Monday, November 21, 2011

Day One Atlantic City

As promised, Wolfie picked me up right on time at the Philly airport around noon.  I was staying at Borg and Wolfie was staying at Harrah's but as check in wasn't until 4pm, Wolfie came up with a plan.  We'd go to Harrah's and play in their poker room until his room was ready.  After he checked in, he'd drop me off at Borgata for my check in.  Good plan!  Poker playing asap!

Wolfie decided to play omaha (I think) and I bought $200 of red chips as the plan was to play 1-2NL.  There was a list for 1-2 but 2-5 had an open seat.  Hmmmmmm I decided wtf, I'd play the 2-5, even though I usually don't play it. 1-2 gets expensive enough for me.

I tucked a hundy bill under my stack so I had $300 on the table and we were off.  First hand I played was K-Q.  Flop was Q-5-3.  I bet out $15 and one guy smooth called me.  Mark.  Mark was a bit obnoxious btw.  I bet $35 on the turn and he called again. 5 on the river for a pair of 5s on the board.  I don't like his calling or the last card, so I check.  He bet out another $35 and I call thinking I'm beat.  He flips over A-5 for trip 5s.  Blah.

I lost the next hand too.

Mark was a regular there as was the guy next to him.  They knew every waitress and every dealer and most of the other players as well.  There were also 3 young aggro boys at the table.  I waited, and observed.  One young guy was an aggro guy who tried to steal every damn pot he'd put a chip in.  The one to my right hardly played at all and when he did, I usually reraised him and made him fold.

The young stealer though......he doubled me up.  He had a HUGE stack of chips, most of which I got.  I flopped a flush and checked.  He bet and I smooth called.  Turn comes and I check again, with a bit of overacting and looking disgusted.  He bets $75 and I think and think and think.....and act and act and act.  I finally throw the chips in and tell the dealer I need one card - give me the right card!  Obv I don't need any other cards.  River is a brick - no more hearts, not that I needed anymore :) and I tap the table.  He jams all in and I instacall.  He had A-10. 

Next hand he and I are in together I had my fave J-10.  Flop brings me top pair and the turn brings me top two.  Nice.  After the flop I bet about $30 - not fooling around anymore.  He raises me and I call.  As I said, the turn gave me two pair and I bet out again $80 and he calls.  On the river I bet out $100 even and say "It's just one black chip, you have a bunch anway".  He calls but mucks when I say "top two".

Mama's chips mid way through the session

I took that picture after I won the pretty black chip on top, but by the end of the session I had even more.  I wanted to take another pic, but thought it was slightly rude of me.  I felted at least 3 peeps, including that regular I mentioned in the beginning of the session.  I kept telling him it didn't matter how many chips I won, I wanted his.  He was clearly enamored and whenever I was in a pot he'd join me.  Me, I was only playing premium hands and him, he was playing whatever I did.  He'd bet, I'd raise and he'd fold.  Rinse, repeat.

Mark decided to order some corn dogs.  I had no idea you could order food in Harrah's poker room.  He got two corn dogs, which he scarfed at the table.  Um, seeing him deep throat his meat on a stick is something I wished I missed. 

When he finished the second one he said "Now, it's time for a milkshake.  Know what's a good day for me?  Corn dogs, a milk shake and a handjob.  In that order".

"Keep your hands on the table after you're done with that milkshake!"  I cried. 

Every hour or so, I'd go visit Wolfie to see if his room was ready and to tell him how much I was up. :)  I don't think his room was ready until after 7pm.  Wolfie decided just to drive me down to Borgata, so it was time to cash out.  I won the very last hand I played and left with more than $1,500 net profit.  Wolfie, not so much.  Wolfie was getting baaaad beats up the wazoo and I think waiting for his room cost him some cash.  All the walking through the casino and hotel wasn't doing him any favors either. His feet were hurting.  Oh and he had a cold.  But he drove me to Borgata!  I was ready to check into my mansion of a room.

I got my players card easily enough and the check in was a snap.  As soon as I gave them my name the lady said "Oh this stay is comped".  Yeah!

The room was nice enough and clean but not very big or glamourous.  I actually think Harrah's room was nicer.  The only thing that impressed me at Borgata was the shower.  No tub but a walk in shower with a marble bench.  It was niiiice.  I took a pic of that too.

Clean enough but nothing fancy. 
Those are sheets on the bed, not even a coverlet on top!

Nice little sitting area

I love a hot hot shower!

