Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekend's almost here!

Oooooo It IS Friday!  Yay!!!!  The weekend is practically here!  I do love my work, but I love weekends even more.  At least I did until last weekend's football games.  That was baaaaaaaaad.  I did terrible on my picks, being beaten by every male that's playing in the Blogger Picks, AND I got knocked out of Ducky's pool with my Saints pick last "sure" thing.  I was so upset last Sunday when they lost and Evan wanted an explanation as to what was wrong.  When I told him I got knocked out of Ducky's football league, his response was..."Hey, does that mean we don't have to watch football anymore?"

Seriously, how can this kid be my child?  He doesn't like football and dislikes baseball even more.  He likes hockey.  OMFG  Clearly, God has a sense of humor.  Anyway, I told him it meant no such thing and Sunday = Football!

Okay, below are my picks.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Dallas 14 (The coach intrigues me)
Houston 13
Pats 12 (Go Pats!)
Saints 11 (You did me wrong, but I'm turning the other cheek)
Philly 10 (Goooooo Eagles!  blah, I just threw up in my mouth a bit)
Atlanta 9 (cuz Indy sucks)
Oakland 8 (cuz Denver sucks)
KC 7 (cuz Miami sucks.  Anyone noticing a theme here?)
San Fran 6
Arizona 5 (cuz Gary said so)
Green Bay 4 (cuz San Diego might try to fix this one too)
Buffalo 3
Tennessee 2 (toughy.  I wanted to pick Cinncy, but time I no longer have the luxury to go with personal preferences)
Pittburgh 1 (only a 1 because Baltimore scares me)

And here are Seb's:
Dallas Cowboys 14
Houston Texans 13
New England Patriots 12
New Orleans Saints 11
Oakland Raiders 10
Philadelphia Eagles 9
Atlanta Falcons 8
Green Bay Packers 7
Kansas City Chiefs 6
San Francisco 49ers 5
Pittsburgh Steelers 4
Tennessee Titans 3
Arizona Cardinals 2
Buffalo Bills 1

I haven't looked at Seb's until just now and it seems we have the same picks for every game but different numbers.  Sheesh, this is going to be close.  Here's hoping we both crush Waffles and family.  The kids agreed to bet with me, so I really want to kick their butts.  :)  Never to early to gamble I say!

BTW I went to RMV in Revere to get my new Mass ID card for my AC trip.  I went last night and the RMV lady traumatized me.  :(  I'd tell you more but I need some healing before I relive it. (but I got it!)

Play smart.



Gary said...

I was asking! Asking, woman, asking! Oh, God, if you lose and this is the margin of defeat I'll never hear the end of it...

Josie said...

Ohhhh. When you called I was just leaving the RMV and had cold sweats. And then I fell asleep too early last night to call you back. I think Arizona's a good pick though.

Wolfshead said...

you gave the Pats a 12 with everyone saying how good the Gints D is playing and Eli being the new Romo, according to the talking heads? Hope you're right but a high number on what might be a tough game. Then again Miami would have beat the Gints if not for the phantom O inteference that gave NY the ball back for their last drive last week

OES said...

Random college boy sighting. Will disapear again!

Josie said...

College Boy! R U STILL in college? Long time no see - thanks for stopping by! Still want to soul read you! LOLLLLLL

sebszebra said...

A little thing like sending you the picks first isn't going to stop me copying you!

Josie said...

Seb, I see that! Here's hoping we kick Waffles butt!

lightning36 said...

Joe C must sign up for the lightning36 Charm School. Guaranteed end to difficulties dealing with people ...

Josie said...

Light, I find that very hard to believe....need I remind you about your dealings with your condo assoc?

Lucki Duck said...

I'm taking Sonny Boy to the Cowboy game Sunday. I'll make sure the Pokes deliver your 14 points :)

Josie said...

Awesome Ducky! Have a great time! Gooooo Cowboys!

Wolfshead said...

That's 14 I hope you don't get but somehow I don't see the Hawks pulling it off but I can dream. Duck, root for a good Texas team, the Texans.

Josie said...

Hey! Don't root against me Wolfie!

Josie said...

Hey! Don't root against me Wolfie!

Wolfshead said...

Sorry, have to root against the Pokes and the Gints, it's in the blood