make it.  :(  They were not pleased to say the least, and didn't really understand.  This is the same bunch that I went away with in September.  We threw some dates around back in September, but I didn't put anything on my calendar.  Oops.  I hate disappointing them and I know it won't be the same without me.

The side of my boob hurts!  :(



Memphis MOJO said...

Reading glasses, a sore boob and divorce -- only you could put all these together and make a post out of it!

Josie said...

LOL Ouch!

Memphis MOJO said...

I meant that as a compliment, not as an "ouch."

Josie said...


My ouch was referring to the ouchie on my boob, not you! the LOL was for you.

I don't think I can last like this till the end of the day!

Wolfshead said...

You sure he ain't the ouch under tour boob?

God, that post made me glad I'm retired and already divorced. I commiserate with the Polish lady as My ex picked up and moved 6 hours away. Only problem was she took my daughter. Pissed me off to no end as a couple years earlier I turned down what would have been a semi dream job for me because it meant moving to WI, 12 hours away from my daughter. Just couldn't do it. Her soon to be ex is definitely a jerk to think of his balls rather than his kid. Know it's small comfort but tell her to look on the bright side, she'll probably have custody and tell her to soak the guy for all she can in child support. Anyone who would disappear on his kid deserves no sympathy from me.

Littleacornman said...

Of course if you had taken up the offer to work in porn your jubblies could hang free all day and you wouldn't have this problem... ;-)

Josie said...

Wolfie good to see you're alive! Rest up my man, for very soon we hit AC!

It's the side of my boob that's killing me, not under. may have to take it off after all.

and yeah, i told her exactly what you said - doesn't really help with the tears though. :(

Josie said...

LOL Acornman! I'd never thought of that....this fucking thing has to go!

lightning36 said...


Josie said...

LOL the second I get home!!!

Wolfshead said...

Was informed last night that salt caramels are back

Josie said...


You better have some on board when you pick me up in Philly!

Wolfshead said...

Damn you are a demanding beyotch. And after the way you treat me. Tell Waffles to get them for you, he's into the masochistic stuff

Josie said...

You should very much worry about the way I WILL treat you if you show up empty handed. Talk to that nephew of yours NOW and put the order in. Please. (see? please is nice!)