Monday, November 28, 2011


Another killer week for me at football.  Killer.  I won for the week in my larger league, which means I'll be getting $125 shipped to me.  More than the cost for playing all year.  Wheeee!!!  And I have it won, regardless of whether New Orleans wins or not tonight.  No sweating out Monday Night Football.  I have alot more winning to do if I want to cash for the end of year prizes though.

Here's the first email the commissioner sent out to the league:  It's a sad night.... having count on the Chiefs to keep Josie from winning !

And then: Nightmares come true! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Oh yes! Out of a possible 136 points for the 16 games, I lost only 10 points.  I shiat you not.  I lost my 1, 2 & 7.  That's it.  I have 3 points on New Orleans for tonight.  Only 3.
As far as the blogger football league goes, I've won for the week here too....beating Waffles' entire family, including his surrogate father, Bayne.  The only question is how much will I win by?  Will I beat Waffles by 18 points or 25 points?  Will I beat his son by 37 points or 45 points?  Stay tuned.  Those weren't even the biggest wins!  Bayne is at a steady loss of either 20 or 21 points.

Speaking of losing....did anyone watch the Patriots/Eagles game last night?  OMFG what a game.  The Eagles came out swinging with a quick 10 point lead over the Patriots, but then they choked, while the Pats came to life.  Vince Young surely ain't no Michael Vick.  I am sooo not a Vick fan, but the guy can and does think on his feet.  Instincts and a sharp mind go a long way in this game.  It seems to me that Vick won't be playing next week either.  Heh.  Regardless Tom was his usual terrific self with his golden arm.  He actually ran a bit (a little bit) too.  *sigh* He's called Tom Terrific for a reason.  Go Pats!

Since I'm spewing good news, I'll tell you about some work related news, which makes me happy.  There's a man who's been working here almost as long as I have.  I'm guessing he's been here for about 7 years.  Seven long years and today it was just announced that HE IS AN ARCHITECT.


He's been working towards this goal the whole time he's been here and just passed his last test.  Awesome professional achievement.  This means he goes from being a peon who works very long hours for the bottom wrung of the ladder in terms of pay.  To put it in perspective, this guy who's had about 10 years of post high school education will go from making much less money than me, while working 40% more hours, to making much more than me, God willing.  He also happens to be the guy who is a Mormon, and regards consumption of caffeine and alcohol among other things (like swearing and gambling), a sin.  And he's my buddy.  :)  I am more powerful than religion!  lol jk.  When he started here I used to send him out to pick up beer and wine for our Friday presentations.  Usually the last one in gets to be a peon and do tasks such as that.  About 6 months into him being the beer run guy, he pulled me aside to explain that he felt uncomfortable being in a liquor store and buying booze on a weekly basis.

"Negro, that's all you had to say!"

Okay I didn't really say that, but I did apologize.  I figured he just couldn't imbibe, without realizing that he may not want to hang in a packy.  LOL  He hangs around my office so much, he's glimpsed at this here blog a time or two and asked for the URL.  Um, no!

"Why?" he'd ask.

"Do you realize, how many sins, you'd commit if you read it?  You have no idea."


"Gambling, profanity, even some sexual innuendo.....I even mention my love for coffee and diet coke".  (two drinks that are uber taboo in the Mormon community)

"That's okay....."


One day he told me he'd been promoted to a High Stake Counselor in his.....religion.  I was like "Wow,  High Stakes, that's really good....that's big time."  And he has the cutest little daughters that love to visit me because A.)I'm cool B.) I have a candy jar at my desk and C.) I give them free stuff.  Anyway congrats to him and his major career accomplishment.  It's a big deal in a firm like ours.

Not as big as say, kicking ass in a football league, but big nonetheless.

Play smart.



Mikeg5162000 said...

Glad someone is having a good football week. My losing streak is at 3 weeks and counting,

Josie said...

TY Mike!

Memphis MOJO said...

I'm not religious, but I think I admire the Mormons. They do missionary work here in U.S. and abroad, so they do more than just talk a good game.

Josie said...

Mojo, i'm with you there.