Saturday, November 19, 2011

Edgie Is Da Man and Hoy ain't so bad either

Atlantic City baby! 

I just got home and had a greeeaaaattttt time.  Alot of wins in cash, and alot of losses in tourneys.  It's like I'm supporting my tourney habit, by prostituting myself at the cash game.  I'm only there for the money.

Anyway, there will be a multi post recap coming, but in the mean time, let me tell you how the tourney ended.  It was Event #14, which was a black chip bounty.  I got zero bounties and was out early when I lost the majority of my stack with KK.  I am so fucking mad at myself that this happened so early.  I should've just let the hand go and live to see another hand, but I didn't.  After raising big  pre, The flop was 10 high rainbow.  Young kid bet and I raised pot.  He jammed all in.

Was I worried about trips?  Sure.  I took my time, thought about it and asked him how much he had left.  He looked scared shitless.  For real.  But regardless, I should've just folded yet I didn't.  I called his all in and was thrilled to see I was up against A-Q.  Idiot.  Turn was fine but the river was a A.  Arrrgggghhhh!  Instead of getting my first bounty I was down to 4K ish.  And it steadily went down from there until I lost with J-J.  Blah.

The big news though.....and yes there IS big I wasn't the only blogger playing in this tourney.  My boyz Edgie and Hoyazo were also playing with me and they did great.  Amazing.  Solid playing that I had a ringside view of for hours.  Edgie came in 7th plance and Hoyazo came in 11th.  Wow.  Do I know how to surround myself with great players or what?  Edgie got himself a big stack early on and held onto those chips for hours.  He played carefully and solidly, never losing many chips that I could see.  He stayed at about 60K for a few hours then hit another monster pot and increased his stack.  Very awesome playing.

I was looking for Edgie when I got there but didn't really know who I was looking for, except for a guy with brown hair.  Doesn't narrow things down much.  But after a while this nice looking preppy boy came walking toward me and smiling....."Edgie?"   Yup!

Oh so innocent looking and cute. And with a big stack to boot. *sigh*

By the way, I did wear my very bright yellow blouse, so I'm sure it was easier for him to spot me.  I wish I got a picture of myself in it because it looked sooooooooo good, didn't it boys, or is it just me?  A little sexy but subtle, imho.  Next time I wear it I'll snap a pic.

Meanwhile, a few tables over was Hoyazo.  He was dressed as one of  "those" guys, in his sunglasses and hoodie. He spent the first 5 hours or so of the tourney card dead.  Completely.  It was just one of those days.  He waited it out though.  Didn't panic and played with patience, through all the shitty cards.  Two table changes later, he started getting cards and getting paid off.  Where Edgie had a big stack from earlish on and stayed that way for the whole tourney, Hoy did not.  Hoy was never a big stack.  It was interesting to see how Hoy played his smallish stack while watching Edgie as well. Hoy wasn't uber short though.  At best he was average and usually a little less than that, but he kept himself in the game.  Ironically enough, he played the majority of the tournament with the chip leader on his left.  Hard spot as whenever Hoy bet out, the chip leader was right there. 

See the black hand on the right side of the picture?  That was the chip leader. I wish I got a his stack in the shot so you could see the disparity between his and Hoy's stack.  As it was, I got yelled at for taking this picture and told I could be fined up to $250.  Biatch.

Hoy had 9-9  multiple times and was continually raising this one guy's big blind.  (something I love to do btw)  At one point I came by to see how Hoy was doing and this guy says 'to me "Tell your man to stop raising my blind.  You can tell him what to do"


Hoy replies that he tells me what to do, not vice versa.

OMFG  That earned him a smack. I may have smacked him more than once too.  He has only himself to blame.  I don't remember what prompted the other instances, but I'm sure I had a good reason.  In fact I came up with a new nickname for Hoy on Thursday.  NLB, which stands for Negotiating Lawyer Biatch.  It has a nice ring to it, yes?  I was nice enough to let Hoy buy me my dinner.  He doesn't fully appreciate what an honor that is for him.  He almost got a double honor as he was going to chauffer my ass (as everyone puts it) to Harrah's, but he took too fucking long to get knocked out of the tourney.  By that time, it was really late and decided to stay put.

Anyway, they both went deep which is just awesome.  Like them.

All that happened on Thursday but I got in on Wednesday afternoon so we're going to have to back track.  I just wanted to give you the amazing results.

Coming up next:  Teaser Alert!  Next post is all about Wolfie and how I almost killed him both physically and financially.  Hopefully, he'll recover.  :)

Play smart like my Edgie and NLB.



Memphis MOJO said...

Glad to hear you had a good time and did great at the ca$h tables. Also glad to hear two bloggers went deep.

KenP said...

Better butter up Mojo more. (If that is possible...) He can teach you how to play KK, little girl.

Josie said...

@ken, that's why I've been buttering up Hoy!

i know it was a dumbass move - my read was right but that's no excuse for calling an all in with an effing pair.

Gary said...

Welcome back, Josie. Your dreams were your ticket out.

Josie said...

Thanks Gary!

KenP said...

No, it wasn't dumbass play. It was a coin flip (that really wasn't) that you should have won. He only had one over with 3 outs or a stupid straight/flush chance. Mojo took the offer against 2 players and ended up with similar favored status.

What can be dumbass is the when/why of taking/seeking the coin flip. That we can discuss and that is often left out of hand histories.

Face it. You are most P.O'd because you lost. Forget that. It'd have been hard to get KK in better against any two other cards.

That said you watched two fellows who knew how to play small pot poker well. That hasn't really been your game up to this point. How you move ahead is your choice.

Josie said...

Even getting in goot, it was still a risk I shouldn't have taken.

i soooo want to play another big tourney now. :(