Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Soul Mate

At long last, I've found my soulmate, or rather my soulmate has found me.  It's true! (at least I thought so yesterday) And unlike some other people, my soulmate is not a cat.  Heck,to my surprise, it's not even a man!  Lemme splain.

I noticed that I had a new follower yesterday, which makes for 31. (I rock) Anyway, I clicked on the new follower....a woman.....and the more I read about her....well it was like looking in a freaking mirror!  The first thing she says about herself...."F-Bomb dropping poker player."  And then she ends with "I shit glamour".

Wow.  That could soooo be a description of me!  And what a gem of a line!  Honestly, I thought I was in love.  With a girl.  And then I see she has like 3 blogs and one of them's a poker blog.  Bestill my beating heart.  And the name of the poker blog?

Glitter and Spit.  The Kim Shannon Poker Experience.

Again, wow.  At least until I clicked on it.  Unfortunately there weren't any posts.  Yet.  Boo!!!!!!  So I had to click on her other blog, which is called Glaring Madness.  I started reading but she scares me!  So I had to close it.

She does scare me...a little.  And she cracks me up too.  She has a post for men called "She's just not that into you if....."

1. Another guy's dick is in her mouth.  Heh.
2. If you paid money for her.  Hookers don't fall in love.

The other reasons are more risque (omfg it's true) so I will stop here.  Besides, I'm scared.

If she starts that poker blog of hers, I'll be out of business.

Play smart and don't scare me!



Wolfshead said...

You mean you might actually have to take a road trip with Waffles and indulge in some of that roag head he is so enamored with to compete?

Josie said...

Honey, I don't compete. It's not fair to everyone else obv.

Kim Shannon said...

I am truly humbled, new friend... and glad you enjoyed "Glaring Madness". Mission accomplished.

Glitter and Spit (the poker blog) IS about to launch - I'm attending the #WPBT in Vegas (flying out this afternoon, in fact) and even though most of the usual suspects who will be in attendance are friends of mine (yup - I'm full time degenerate poker player) I thought it only right to pen a poker blog (that's what the #WPBT is all about, after all) so I started one.

There ARE posts in draft and ready to be published, but it's definitely not like most other poker blogs, so I gotta make sure it's what I want it to be so I can knock the reader's socks off.

After reading some of YOUR posts (and your response to the comment here), it's clear that we DO have lots in common. Is it possible to love yourself too much? I used to think I was narcissistic, but then I remembered that I'm just really fucking pretty. Brilliant too. So I eighty-sixed that thought and resumed kissing the mirror. Why do I feel like you've had a similar conversation with yourself??

Are you on Twitter/Facebook? I'd like to stay current with your poker shenanigans. I'm on both, if you'd like to see a little of the non-Glaring Madness Kim.

I'm @kimshannon on Twitter, and here's the link to my FB page - http://facebook.com/kimshannon.kimminentdanger

Looking forward to knowing you, toots!

Kim Shannon said...

Wait. ANNND you're from Boston??? That's wicked friggin' pissah... me tooo!! Let's go paahk wicked faah from the baah and get ham-mid!


Josie said...

@kim, NO it's not possible to love yourself too much! Fuck that! lol

I went to the WPBT last year but I'm not going to WPBT this year, as i just came back from atlantic city. Damn, now I really wish I was going! If you happen to meet a CrAAKKer or a Poker Grump give them a kiss for me....i think they may remember me from last year. ;)

Cannot wait for your trip report!

Josie said...

OMG Kim, you're from Boston?!? We are so getting hammered and I know this guy Waffles who'll pay for our drinks.

Mikeg5162000 said...

Doesn't anyone sleep anymore?

Josie said...

mike you can rest in the afterlife.

Wolfshead said...

Don't you do anything yourself? I have to drive your ass around, Waffles buys your drinks, Mojo kisses your butt. Damn you are spoiled

Josie said...

@wolfie, you're missing the point!letting waffles buy two hot chicks drinks is doing HIM a favor....speaking of favors thanks again for the salt caramels....you are not just my driver, you're my candy connection too.

Wolfshead said...

Waffles wouldn't recognize a hot chick if she bit him on the ass, he's too engrossed in his own misery. So as a favor to him it's a waste

Josie said...

Wolfie - you are so fucking smart.

SirFWALGMan said...

Wolfie is wicked smaaat fucking gimp.

SirFWALGMan said...

Josie baby you gotta link Waffles. :)

Josie said...

LOL I'm the one who makes the gimp jokes around here and I will soooo link u up.

Wolfshead said...

Both of you, I'll do any gimp jokes that might be necessary, Thank you very much.