Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's Off!

What a relief!  You have no idea, unless you've experienced a breach with your underwire yourself.  OMFG.  The second I got home, I removed this:

Bad bra!
You can see the seam at the bottom where the underwire lives.

After savoring the relief of not having sharp metal piercing my side, I went on to operate on the bra above.  Soon enough, I extracted the offending metal.  See below.


Close up of the sharp edge.

Both tips seemed to be covered in a white protective coating, but as you can see above, some of that white chipped off.  This left a sharp corner that cut through the fabric and into ME!  All. Day. Long.

NOW I remember why I haven't worn that bra. 

Right now it has one underwire.  I have a feeling that if I wear this bra again, there's going to be a bit of  lopsidedness so I think it's time to toss it.  What a freakin' shame.

Since I'm posting photos, below are a couple from Halloween.  Sugar Bear made the jack-o-lantern entirely by himself.

Bruins Jack-o-Lantern

Isn't that cool?  His idea and execution.  I cleaned up and then roasted the pumpkin seeds with African spices and sea salt.  They were spicy but not hot and totally delish. 

Tinky Winky and an Irish National (whatever that is)

Evan had been telling me for weeks that he wasn't going trick or treating this year, as he was too old, at the advanced age of 13.  I tried to convince him otherwise, but he wouldn't be swayed.  I even offered to buy him a new mask 'just in case', but he wouldn't hear of it, as he was a teenager.  Until Tinky Winky rang the doorbell, that is.

Tinky Winky is Nick, the kid from across the street who I've been helping with his homework.  He's 15 but he's in Evan's grade as he's stayed back twice. (hence the need for help with his studies) Anyway, if a 15 yr old could be trick or treating......I turned my back for a second and Evan was gone!  I yelled after him "Come back for a costume!  You can't go trick or treating without one!"  He confirmed he'd be right back.

An hour later.....

He showed up with the Irish National look above.  My neighbor Sue decked him out with a flag and he was thrilled.  He got to roam the streets at night, collect loads of candy and spray some girls with silly string.  It does not get better than that.

Yeah, this is another poker free post.  But my friends, I have a feeling you are in for a doozy, very soon.

Play smart.



Vegas Linda Lou said...

Bad bra, you're not kidding! But man, I don't know where I'd be without those underwires. No, I do know--a few inches lower, I'm sure.

Josie said...

LOL Linda. True....a few inches lower to be sure.

SirFWALGMan said...

Duct tape for you and Linda! I can help apply if you want.

It makes me slightly afraid that you saved the wire.. it looks too much like a whip.. and I wonder who you saved it for.

Josie said...

Slightly afraid is good!

Sammi said...

Ouch, been there, done that! I hate it when the wire comes through the side. It always seems that it is the cute bras that it happens with so not only do you have a wire poking you but you loose a cute bra in the process.

Josie said...

@Sammi....EXACTLY! What a waste of a cute bra! And damn, doesn't it hurt?