I checked in, took a hot shower and got dressed.  I was pretty stoked to already be up so much.  I went down stairs and saw a very pretty pair of overpriced earrings and an overpriced necklace.  I thought "fuck it" and bought myself both.  Something I rarely do, but money comes and goes and now I have a souvenir bought with my winnings.  :)

I went to the Borgata Poker Room and was playing 1-2NL when I saw a very pregnant woman eating ice cream.  Damn but she looked familiar.  It was LJ!  At least I was almost certain it was.  I saw her pic on Borgata's website from her wins earlier in the week.  Hmmmmm

I left the table and went up to her as she was railing a guy in  game.

"Are you LJ?  Erm...Lana?"

She was!  I told her that I wrote a blog and read about her win.  After I congratulated her I asked her if I could take a picture for my blog and she said sure.  The picture came out shitty and I wasn't able to take another one because it was at that exact moment that my phone decided to die.  Faaaawwwwwkkkk.

I'm an AWESOME photographer

So we're chatting away about pregnancy, childbirth (I'll spare you the details) and poker when she asks which poker blog it is that I write.

"Very Josie!"

"Oh, you're Waffles' friend.  He's always writing about you." she says.  "I've read your blog.  I thought you said you've never play at Borgata.  I read that post".

I explained that I can be bought very easily and two free nights was all it took.

I played some cash for a bit, and left pretty much even.  I was there basically because I was trying to locate Edgie, which was proving difficult because of my dead phone and because I stupidly didn't bring my charger.  I found out the next day that the Borgata concierge could charge it for me, if I paid them $5, which i did. 

Wolfie decided to stay put at Harrah's as he was a bit spent.  Remember last time I Wolfie and I hit AC he was wearing a big white floppy hat?  Maybe he called it a boater - I dunno.  Well this time when I got in his car, he had a different but equally unusual hat with him.  It was a beige suede driving hat - I think.  I dunno.  All I know is this time I was taking a picture of it.

I tried it on and it was too big or I would've taken it home.

Me wearing Wolfie's hat.  Very cool.

Which reminds me.....

I was wearing Wolfie's hat as we were strolling on the Ocean City boardwalk and went into a jewelry store. Wolfie likes jewelry even more than me, which is saying something.  So the sales girl helps him with his purchase and at the end I ask the girl if she'd take a picture of Wolfie and me together.

"Sure!" she says.

She takes the picture and I ask her if she needs to take another and she says 'No I got a good one." I grab my phone and we leave.

Below is a picture of us.  It's a 'good one'. FML

I guess she liked Wolfie more than me.  The whore.

Play smart.



Mikeg5162000 said...

Ocean City ... been there. Great place to go if you don't drink. I was there a long time ago so maybe it's changed.

Gary said...

Wolfgang looks EXACTLY like I pictured him.

lightning36 said...

"No I got a good one"

I really did laugh out loud when I read this and saw the expected disaster of a picture.

So ... it now looks like Wolfie is butt boy #1, Hoy and Edgie are #2 and #3, Waffles is trying to get back up to the top and stumbles in at #4, ...

Josie said...

@mike - yeah it's nice but deserted in November.

@light - wtf! I asked for a picture of US not HIM.

Shelly said...

Dear Josie, I didn't even get past your first double-up while reading and I am now jonesing to play so bad that I think bugs are crawling all over me. Love your table stories :)

Josie said...

thanks shelly! I'll meet you in AC or Foxwoods!

Wolfshead said...

Damn, forgot about that frikkin picture. Treasure it, there ain't a whole lot of them out there. And, no I don't like jewelry more than you, just that I have a taste for the unusual that I like to indulge once in a while

Gary said...

"...I have a taste for the unusual that I like to indulge once in a while..."

Hence your affection for Josie. I'm sorry, that was mean and I officially apologize.

Wolfshead said...


OC been the same for years. As you say, not a place for drinking unless you want to sit on the porch and quaff your own. Some nice places just outside of town in Sommers Point tho.

Light, I'll give you butt boy #1. Just as willing to chauffer your lard ass around if you visit my neck of the woods sometime. What can I say, I'm an all around nice guy. Until you piss me off.

Memphis MOJO said...

Fun times -- great recap.

SirFWALGMan said...

"You're Waffles friend".. LOL. How did THAT go over. :).

Josie said...

@waffles - it was great. she's very nice and she likes YOU.

PokahDave said...

I like reading the comments section...forget the posts...

Josie said...

@pokahDave - Whore!